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My own video on how to adjust time with both family and IM career
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Jeff Caceres
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Listen And Spend More Time With Positive People
    Most of the time, you are bombarded with negative things that makes you slow down, or preventing yourself to go further towards your dreams and goals in life. I know how you feel when it comes to negative things and words around you, because I was there too until today. Although I still appreciate, respect and maintain my relationship with the negative
  • 7 Must-Read Books That Could Change Your Life Financially
    Most of the schools, universities, academies or institutions are programming us to learn the basics like Math, English, Science and so on. In college courses, we are taught by our professors to practice the subjects on the course we choose until we graduate, and find a job which is related to the course we take. But I didn’t see them
  • Wealthy vs Poor and Middle Class Mindset: Which One Are You?
    In this world, there are two kinds of people. People who are wealthy, and people who are poor. But how can you describe if you are having a rich mindset or poor and middle-class mindset? It’s quite simple. You may know if you’re having that kind of mindset based on the way you think in a certain event or aspect
  • How Brendon Burchard’s The Millionaire Messenger Book Helped Me Get Back On Track
    I believe that everything has a perfect timing and real purpose in life… I have been inactive in blogging for a very long time. I used to start blogging back in 2009, and my topic was about affiliate marketing, making money online, and other fun stuff. I did made few affiliate commissions from the products that I promoted back then.
  • How To Keep Going When No One Believes In You?
    Have you ever experienced that you wanted to pursue a career but no one believes that you can do it? Have you ever experienced that you wanted to start a business but no one supports you? Have you ever experienced that you have gave all you got but no one recognizes you? No matter if it’s all about relationships, business

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