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Jul 1st 2010 at 6:39 PM
Traffic Exchange and Traffic Builders

Free stuff really worth a fortune!

You probably registered more than once to a traffic exchange program which is good but
 in order to really profit from it you need to register to many and keep track of them.
This is what Traffic Builder sites do and the ones I suggest are completely free!

In my website, I suggest two Traffic Builders, both are great and free.
If you are not familiar with Traffic Builder, let’s just say that it is a company that gathers
 many Traffic Exchange (TE) companies, regroup them under one roof and keeps track of them.

If you want to promote your website using TEs it is a great way to do it, but please do it cleverly,
 like the pro’s.

Here is the way to go about it:

a) Register with one or two Traffic Builder sites.

b) Once there register for free to the Traffic exchange sites that they recommend,
 take some of the top ones,Select 6 to 8 TEs with different rankings.

Register for free and put the ID numbers or user names provided in the boxes on your
Traffic Builder site; You will see what I mean when you will be there.
You will have the possibility to enter at least 3 Links for free in each TE, One of this link
 is going to be your primary URL and the other two, input the URLs of the TEs you have just
registered and crisscross them. Meaning If you are on the “I love hits” site don’t promote
“I love hits” there, promote “Free traffic bar ” or any of the other TE exchange where you registered.

The reason is simple, you need to get traffic for your website, a lot of it, and the best way
 to do it is to get people to register under you in these website because they are going
 to send you some parts of their own traffic credits. In order to be effective in TE exchange
 you need to have a lot of credits. So either you buy them,(which I have never done)
or you promote these sites at the same time as you are promoting yours.

Very soon you will have enough credits, and might not have to surf yourself at all,
 your promotions will be all automated, and that is what you are really after,
not even mentioning that you might make a dollar or two if your down line decides to buy
 some traffic. But that is not the point here.

To reach to that result you need to do a bit of surfing yourself first, and here is the practical way
 to be very efficient:

Surfing like the pro’s

a) In “Bookmarks” on your internet toolbar, create a new folder and put all your TEs there.
When you open the folder they all open at once, it saves time.

b) Install a program called Quick Tab Change, you can find it at this location: It is completely free so go for it. If you are wondering why,
the answer is simple, it is going to make it easier for you to go from one TE to the other
when they are open on your browser, saving you a lot of time, so you will surf and earn
credits faster. You just have to select which key you like best to move from one page to
 the other one and just click, click, click.

There you go you are ready to SUPER SURF and earn LOTS of traffic, and it won’t have
 cost you anything. It is all free! Great no?

I recommend you to surf at least 40 minutes 5 days a week, less than that is really not worth it.
 Do it for, let’s say 3 months and check your results, by then you should have lots of people
on your down lines sending you regular credits, making your ads turn all the time without you
spending too much of your time surfing. My recommendation is to use the time you have just
saved for writing articles and posting them, your traffic will then take on a new proportion.

Did I mention that on top of getting credits you get from your earn surfs and your down lines’,
 you are making yourself a nice safe list at the same time.

Just one thing, be patient because to do what I described took me for about 2 hours to set up.
 But it was worth every single seconds.

To go and check the Traffic builders, go there:

For the Traffic Exchange sites go there:

If you ever wondered if you wanted to get hits? The answer is Of course you do!

Because hits means people who viewed your site through Traffic Exchange (or “TE”).
This is one of the best way to get targeted visitors to your site and to get a quick building
 mailing list, especially when you couple your site with a good auto responder like the one below.
Like all my fellow marketers say"The money is in the list" and it is all too true.

I also invite you to join my own TE at:
let me know you read this article and i will give you free xtra credits.

Happy Surfing,

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