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July's Edition The Crystal Herbs Newsletter

Jul 26th 2010 at 4:03 PM

July's Edition The Crystal Herbs Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Welcome to July's edition of E-Light - the Crystal Herbs Newsletter.

Letting Go and Allowing

The beginning of July brings as to the mid point in the year and reminds us that now is a
good moment to take stock of what we have achieved so far this year and to reset our
intentions for the coming months. Looking back over the past six months it seems to us
that time has warped in odd ways leaving us feeling that the beginning of the year was
both a shorter and a longer time ago than the six months that have actually elapsed.
Perhaps this is because so many things seem to have shifted and changed within us since
the beginning of the year that it feels impossible that such a short amount of time has
actually passed. As we look forward there is a sense that it is important to build on
those changes and to strengthen our foundations so that new things can continue to evolve
over the coming months.

July Energetics

The prevailing influence for the month of July comes to us from the constellation of
Cancer represented in astrology by the sign of the Crab. Esoterically Cancer represents
‘the light within the form’ and reminds us of the need to recognise and use the light of
our soul as the guiding force in our lives. Until we give precedence to the soul’s
influence the light within our physical form remains ‘dark’ and unfocussed with the result
that we are unable to manifest the higher plan of our lives. Cancer is also associated
with the principle of rebirth so each time we collectively pass through the energetic
influence of the constellation of Cancer we are blessed by the cosmic breath of new life.

The incredibly powerful full moon and lunar eclipse on June 26th not only brought us fully
under the influence of the constellation of Cancer but also ushered in an influx of
intense light and new energy that will continue to build until the new moon solar eclipse
on July 11th. This influx of energy certainly felt to us like a cosmic breath of new life
and left us with the sense that a powerful change had taken place and that all life had
somehow moved into a new phase.

So with this in mind it seems to us that the energies this month will once again be
supporting us in letting go of the old and encouraging us to fully embody our soul’s
light, allowing it to show us new ways in which we can contribute that light towards the
greater group endeavour of building a new collective reality.

Letting Go and Allowing

The energy now flowing in is seeking foundation for a new cycle of unfoldment and it will
need to find an anchor point within those who are awake and aware in order for this to
manifest. This means that we must ensure that our energetic foundations are secure and
strong in order that we can fully align with what is being requested of us this month. So
perhaps one of the most helpful questions we could ask ourselves right now is; what do I
need to let go of in order to strengthen my energetic foundations and align more fully

with my soul?

The answer for many of us will come from looking to see what old ties and cords we still
have that keep us emotionally chained to the past, whether consciously or unconsciously.
Being mindful of whether you are still running old stories in the back of your mind that
link you back to old outmoded perceptions of yourself or those around you will also be
important. Choosing consciously to energise the most positive vibrations in terms of
thoughts and feelings you work to release and transform old issues will help you to stay
in touch with the higher perspective of your soul. Each time we make a choice to align
with the positive we are strengthening our own energetic foundations and building an
energetic structure through which the light of our soul can shine forth into the world.

This process is of course not the same thing as denying our old our old emotional patterns
and hoping that they will go away if we ignore them. It is very important that we fully
acknowledge what we feel and take time to recognise the gift in the old experiences that
locked us into the emotions in the first place. Then from a place of strength we can
recognise our power to accept, forgive, let go and move on.

Vibrational essences are wonderful tools to help us repattern old emotional issues and
unwanted belief systems. In our experience a well chosen combination of essences can very
quickly help to release old stuck energies and encourage us to move back into vibrational
alignment with the higher aspects of ourselves.

Essence suggestions for July

The energies this month are going to particularly encourage us to release old emotional
ties that bind us to the past, so lets start with some essences to provide support with
this issue. Some of our most difficult emotional ties and cords often relate to
relationship issues. Whether you have old unresolved emotional pain from the past or are
facing the need to resolve a current relationship that is no longer working, one of the
most supportive and effective essences to help with the process is the Letting Go
combination (Divine Harmony Essences). In our experience this is just wonderful to help
release those old unhealthy emotional ties and set everyone in the situation free to make
new choices. Other essences that would also help here are Release or Freedom (Inner Child
Essences) or Heart Chakra (Chakra Essences).

Sometimes we can find that we are tied into old emotional situations through unresolved
guilt or grief, both of which are very powerful emotions. If you find yourself in need of
support with either of these issues then one of the following essences will be just what
you need: Forgiveness or Healing Bereavement (Divine Harmony Essences).

Of course any strong emotion that we have been unable to resolve from a previous difficult
experience will keep us linked energetically with the past until it is released. Fear is
perhaps the number one emotion in this respect especially since it often underpins many of
our other difficult emotions. Nothing weakens our energetic foundations more quickly than
unresolved fear so here are some suggestions for those that need support to work with this
issue. We can thoroughly recommend a bottle or two of either Inner Calm (Divine Harmony
Essences) or Courage (Inner Child Essences) to help transform fears of all kinds. From our
experience both anger and resentment are also emotions that can keep us tied firmly to the
past so you might like to check out either Inner Peace or Self Responsibility (Divine
Harmony Essences) for support with either of these issues. Support for other specific
emotional issues can be found in the Core Emotions Set of Divine Harmony Essences or more
generally from the Emotional Body essence (Lightbody Essences)

Our energetic stability is closely related to the healthy functioning of our lower
chakras. Unresolved emotional issues and mental patterns can create a kind of energetic
constipation in these important energy centres that continue to keep us tied to the past
until released. Unresolved emotional issues and energetic ties can particularly affect the
Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras so we will just remind you to check out our Chakra Essence
combinations for support to rebalance and realign these or other chakra points this month.

For those who would like to focus on greater soul awareness then a bottle of Soul
Connection (Divine Harmony Essences) would be helpful. Last but not least why not treat
yourself to a bottle of our Inner Light combination to help your energetic structures open
more fully to receive all that new light and energy now flowing in.

Current Special Offers

We have a range of essences on special offer this month, including: Awakening the Heart,
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Latest News

We will soon be launching our new and exciting range of essence sprays: Pure Vibrations so
do check out our website for more details on these shortly!

Well that’s it from us, it just remains for us to wish you an empowering month of release
and letting go and to send you all much love with the reminder to contact us if you need
further help or support on your journey.

With Peace & Love,

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