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Andy Zeus Anderson

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  • 7 of the Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools

    7 of the Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Social media has come a long way since its inception. It has morphed from being a tool used solely to connect people to one that has become an invaluable marketing and communications tool for organizations. For businesses, the key to making social media work is to listen actively to what the public has to say about your business, competitors and industry. With accurate social media data, a business can make smart decisions and tailor its marketing strategy appropriately. If you are just getting started with social media monitoring, you are probably wondering which tool to use. There are dozens of free social media monitoring tools. The tools listed below are either

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  • Ten 2017 Resolutions for America

    2017 New Year Resolutions for America Many of us had a 2016 set of New Year Resolutions that included wishes we could all get along better as Americans. 2016 saw a lot of highs and lows in terms of politics, and Middle East violence. Division has been highlighted at every turn from race to gender, to ethnic origins, and religion. Taken as a State of the Union the world is far worse off than 8 years ago in most opinions. Those who don’t see it also don’t see how they lost the 2016 elections across the board. Our resolutions became broken dreams by the boat load. Those who don’t see the division among people are as fabled the exact ones

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  • Conservative Blog Audience Growth Mission 2017

    Conservative Blog Audience Growth A How To Guide. Election 2016 winding down we are facing a firm 2 years for election 2018 and will have a lot of local opportunities to breath new life into politics in 2017. A conservative blog audience growth must take place to meet the demand left by a crooked news media. The Mainstream Media that is filled with liberal brain melting hogwash. Any conservative blog audience growth chips away at the stranglehold of news media coverage. Done in just such style it passes the possession of fact to the people. We know the crooked mainstream media lies, we just have to embrace new media and combat poppycock with truth. Why cover local elections in growing

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  • What is Drop Shipping?

    If you are new to eCommerce or even just new to the drop shipping business model you likely have a lot of questions.  Unfortunately the way most people get their information these days is by doing a quick Google search and, as with any internet marketing business, (or any other online ventures) this often isn’t the best way to get information because things can change so fast and most of the information that ranks at the top of the search engines is old and outdated. In this report I’ll answer questions that many beginners have by sharing information that is relevant NOW; in 2015.   Starting with the most obvious: What is Drop Shipping? Drop shipping (also referred to as

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  • 5 Easy Home Business Ideas That Make Money

    Making money from home business is a dream for many people around the world. People all over the globe in dead end jobs or in industries that require long hours away from their homes or families are looking for alternatives. Having a home business may be the right choice if you are willing to put in the work and research the right way of getting started. Here are five home businesses that are easy to get started and can help you make money. 1. Buying and Selling Secondhand Goods a Perfect Home Business One home business that has taken off in recent years is the act of buying and selling secondhand goods. It’s possible to conduct this type of business

    The post 5 Easy Home Business Ideas That Make Money appeared first on theFreeGuru.

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