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Earn money 4 free? No way! To be succesfull you need to invest both time and money.

Jul 5th 2010 at 5:22 PM

There are many work from home opportunities you can join for free. But is it really for free? How many referals will you get if your site gets no visitors? You can of course become a free member on several TE's. You will have to surf a lot to get a descent exposure for your site. Most people stay a free member for ever. They join many TE's thinking they will get exposure in this way. Think again: you have not the time to surf every TE enough to get a descent exposure, not even with multi surf.

By the way: time is money to and there are better ways to spend your time than just surfing. Think about writing articles which you can post, designing splash pages which stand out from the croud an engage yourself in social networks like this one or APSense.

Do I think that TE's are a bad idea? Certainly not! However you should not join more than you can manage and consider upgrading a few of them. My tip ist to join a few of them for free, track results and than decide to upgrade or not. When you don't want to spend a dime to get your on-line business started you better quit right now! I have joined some TE's targetting the USA but also an UK surf and a surfprogram in the Netherlands. They have different sites rotating and therefore also different members who visit and surf. in this way I have more revenue than joining many TE'S all rotating the same sites.
Because i want to do other things than surfing all day and don't want to pay a fortune on membership subscriptions, I started a TE myself: Surf-Bar-Traffic (please join). When I have enough members I can cancel some others. I am using co-ops (marketers co-op and AdsActly, to get sign ups in my traffic exchange.

One of the must important things is to get a domain of your own! When I visit a site and it is on a free domain, this is the first what crosses my mind: if this company can not afford the small amound needed for a domain of their own it probably won't be much; I am not confident to invest money to purchase money or services. And think of this: how often do you find a free domain listed in a seach engine like google when you search for a product of service? Search engines also don't take free domains serious!

Investing time: when you join a program you won't get rich overnight and nobody is going to floud your paypal account with money. You won't have a thousand sign ups in a matter of days. As a result of that many marketeers jump from oppertunity hoping to find one which will bring the big bucks. Trust me, it won't happen! If you want to succeed, stick to a 1 or 2 bizz opps ad invest both time and money. Think about this: on you see many members promoting a new great opportunity which will flood your bank account with 6 figure amounts each month. Would you spend your days surfing and promoting if you had a 6 figure income each month? I know I wouldn't! i would be travelling an doing other nice thing, in short enyoing my live!

However if you spent considerable time on a program (talking more than a year now) and you see no progress you may want to re-evalute your decision to join and promote that program. With promoting I mean using multiple platforms and ways: social media, article marketing, blogging, TEs, safelists, classifieds, etc. in the way that they are intended to use. I.e. copy/paste texts and links in social media sites is not social media marketing.

In what programs should you invest? There are a lot op programms that only bring profit for the owners. Be skeptical about "start your retirement in a few weeks programs"; when something sounds to good to be true, it usually is!

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Jul 11th 2010 at 4:03 AM by webmiep
TE's and traffic programs are hard work! And I do not mean the surfing. I started in June 2000 and joined some of them on which I am now promting my own TE (1;1) I am still buzy filling out all the referal codes on each program. Only on affiliatefunnel there are 6 pages of TE's! Its a crazy time consuming task but I think worthwhile since I am building a network this way which makes it easer to get referrals in the long run. I wonder if all internet marketeers do that also or do they only sign up and promoot the affilate link of that program? let me know!
Jul 7th 2010 at 7:50 AM by igytomas
You are absolutely righ. Nothing is for Free. At least you will pay with your time and this is most expensive. :) I do some of those TE and I know from experience how time consuming it is. What is more frustrating the amount of traffic being delivered on the free account is tiny from most. Banner exchange will not work well if your sites receive little traffic, so it is catch-22 :)

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