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4 months ago

How Do Corporate Gifts Promote Employer Branding In Singapore

Jan 29th 2019 at 3:19 AM

While most companies focus on consumer-based branding — how a business is perceived by customers and stakeholders — employer branding is equally important. Employer branding is the reputation of a business as an employer and the value it offers or brings to its employees. It is the identity and uniqueness of your business that makes you stand out among others. There are many reasons why employer branding is important and how it can directly impact your business.


Typically, employer branding can be achieved by creating a culture of mutual respect and employee recognition through corporate gift giving. That is because customised corporategifts are gestures that create a healthy workforce as well as attract and retain quality employees. This is essential for the success and growth of every company.


Here is how the corporate gifts in Singapore promote employer branding:


Create the right impression for your employees

Everybody feels valued when they receive a present from someone. Similarly, corporate gifts to the employees are a tangible proof that their work and contribution to the business is well-acknowledged and well-appreciated.

They have a powerful psychological effect especially when they are perceived by the

recipient as a special effort made or recognition of a job well done. Also, the gift giving act is a strong, virtually ceremonial way to offer recognition to your employees.


Through corporate gift printing, employers can customise the presents to send a clear

message of appreciation to the employees. That can help improve the attitudes of your

employees as the branded gifts will continually remind them of how they are cherished and valued at workplace. Furthermore, you can increase their production by reinforcing the corporates slogan or ethos through creative artwork on the gifts.


It is a team effort


Many companies strive for a positive workplace culture, built with a unified team. However, turning the dream into reality is a challenging endeavour. That is because people do not naturally unify, they have to be led to do so. More so, people yearn for different levels of approval, acceptance, attention, appreciation, and affection. Through customised gifts, you can creatively find ways to offer these things to them. Also, by gift giving, you create a culture that rewards commitment to the enterprise, its goals, and ethics, and demonstrates that you value employee dedication and performance.


Customised corporate gifts can also be a consistent way of treating the people and the team and a symbolic of being part of a caring relationship. By caring you can create unity as employees will be willing to give up personal gain or glory for the good of each other and the benefit of the Cause.


Another area where gifts are known to be excellent at company cohesion is when they entail some form of team building. Gifting teams with branded office apparel or stationery can bring them together, whether they are senior management or lower-levels employees, or a mix of the two. That can create comradely working environment, which can result in development as well as sharing of skills and ideas.


Motivation boost


Keeping the employees motivated is fundamental in delivering excellent service that keeps clients coming back to your enterprise. Employees are the real competitive advantage for the company; they work to help the company reach its goals. A corporate gift is one of many ways to boost the morale of your employees and motivate them to work harder, contribute more, and call in sick less and thus they become more productive and more efficient. Also, having enthusiastic employees that can talk passionately about the company and their jobs indicates that they are more likely to put in more effort into their work. Looking for the right corporate gifts that boost motivation is also important, as a subpar gift may lead your employees to think negatively about the company.


In fact, a study has shown that companies that reward employees with appreciation letter and titles achieve only 40% productivity increase. Contrariwise, those giving promotional and customised corporate gifts increases productivity by 80%.


A gift shows that the employer took time and effort to pick something out for the employees. That makes them feel empowered appreciated and it stands to reason that they will be more committed to their jobs with a higher degree of loyalty. Consequently, your employees will stay longer in your organisation and this will lower employee turnover, which usually hurts the corporate’s world bottom line. Hence, you won’t have to spend so much time and money recruiting and training new employees.


Impact on potential candidates


Not every employee is a recruiter, but they can be an integral part of employer building process. That is because, potential candidates trust employees to provide information about working at the company more than the employer. Pick up publications today or search for business web post and you will likely see the latest list of “best places to work”. What makes these corporates stand out is they make investments in their employees. Job applicants usually research online and business papers about the company before applying for any job. Therefore, if you have a positive employer brand, you will attract the top candidates and the very best graduates for all your job openings.


Employees who feel appreciated and valued will be more willing to advocate for the brand and corporate. By giving customised corporate gifts, employees can become valuable brand ambassadors. The more employees talk positively about the brand, the more you can get better job candidates. Furthermore, gift giving and employee recognition for instance giving quality branded gifts creates a positive atmosphere. At an outdoor setting, employees wearing special custom printed company T shirts may influence prospective candidates to perceive the company positively.


The takeaway

It can never be overstated; a happy person is a productive person. While verbally expressing gratitude is crucial, giving your employees gifts is a remarkable and memorable sign to show how you appreciate your staff. That’s due to the fact that the powers and influence of corporate gifting are notable, striking, and irreplaceable. The gifts can increase engagement in the office and help companies retain the staff.

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