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CEO & Founder of TopNetworkersGroup. We launched in 2010 and began putting together a foundation that will create Professional network marketers who earn professional money in network marketing. Our focus is entirely on helping other people get what they want. By default, we all get what we want when that is the focus. #WorkWithTheGroup
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  • What Happened to Solavei?
    *Updating This article as of January 28th, 2016. More happened to Solavei since I originally wrote this. They have actually gone out of business. Much of what I allude to in the article below, explains why. Too many people in MLM brought the current mentality that is far too common these days. People join MLM […] Full story →
  • Solavei Changes After Chapter 11 Filing (August 2014)
    Solavei Changes After Chapter 11 Filing (August 2014) In case you have not heard by now Solavei filed for Chapter 11 in June of 2014.  It’s possible that you did not hear about this because frankly, there is so much happening in the area of home based business. Then again, Solavei made so much noise […] Full story →
  • Solavei TNG Update: More Promotions, More Lives Changed
    What’s going on everyone! Thanks for stopping by to get my special behind the scenes report on what is really going on over at Solavei. You know, I have been a member since August 2012. That means that later this year I would have been using their cell phone service for a total of … […] Full story →
  • Solavei So Good, So Far, So Much Better
    I just posted a press release about how Solavei is Making lives Better. SO far, since joining Solavei in 2012 I’ve had the pleasure of watching a Giant emerge. Not often do we get the chance to be there when that new Microsoft emerges from the competition, and so this was a unique opportunity for […] Full story →
  • Solavei Cell Phone Plans And So Much More
    Over the past year and some change, I’ve been covering (and using) Solavei. I’ve written several reviews on how Solavei is about so much more than just Cheaper Cell Phone Plans. The Cell phone plans is where most of the buzz began – but the ability to earn money from something as simple as helping […] Full story →
  • Solavei Changes Their Compensation Plan and Moves Forward
    A lot has happened since the last update here at TopNetworkersGroup on Solavei – Solavei changed their Compensation Plan as the new year kicked off. The change makes Solavei a company that will pay even more of it’s Millions of members. They found that some people were taking advantage of loop holes in the plan; […] Full story →
  • Response to Angry Solavei Members Over New Rate Plans
    I just read an article written about 4 days prior to this one, talking about the Angry Solavei Members who are lashing out over the new rate plans. The article was misinformed. This is usually the case when people outside of Solavei write articles – where as often the people Inside of Solavei write biased […] Full story →
  • New Solavei Rates Means More Affordable Cell Phone Plans
    Solavei just keeps getting better and better. Recently I put together a graphic to pass around sharing the good news about The NEW Solavei Rates. Just Keeps getting Better — al king (@topnetworkeral) December 2, 2013 These new rates spell out nothing but great things for the next year of operation for this […] Full story →
  • Yet Another Promotion From Solavei? Yes … Yes it is
    Once again, Solavei is running another promotion. I’m so used to this by now. Makes Solavei a great company to represent and to promote, when you know that the people you share Solavei with are going to be in Great Hands. You know that should any of them decide to market and promote this opportunity, […] Full story →
  • Solavei Marketplace Launches, Cutting out the Competion
    It’s here … This is sort of a ‘late’ announcement but, it’s here and I’m letting you know right now. You may come across this announcement even later, so perhaps you did not even know it was coming.  However we first told you about Solavei Marketplace when we found out several months ago. It’s everything […] Full story →
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TopnetworkersGroup IboSocial PR's
  • Start Earning in Bitcoin Now Over $1,000

    Are you ready to start earning in bitcoin? Bitcoin is now over $1,000. In case you're still not 'in the know' on what that means, 1 Bitcoin or BTC is worth over $1,000. I had the misfortune of hearing about bitcoin at $33, and passed on it because I didn't think it would be around. It sounded like a gimmick.

    If you're not currently holding onto Bitcoin now, then it has probably sounded ...

  • Proof That TNG Has Been Leading the Way

    Just 17 hours ago, on my facebook I shared a post. It was one of my 'top performing traffic pullers' - an article I wrote about Kannaway, and My CBD Research; a Video That shut 'them' up; and this reference was to people in the company who told me I needed to Do my research. 

  • 3 Articles On Black Economics Matters

    Black Economics Matter - and that's even more true with the recent, ongoing rise in protests over police brutality. It's happening nationwide and there seems to be no end to it. While some protests bubble over to full blown riots, many remain peaceful. Several cause disruptions to traffic, and most recently have caused an uproar over whether we 'should' stand for the National anthem.

  • Rio Olympics Observations by TNG

    Some Rio Olympics Obsevations by TNG (

    I hope that you all had the opportunity to watch and enjoy the Rio Olympics that just concluded on last Sunday Night. It was an awesome time to celebrate the greatest athletes from around the world.  Memories were created at the Rio Olympics, as is always the case. We saw champions crowned... or more accurately awarded G...

  • Positioning Yourself To Lead

    Leadership is the key to success in just about everything we do.

    The question is are you Positionigng yourself to Lead or are you following people over a cliff?

    Being a leader is not easy, or simple. Often it requires learning from the mistakes and experiences of yourself and others. The good news is you can learn from these mistakes. It will lead to understanding how to lead ot...

  • Topnetworkersgroup Digest: Business Ideas

    Topnetworkersgroup Digest: Business Ideas


    As always, thanks for taking a moment to review our short re-cap of what we've been talking about, over at


    Business parntership is close to my h...

  • Are you Closing Your Leads?
    Quick question for you out the gate here - Are you closing your leads?

    One of the most important skill sets everyone needs to have is the ability to close leads. This involves the knowledge of when to close, and how to close.

    Don't get scared though, these are actually simple skillsets to learn and master.

    The thing is, most people just don't take the time to learn, or ...
  • Real Leaders Follow Real Leaders
    Real Leaders Follow Real Leaders

    When I tell people that I want to help them learn how to make money in the MLM Industry, most of them think I am just saying that because it sounds good.

    Most people's perception of our industry - is that We just want to make money "off" of people; rather than "with" people.

    In the video "TopNetworkersGroup Digest - 2015 1st Quarter Blog Posts
    Look Alive IBO tool boxers ;)

    Got a nice and concise "Digest" for you; much of what we've been blogging about over at TopNetworkersGroup during this first quarter of 2015; which has just passed. We're now well into the 2nd quarter of the year; and I hope you're well on your way to achieving your goals in this industry that you have set forth for yourself.

    For those of you who ar...
  • Free Resources for Developing Leaders
    As a leader in the network marketing field I can say I've been blessed to have followed great leaders. These leaders introduced me to master teachers, like Dr. John C. Maxwell. After reading several of his books, and applying his teachings I became a better leader. But I also came to realize that getting better is a process that never ever stops.

    While getting the opportunity to hear Dr. ...

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