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Jul 1st 2010 at 6:52 PM
You read it right! On this page “Earn money online guaranteed” am going to promote all
the good opportunities I come by on the net. Opportunities where YOU WILL earn money
How much money YOU will make will be entirely up to you; tons of money can not fall from
the sky right in your hand! It does not exist! Stop dreaming!

However there are plenty of opportunities where with just a tiny bit of promotion on you part,
 nothing difficult believe me, you will be able to make some extra cash, and sometimes more
 than a little!
How? In order to make money we have to use pyramidal promotion and affiliation. You get a
 nice opportunity (like the ones that follow) that earns you a little money and you pass on this
information to your friends family etc…All the people under you will also make money and you
 will make a part of what they make, so instead of earning a little you will earn a lot and the
people under you as well. Just make sure to explain to them that there are no risks, that it is
 free and that they also have to pass on this information and so on and so on. For that you are
more than welcome to copy paste this page and use it for yourself. You see I am even doing your
 job, but that is the way it must be if you want to make sure that your downline (people under you in
the pyramidal system) will do things properly.
Enough of the introduction, let’s get to the real stuff.


This is a marketing company collecting e-mails for other companies. They build mailing lists
that they are going to resell.
How does it work?

This company is going to give you 10 USD straight away for registering your e-mail. Money
 guaranteed right? But not interesting if you stop there. Now, with their pyramidal program,
you pass on this information to others - bear in mind that you can not give it to people in
your family that have the same family name as you, apparently family in law is ok and people
 must be over 16 years old - apart from this rule anyone else is ok.
Let’s say you get 3 people following you (I am sure you will get much more) and 3 people
following the 3 and so on to ten level down. You will earn over 800 USD. Not bad, no? Now if you
get 5 people that will get 5 others and so on, you will make 122,080.30 USD. Better no? What if
you get 10 and so on? You will then make 111,111,121.10 USD. Can you imagine that? That is
not a little money anymore right? You can reefer up to 100 people on the FIRST level! Just imagine
 what kind of money that is!

I have to admit it is difficult to get to level ten because quickly you lose control of the people
under you and that is why I am writing this page and why I invite you to copy it and pass it on
 down your line so every will know what to do and how advantageous this system can be.

Now you might tell me you do not want publicity coming to your MAIN e-mail address. No problems,
 create a second one just for this program! By the way the Yahoo e-mail address are not accepted by Geostring so get a gmail address or a hotmail one.

Ready to follow me? Just click on the banner or on this link:

You will reach the site, enter your address, get confirmation and then member access and finally
your own page. ( it will take just 5 minutes for all this). Ok now go to “My Campaigns” you will a
 link, copy and paste it, remove the end of it after”&” and put whatever you want instead of it,
that will be your campaign name, the number before is your affiliate number that will recognize
who you are.

Now all you have to do is sent an e-mail to your friends, just copy paste this article so they will
know what to do, and monitor your downline and your money grow.

P.S. Once a week you are going to be asked to confirm your statistics, nothing difficult, just click
 the link in the e-mail that Geostring will send you, it is just to confirm that you are a real person
and not some kind of robot.

Ok, you have to admit it is pretty easy, without any risks and you have a high chance of making
 good money with little efforts. Don’t wait anymore and grab this amazing opportunity!

Please to comment
Sep 26th 2010 at 5:57 PM by caradiva
Nice article. I'll take another look at geostring.
Sep 3rd 2010 at 12:41 AM by turtle0733
Yes I know it is a long string but with a little advertising and a little patience we will get there. I am in no hurry.
Aug 6th 2010 at 8:06 AM by colmmooney
FYI, Geostring is a looooooooooong string. You make 1 cent for every direct signup, calculated it will take 10000 signups to reach the $100 minimum cashout! Simple mathematics, think about it.
Jul 23rd 2010 at 7:48 PM by weedermann
Nic, how about apply "word wrap" to this article. A lot of it cannot be read because it flows off the screen.

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