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Wow it has been too long I haven't been around here so who's gonna fill me in on Faceplate today?
5 months ago

Andy Zeus Anderson

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  • How to make money with online affiliate marketing
    Making money with free affiliate programs online. Making money with online affiliate marketing is a sometimes challenging prospect and takes some time to learn to do effectively. The challenge of offering the right product to the right person at the right time confuses many and all the Guru guides seem to only offer bits and pieces of the puzzle which sad to say this article can’t cover fully but this newsletter will offer you continued training in. theFreeGuru is a tremendous resource monetized by advertising and affiliate opportunities, our business depends on the same techniques we teach you for free to survive. How to make money with online affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is best described as being a broker of
  • Best Small Business Start Up Advice
    Our blog caters heavily to the marketing end of having a business but the fact is a new business has a lot more to worry about than just marketing plans and advertising budgets so our post here is geared to help you gain some of the best small business start up advice.   To start off I must explain that I have been a multiple business manager and serial entrepreneur for over 20 years having started my first business at the ripe old age of 14 and culminating in my current marketing and advertising monetized fleet of blogs and websites I own now. Along the way I owned an aluminum polishing business, a retail store, a restaurant, and was co-owner
  • July 5th 2016 Edition | theFreeGuru
    It’s been a couple weeks since we had an edition of theFreeGuru and it’s because I have been working on an extra special project for our members and subscribers when we release SFI Advantage. I have been fighting a script that simply has not cooperated on to add our own directory. The install goes well but then there is something wrong with it accepting new listings past the first one added. It simply will not add them to the database and tells me a URL is wrong so I am working on a fresh download and new Database to see if we can fix this issue. If you know anything about this issue with PHPLD I welcome the help
  • Affiliates Do You Suck at Social Media?
    Affiliate Marketers SUCK at Social Media You heard me in a whole we as affiliate marketers suck at social media. Maybe not you, or me in general but 99 out of 100 affiliate marketers known nothing about social media. They leave way too much money on the table and don’t support each other so nobody supports them back. Let’s look at some basic social media aspects that affiliate marketers suck at. The like button: While now a part of every major social media network be it Like, Favorite, +1, etc.. this little button provides feedback to let us know what is good content and what isn’t but affiliate marketers only seem to click it on their own ads and there
  • 24 Ways to Save Money for your Home Business
    24 Ways to Save Money for your Home Business Budget I promised people in my last post and my weekly team updates at SFI that I would publish a list of money saving ideas that show how much money you didn’t know you had laying around or being wasted. Many people think when starting a home business that they will be mega successful without an investment in themselves in part because of the number of Internet Scams that promise exactly that, and others realize it takes investment but they just don’t think they have the money to do it. Both are usually pressed for money and need to learn good money management skills to ever hope to better their life.
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  • The advantage at SFI Advantage
    My name is Andy Zeus Anderson and I am the owner of SFI Advantage and it's sister blogs theFreeGuru and Hot In Yuma. I have been a blogger since I first started online marketing in January 2003 and have also generated thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions and been co-owner of a major search engine […]

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