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4 months ago

How Much Should You Spend on Corporate Gifts In Singapore

Feb 11th 2019 at 2:18 AM

It is no secret that corporate gifts in Singapore can make a significant impact on your valued clients and employees. Both of them can serve as a part of your marketing strategy when carefully utilised and take your company’s brand to new heights with the public.

Thus, it becomes very essential that you appreciate their efforts and motivate them to excel in their services by offering them gifts. However small a customised corporate gift is, such thoughtful gifts can help strengthen your relationship with both your clients and employees. If you are planning to adopt this mode of appreciation, you must first decide on your spending capacity.

Significance of A Corporate Gift

When choosing the right corporate gift, it is very important that the gift is beneficial to your client. The key to how to give gifts that make your clients remember you, lies mainly in the usefulness of your gift. While giving gifts that look pretty on the outside will score you some points, it is the functionality of the gift that makes the most impression.

The amount you want to spend on gifting your clients also depends on the type of relationship you have with them. If your clients and employees mean a lot to your business and have contributed to generating considerable profit for your business, then you may want to put in more thought in choosing a gift that reflects your appreciation.

Factors That Determine How Much You Need To Spend On Client Gifts

There are several factors that would assist you in determining the best corporate gift for your corporate clients and employees.

  • Based on the business size

  • Based on the profit earned by your business

  • Your personal equation and present relationship with the client

  • Your entire budget of corporate gift

  • Number of clients

Working On Your Budget

Singapore is one of the best countries to find various firms that offer corporate gifts to their clients and employees. Corporate gifts in Singapore provide a wide range of thoughtful and interesting gifts for clients in varying price range. To get the most appropriate gift for your clients, you need to sort out the budget as per the value provided by different clients to the organization. Work on the budget. Decide how much funds can you allocate for your important clients, the remaining clients and your employees.

Profit Earned

Do a fair analysis of how much profit is earned by your business in the last year. On the basis of the profit analysis, you can decide on the budget of a corporate gift. Choose lavish gifts, when your firm has made outstanding profit and vice versa. Personalised gifts such as metal pen printing or engraving with your clients or employees’ names are a good example of making your recipients feel valued and appreciated.

Relationship Terms

The relationship that you have with your client also helps in determining the type of gift that you will choose for them. For people with whom you share a good rapport and who provides you a profitable business, an expensive gift will be the best choice. As for your employees, a good gift would be one that is able to motivate and spur them on to achieve greater success for your business. As such, the greater the value in the gifts you provide, the more they are keen to produce results for you.

Instead of just choosing outrightly expensive gifts. An alternative would be customised corporate gifts in Singapore with high perceived value. These are usually unique corporate gifts that are not commonly received like a custom printed wireless charger that is able to charge any mobile device.

Size Matters

The type of corporate gift that you gift your clients depends on the business size. If you are contemplating on providing gifts for a company, the business size is something you might want to consider. It is easier to prepare corporate gifts for a startup company or a SME compared to MNCs for obvious reasons. At a MNC, the business size of the company would be too large for you to provide for everyone. Thus, you may want to only gift to your direct client’s team.

Your Clients/Employess Reaction

Is your gift appropriate and beneficial for your business? How will your clients or employees react when they receive the gift from you? Will your gift prove to be useful and thoughtful to them? All this brainstorming work will definitely assist you in getting the best gift for your client. You can even finalize a budget on the basis of the preferences of clients. Only you know your clients best but if you do have trouble choosing the right gift, our list of the best corporate gifts in 2019 may give you an idea or two.

The Takeaway

A corporate gift is a stylish and respectful way to express your gratitude to the people that have contributed to your business success. These tips will definitely help you in planning and buying the right corporate gift for your precious clients without going overboard.

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