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Aug 3rd 2010 at 6:02 PM

 Marketing leadership must be developed over time. Wisdom comes and then we must share the information with others to help promote a sense of urgency on this topic. Question: Is marketing leadership just when the leader makes money? No, Leadership in marketing or in this case network marketing is serving others with a clear conscience. We must have a vision and goal to raise our inter being and thoughts. In most cases our thoughts turn to action. You know what you think is what you are in action. So we need to get the negative things rooted out of the normal thinking. Because lets face it that can ruin a leader or even the average man or woman. The things around us is really going to influence our growth as a real leader. Now I think we get the picture here. So lets look at some areas that a true marketing leader must establish in their mode of thinking and operating. We as leaders must be continuously learning. Some people stay in the learn and grow mentality. Others think oh well we know already. Consider this as you grow with knowledge of marketing as a leader. You must show you can move on and handle what you already have or it will stop and you will not increase in this area. Manage your time and money properly. Help and serve others to do the same when you are able. Of all the qualities of leadership there are none more important to develop than wisdom and understanding. Men and women of dynamic personality, great education and charisma are not necessarily qualified to assume leadership roles. Yet when we think of leadership we most often think of personal appearance, great voice, a fine mind, dynamic personality. As a true leader in marketing have goals for the sales and profit you would like to establish during the course of time. Watch out for negative thinking, doubting and fearful beginnings over ride the real direction in which you are trying to achieve for team. Lets face it there must be others unless you are a one person me I me personality. The key to successful leadership, though, is understanding. A great leader has to be able to understand people. Keep in your mind clear vision where you are heading then get to it and do not look back. If you are interested you may subscribe to a newsletter that will be coming out shortly with different topics about the skills of marketing leadership. We hope to have others that would like to have some comments and input on different subjects as well. In this economy where the paper currency is disappearing before our eyes as the nation looks back and says, what happened? A principle to consider. The reason most people don't get want they want is they don't know what they want. Then if they do they do not want to go out and really put the effort to really succeed. When you want to succeed surround yourself with others who want the same thing. Don't try to re-invent the rolling wheel. It is already rolling, does that make sense? Well thanks and much success to you and those you serve with marketing leadership. Check out the Les Yocum blog when you are able and leave comments and get on the newsletter listing. We will have some upcoming events, published articles that will help you serve in your marketing teams. Remember this one idea keep vision and goals in your personal marketing leadership. When you have the desire to succeed in leadership skills. Do what successful people do. Surround yourself with positive feed. Have an attitude of service for others. Serve and it will come back to you in due time. Create some lasting positive relationships and skills. Think leadership and you will develop marketing leadership. Thank you for letting us share these ideas with you: See More Here: Les Yocum 863-447-3220 Skype lesyocum

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Aug 3rd 2010 at 8:14 PM by yhbecpublisher
Hello Les, very interesting article. I'm going to have to come back and read it a few times to comprehend all it contains fully. Cheers Soroya

"marketing is serving others with a clear conscience"

Yes, this is exactly what I strive to achieve by ensuring that I test and try anything before I market it. I do not believe in simply marketing a product because of the commission I will get from the sale.

The product must do what it says and benefit my business before I will consider selling it to others.

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