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BizTechTonics: Recent articles by Scott
  • Do you waste your vote if you vote for a third party candidate?
    No, it is not a wasted vote for many reasons: 1. It Influences the Major Parties It lets politicians and political parties know which way the electorate is leaning. Part of the reason why Democrats and Republicans are able to maintain a two party system is because they are so broad in their base. If they see some of their voters are straying from the party, they will adjust their… Read More »
  • Why should I vote for president if I don’t live in a swing state?
    There are several reasons why you should vote: There are local officials being elected in the same election, and these officials affect you as much, if not more than the President would. You might not be able to get the President you want, but maybe you can get the Governor, Mayor or Sheriff you want. Even if your candidate doesn’t win the election, political parties note who is voting and… Read More »
  • Should I use different pen names for different audiences?
    Maintaining three pen names means three different brands, with three different marketing efforts. It takes a lot of work. Before you decide, you would want to consider the following: Will any of your audiences react negatively if they find out you also write for the other audiences? For example, will some people devalue your business advice if they know you also give dating advice? Will certain people reading your more… Read More »
My Blog: More Possibilities
  • Urban Dwellers, Suburbanites and Country Folks Should Mind Their Own Business
    I’ve lived in the city, the suburbs and in the country. It is amazing how much animosity there is between those regions. The country folks think the city folks are crazy. The city folks think the country folks are just hicks. The suburbanites and the urban people both think of each other as snotty and… Read More »
  • WisTex is almost 28 Years Old (Est. 1986)
    It is hard to believe that I created WisTex almost 28 years ago, established in the summer of 1986, the year I turned 13 years old. Back then it was a mail order company, where I published a small mail order newsletter and sold advertising in my newsletter and other mail order publications. The name WisTex… Read More »
  • Creating Topic Specific Websites
    A lot has changed on the internet since 1995, when I registered my first domain name, which was free, by the way. We have the rise of social media, and a whole myriad of changes to how search engines work. We also consume our content in different ways than before, whether it by video or on our mobile devices. I've been taking a closer look at my blog and websites and thinking how to better organize the content I create or curate. While I love sharing cool things I find, it becomes hard to find them again after you have shared them and moved on. Adding them to my blog seems like a good idea at first, but with the variety of topics that I am interested in, it becomes a jumbled mess of unrelated content. So perhaps it is time to find places for specific types of content.

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