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At Hit4hits ( and TE+ ( everyone makes money!

Hit4Hits Everyone makes money here!


Hit4Hits, a very unique Traffic Exchange.


Nicolas Duval
An amazing site! Everything here is made for the members to make money. Great!

  • A site designed for YOU to make money
  • Upgraded members are paid every month!
  • We have pay to surf and PTC
  • Platinium and Diamond Members are PAID to AUTO SURF
  • Our concept is EVERYONE MUST EARN!
  • Cheap Memberships from $1 only
  • High cash and credits referrals 10 LEVELs DOWN!

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Want to contact me? Please do so here.

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How much does it cost to be succesful?

Splash Page

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Hit4hits and TE+, at both TE, you have 100% chance of making money!

Hit4hits and TE+, at both TE, you have 100% chance of making money!
Dear all,

I am the owner of HIT4HITS & Traffic Exchange Plus. If you are here to make money, you took your first step in the right direction.

hIT4hITS is a Traffic Exchange like non other because we do all we can for all our upgraded members to have a PAYING down line, we call it the Earning Game and it works very well!

Why does it work?
Because free members can not have a paying down line.
Because free members get only 0.001 $ when manually surfing 100 pages but upgraded members get 0.01$.
Because the first upgrade is only 1$!
Because we put paying members in your down line (only if you upgrade yourself)
Because members that upgrade to the 1$ option make more than one dollar per month between the PTC ads, the surfing for cash and the referrals they get.

The battle plan is VERY simple.
Join for free and upgrade to the first upgrade available, only 1$.
Recruit new members, push them to take the 1$ upgrade. Like this you will build your own paying down line and make more than the 1$ it cost you.
As your down line grows, upgrade to the 3$ membership and then the 7, 12050, 17.50 $, the higher the membership the more cash back you get.
In turn, your down line will grow their down line along the same idea so your down line will take on some more and more value, you will earn more and more.
99% of our upgraded members should have a paying down line and we are not far form that result!

We have splash pages to help you promote HIT4HITS and if you go to the down line builder called Traffic Hoopla, (register it is free) it will direct you to the most popular TEs on the market. Register for free to 6 other TEs, super surf (if you are not sure how, I will explain) and promote HIT4HITS splash pages there. You will get a paying down line in no time!

Do what I advised and you can make hundreds of dollars in 3 or 4 months time, thousands in a year.

And this for a small investment of just $1 per month.

Of course the more people you recruit, the more chances they apply to the programs you also promote on HIT4HITS. You really have a win win situation in your hands.

Play the ball, play the earning game with us AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

TE+ is very similar to Hit4Hits butwith a different concept, there you only get cash on referrals for the first level but the cash on referral is VERY high. So it is really quick money and with memberships starting at $1 only, it is easy to get many followers.

Surf, earn and have fun

Your friendly webmaster,

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Everyone Must Earn.

Everyone Must Earn.
Dear all,

We have introduced a new concept in our Traffic Exchange. EVERYONE MUST EARN!

That is right, we are all here to earn money and in order to earn money we must promote our sites. While waiting for people to sign up to our programs, why can't we also make money at the same time? Well it is now possible with our Everyone Must Earn concept.

We have created memberships so cheap (from 1 USD/ month!) that there is no reasons to have only free referrals in our downlines. What a sweet feeling, AND A RELIEF, to have a paying downline, even if it is just a little income. IN FACT IT COULD BE MORE THAN A LITTLE BECAUSE WE GIVE HIGH PERCENTAGE BACK AND THAT PROGRAM IS GETTING VERY POPULAR BECAUSE EVERYONE WANTS TO EARN!

A happy surfer is a surfer that makes money, we are trying very hard to help you with that at HIT4HITS (

And yes, we provide all kind of other services, like PTC ads (read them for credits or cash), text and mini text ads, banners advertisement, surf for cash, games and so on.

When you join us, play the game and don't join for free, take at least the Copper program (1 USD/month). The highest monthly membership is not that expensive either, only $17.50/ month!

Monthly Memberships go from $1 to $17.50. Of course, the more expensive the membership the highest the rewards. Not convinced? Just Try it out for $1 and check how many people will want to follow your lead with this very rewarding program.

Sorry for the free members, we give them almost no advantages at all, the idea is to help those that want to make money and have a paying downline, if you don't want to play the earning game, we DON'T WANT YOU!

Join us at


I am the webmaster of this site, those are my rules:
*If you sign under the administration system, you can do so but I will place you under a previously registered upgraded member.
*In order to be fair, all those who register under the administrator are put in an upgraded down line by order of registration date.
*If you register under an upgraded member, you will stay there.
*If you register under a free member and upgrade yourself, I will put you under an upgraded member.

That is the name of the game Everyone Must Earn but it works only for those that play by the rules free members don't have free runs on our site. Every one has at least one dollar TO INVEST and this INVESTMENT will be rewarded and we will thrive to help you get more and more and more until you will have a significant second income.

Click here to join and start promoting and earning:

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