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How physical therapy is useful to eliminate lower back pain

Mar 3rd 2019 at 11:09 PM

Lower back pain is a common symptom observed among the masses. The younger generation, especially office-goers are recipients of it in huge numbers. The reasons being a very static working style which includes long hours of sitting in front of a PC/laptop, taking very few breaks in-between, maintaining an incorrect posture, negligence, etc. all of which gradually hinder the spine. Thus, people look for a trustworthy lower back pain treatment center to get healed. It’s necessary to develop certain habits in life to stay healthy. You may argue that you follow a hectic schedule that might deviate you from the right path; true- it’s a problem many people face these days, but then it needs a cure and physiotherapy is the answer. A course on the therapeutic technique will make you realise how beneficial it is not just for your back pain healing but for your life too. The following information will explain how all that happens.

Identifying your back

The lower portion of the back is comprised of a vertebra placed one above the other. It’s basically the lumbar spine comprising of five bones. The intervertebral discs are absorbers present among the bones. All of this is covered/protected with layers of ligaments which when combined with the spine, maintains the flexibility and body-mobility.

What causes back pain?

· Incorrect posture

· Pregnancy

· Old age

· Obesity

· Occupational activities

· Unhealthy lifestyle

· Genetic factor

· Injury

Signs for back pain to occur

· Aching in the muscles

· Demented muscular control

· Problems in bending, standing, lifting, walking, etc.

· Discs bulging out

· Sleep disorders

Role of Physiotherapy in healing back pain

Physiotherapy has a lot to do in healing lower back pain. It has a specialised set of exercises that help in body mobility and traction to slowly remove the pain from your lower back.

Under manipulative physiotherapy, the epicentre of pain in targeted. With the help of mobilisation, the specific area is healed. This type of therapy is very effective for musculoskeletal management. It also helps to achieve optimal health and significant improvement in the pain stricken lower back.

Active physical therapy

In the case of acute lower back pain, this is an extremely effective technique. It includes stretching exercises and Range of Motion (RoM) as well as aerobic conditioning which cures you of your pain. The low impact aerobic conditioning rehabilitates the spine. Even your neck and shoulder pain can be effectively treated with it. People who look for neck pain treatment in Delhi can opt for this method.

Passive physiotherapy

When the pain gets excruciating, passive therapy is what the experts adhere to. Processes like heat/cold therapy is a traditional means which also comes under the purview of the passive method of therapy. X-ray and ultrasound are performed to study further the origination of pain. Then there’s electrotherapy which uses Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) to temporarily release the pain from the body by passing minor electric currents. A highly advanced physical therapy center will follow this method.

General approach in physical therapy to cure back pain

- Static and dynamic exercises that include stretching, squatting, leg raises, slides, etc.

- Manual therapy which is hands-on and includes massaging of the soft tissues.

- Correction of Posture

- Ice packs to constrict any swelling and heat packs to relief pain earned from any accident or external impact.

- Physically and mentally preparing your body to adapt means that avoid earning you any spinal pain or increasing the resistivity during minor mishaps.

The quality of physiotherapy and the experts who are conducting it have significantly improved over the years and many people who used to consider invasive methods or surgical operations as the only solutions, have gradually considered this therapeutic technique as an efficient healing mechanism.

If you’re looking for the best physiotherapy center where you can receive the best solution for severe neck pain treatment in Delhi, visit Vardan, a health foundation set up by the Times Group that practices the most state-of-the-art form of physiotherapy called FMT or Functional Manual Therapy.


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