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Of all that I do and all that I have tried throughout the years I find that I really enjoy anything Creative. From drawing & writing to web design & product creation - I just love to create. I have been online for so many years and have seen so many changes; it’s really a joy to be involved in projects that can change the world & what we do every day, in so many ways.

Somehow, I have a feeling that there are certain places we need to be in order to position ourselves for \\\'the next big thing\\\' and I am working hard to be in the very middle of it all.

As a professional writer I have had the joy of writing for some great people and great outlets both online & off. It brings me great joy to read comments from readers whether good or bad, its great to get responses to your work.

The Examiner is my favorite place, aside from IM Faceplate of course, and my page can be found at - I hope you will visit my articles, they are 100% original and are not the same as the ones posted here.

If you would like to use my articles on your sites, please just contact me directly, there is no cost - just a link somewhere.

I am also available for product creation and product/site reviews. Please send me an email or contact me here if you would like me to create something for your site(s).

Article marketing, search engines, optimization, even guaranteed visitors, none of this is going to help you make a living if you are always 2 steps behind the money makers, join various networks and leverage yourself with a community of professionals who DO know what they are doing and will be happy to help you along the way. Stay away from anyone who tells you it’s right now or never! Fact is, if you approach those same people tomorrow with cash in hand, 9 out of 10 will NOT turn you away. Think about what you join and where you spend your valuable time.

Finally, I am always happy to help fellow community members, so if you are in need of articles, help with your blog or someone to maintain for you, just contact me. There are many ways that I can help and absolutely will!

Liz Calamusa | wp217
Im really excited because I am putting together my first 100% original traffic & marketing package complete with checklists, tracking sheets, and so much more!! Also original reports!

Make Real Money Online with These Ideas

May 12th 2011 at 11:28 PM

In today's economy we all have the same complaints, most of us just don't make enough money. It's really a vicious circle in which we don't make enough and so we don't hold the right social status for the high paying jobs, and so we don't have the money to fake it long enough to actually reach the status, and so on and so on. So how do we make enough to give our kids the gadgets they want and put food on the table and pay the bills and get them braces and buy those ADD meds (just kidding there) ..... and.... let's face it - this list never shortens does it?

Well guess what - You don't have to work 2 or 3 jobs to achieve your goals, you just have to find the right opportunities. The bad news is that everyone tells you that THEIR opp will absolutely change your life - in fact they always seem to guarantee it! Just stop and think - if that were true then wouldn't there be a lot more millionaires in the world? Would hunger and homelessness be such a huge issue? No, I don't believe so since no one chooses to be poor or to suffer.

There is hope! You must not give up because the answers you seek ARE out there and you CAN find them. Earning money online nowadays is not like it was before. It is much harder to do, there is far more competition and you also need to double, sometimes triple, the amount of work you usually do in order to earn a few extra dollars. There are simply more people doing the same as you and that equals more competition which in turn means more division of potential consumers.

The good news being that there are also far far more people online to see these ads than ever before, the worst news - their attention spans are really short so you must catch them in the first 3 to 4 seconds or risk losing them forever. Sound impossible? It's close but believe it or not, it can be done. You will work very hard for every cent you make, just don't be fooled by those who tell you that using their product or method you will make millions monthly and with little to no work - HA!! Seriously folks - can we also say that you can lose 100 lbs. in just 3 short weeks with no diet and no exercise? Would you believe me if I did say that to you? I sincerely hope not, but if you would believe me then please stop reading now, send me an email directly because I have some things I would love to discuss with you :)

To be serious, if you really want to make money online, then you will want to explore some of the new ideas in online business models being utilized today. As with any big decision, please take the time to carefully research anything before wasting your time and money on what could be a scam or worse yet, requires you to scam others. 

One of the most congested online fields, Affiliate Marketing. Yet this is still a fantastic way to make money online and even offline when done correctly. Part of the reason that some are successful while others fall flat is the type of person selling vs. the product chosen for sale. You see a big mistake being made by a lot marketers is to choose their product affiliations based on highest commissions being offered and not the type of product they would be selling, often the research doesn’t go beyond the money aspects.
You must choose wisely and only after carefully weighing all options first. Would you go to a car race to pick up some jump ropes? No, chances are you would not.  
** A good hint - never take the top items when choosing products to represent from websites such as Clickbank and PayDotCom. The reason simply being that the market is generally already flooded with those products if they are at the top of the list. You will do better with something that is trending upwards in the last few weeks, but that isn't yet in the top 10 or even 20 items. Work on learning about trends and you may do very well with Affiliate Marketing despite current saturation.

Another thing to remember is that a great deal of people sign up to be affiliates and download materials with all the intentions of doing the work, yet there the files sit for years and years, until finally the product is obsolete. You should not worry too much about the number of affiliates signed up before you instead focus on movements (i.e. trends), tools/promotional help offered, training, and the company reputation.

If you want to make money in the internet world you'll need to be creative and very well informed. You will have to do the research, always checking many sources out before committing to anything. You should network with like minded people and especially those who have been doing this for many years, learn all that you can from each other, remember to teach those who come after you just as others did or will do for you. Only through our shared collective knowledge are we able to better ourselves and help our children's future.

Auctions are still big and now there is more than just eBay. This is one way to rid your home of clutter however, consider what you will do when you run out of your own stuff. You can do consignment for others, catalog and sell goods from people's homes, or advertise your service in your neighborhood and allow the work to find you. But if you don’t like dealing with people, don’t like hard work and heavy lifting, or cannot sit at a computer for long hours, then this may not be the right work for you. Most don’t realize just how hard doing the eBay dance can actually be.

If you enjoy working with money, gambling, socializing, and are good at increasing cash through investments then there are several ways to capitalize on your math skills such as Forex trading, penny-stocks, and even straight Stock trading. It's all a matter of asking yourself - What am I good at? and What do I enjoy? What am I willing to take on? What are my state laws on this  opportunity? then after an honest conversation with yourself you will be able to find that special niche that will be your success story! You and you alone can make that choice :)

Obviously this is just a tiny sampling of the choices available to us in modern times, as we continue on we will take a close look at several options and will invite your questions. If there is a certain career you have been considering (or you just have a question for us) and you would like me to do some research for you, please send me an email at - I will be happy to provide you with anything I can find out.

Meanwhile, in my next article, we will be exploring a few of these areas and discussing ways to enjoy our work once more. Until then, be well, be good, and most of all - be knowledgeable and allow yourself to be happy once again.

Until next time, please consider the types of work you like to do. Sometimes even our hobbies can be turned into money making opportunities. Let's face it, we would all enjoy getting up and going to work if the day were pleasurable. When choosing your online work you will need to consider whether you are happy doing it, that you have enough skill to be able to do it alone since you wont be around others who can teach you, and that there is enough demand.

***** Join Creative Concepts in Marketing Today, a social group for Internet Marketers, those who work from home, and just about anyone with any questions, suggestions, and or ideas for online business.

Since I was away and ill for so long it is unfortunate, but we experienced very little growth and change. This will not be this way for very long and anyone who knows me, knows that I am strongly dedicated to this project. Please join me and send some articles our way, share your knowledge with the world and help us to make it the best site imaginable.

Please to comment
Oct 7th 2011 at 7:09 PM by LonnieG
Glad you are back to doing what you feel passionately about! ~LonnieG

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