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Getting Fit As A Baby Boomer Over 50
  • Am I Too Old to Start Lifting Weights?

    Energy levels decrease as we grow older. As a result, most middle-aged individuals and beyond assume that it’s too late to get into weight lifting. That could not be further from the truth!

    Not only is it never too late to start lifting weights, but weight training becomes more crucial as you age. Regular weight lifting may slow the loss of muscle mass and bone density that occurs with age.

    Weightlifting offers a host of other important benefits for older individuals. Benefits include a boost in strength, increased flexibility, and balance. Weightlifting offers improved health and reduced risk of falls and more.

    If you’re a middle-aged or older, consider making weight lifting a part of your exercise routine.

    To get you a correct start, here are a few of the best and safest ways for senior adults to start lifting weights.

    Get Your Doctor’s Consent

    It is always important to check with your doctor before starting a new workout program. More so if you are in the later years of your adulthood. A doctor will be able to determine if you can lift weights without putting your health at risk.

    Consult with a Trainer

    personal training couple

    Weight lifting is a great workout option for those advanced in age.

    Yet, it can be dangerous if done using the wrong approach. For this reason, it is important that you consult with a trainer first. A trainer will be able to take you through all the various intricacies. A trainer teaches proper form and technique.

    They guide you through rest times, complementary warm up routines, and a suitable diet. They show you how to have a safe and effective weight lifting workout. A trainer can help you develop a personal workout plan based on your unique fitness level.

    Start Slow

    always start exercise slow

    Weight training is an intense physical activity.

    Jumping in too much too soon could lead to injury regardless of age. The risk of injury is higher for those who are more advanced in age. So it is a must to start slow and increase workout intensity as strength and fitness improves.

    The trick here is to start with a weight that provides a challenging but comfortable workout. Then your goal is a gradual increase in weight as your body grows accustomed.

    Get Regular Exercise

    couple at sunset

    As with any form of exercise, you need regular workouts to get whatever results you are going for. Older people have a slower recovery time and they need more rest between workouts. This creates the need for hitting a perfect balance between effectiveness and proper recovery.

    Most fitness experts suggest older weight lifters workout, 2 to 3 times a week. This is to keep workouts safe and effective.

    Age is not a factor when it comes to weight lifting.

    Anyone (even those as old as 90) can reap the benefits of weight training. The rule is caution and proper planning and execution of a weight lifting regimen.

    With the above tips, you should be able to create a plan that ensures safety and best results.

    Take care and be well,
    Tommy Douglas

  • 5 Tips For Seniors To Avoid Falls
    A man who is falling
    You may have an older relative that has suffered some type of injury from a fall. Consider the fact, that falls are the leading cause of injuries in individuals who’re 65 or older.

    Falls can often result in broken bones, head injuries, and hip fractures. It’s also worth noting that falling can make an older adult more fearful. This can prevent them from being active as much as they should be.

    Even though most people feel safe at home, most falls occur where you live. Some common causes of falls include rickety stairs, slippery floors, and electrical cords. If you have an aging parent or an older relative in your life, you need to make sure that their home is safe for them.

    On top of that, you should also talk to them and explain how they could reduce their risk of falling. Convince them to let go of their fear, you can make the elders in your life remain healthy and independent. Here are 5 useful tips that can help your elders avoid falls.

    Learn About Their Current Health Conditions

    The first see if your older loved one is experiencing any problems with their health. Poor health is what often leads to falling. As people grow older, they tend to lose their balance, coordination, and flexibility.

    On top of that, their vision also gets impaired. You need to know anything preventing proper function. Know if their health issues could increase the risk of them falling. Talk to them about their current health conditions and make sure they seek treatment.
    Encourage them to visit their doctor as soon as possible.

    Staying In The Moment

    The elderly should not let their mind wander if they’re feeling insecure about their walking.

    For example, walking up and down the stairs is exactly where most people fall.

    Always make sure to look around you and see if there are any obstacles in front of you. When climbing up or down the stairs, make sure to use railings whenever they are available. If you ever get dizzy while on the stairs, make sure to hold on to the railing and take a deep breath.

    Stop Rushing And Slow Down

    You should never be in a hurry. Taking it step by step is the only way to ensure that you don’t fall. You don’t have a job, so you have all the free time in the world. This means that there is no reason for you to rush at any given moment. But as long as it takes you, you should always be calm when walking.

    Enlist The Help Of A Physical Therapist

    You should always check to see if there is a need to enlist the help of a physical therapist. If you’re holding onto furniture or other objects walking, then you need a physical therapist.

    Through exercise, a physical therapist can help improve your strength and balance. It’s also a good idea to get a cane or a walker, as they will provide you with more stability than random objects in your home.

    Let There Be Light

    If you have an older loved one, do everything in your power to make sure their home is a safe environment for them. One of the best things you can do to help them avoid falling is to install brighter light bulbs where needed.

    Take care and be well.
    Tommy Douglas

  • 5 Risky Behaviors That Can Harm Your Health
    People are searching for ways to live healthier. Most know that this requires proper nutrition and regular exercise. But, there are also other factors that have an effect on your health.

    man jumping in front of sunset

    Here are 5 risky behaviors that can endanger your health.


    man ravaged by smoking habit

    It’s no secret that smoking kills. Despite the fact that people are aware of all the health risks associated with smoking, many still do it. It is one of the unhealthiest habits known in society.

    This habit can cost you your life.

    While lung cancer is often associated with the most significant risk with smoking. There are other conditions cigarettes that can debilitate and result in premature death.

    Some of the most notable health risks associated with smoking include:
    • Respiratory problems, such as chronic bronchitis.
    • Kidney cancer
    • Leukemia
    • Infertility
    • Stomach cancer
    • Oral cancer
    • Throat cancer
    • Increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

    Excessive Drinking

    drunk man passed out with bottle

    Alcohol is a substance to consumed in moderation. 

    Did you know that alcohol is considered poison by your body? 

    This is why the body prioritizes its metabolization before anything else.

    Having a drink with your friends once in a while or a glass of wine with dinner is acceptable. In fact, actually good for the heart.

    But, if you start drinking in excess.

    Especially as a coping mechanism for problems in your life.

    Then you’re going to be facing a much bigger problem.

    Many people overlook the risks that go along with excessive drinking, even though there are a lot of them.

    Some of the best-known health risks of alcoholism include:
    • Dementia
    • Colon cancer
    • Liver disease
    • Stroke
    • Depression
    • Liver cancer
    • Hepatitis
    • Anxiety
    • Premature death

    Eating In Front Of The TV

    popcorn and tv

    This is something that many people do but can contribute to poor while it can health. Instead of taking the time to enjoy their food. People would rather gulp it down while watching television. 

    Yet, there are several health risks associated with this activity.

    First off, TV will get all your attention instead of your food. This will make you eat more than you should because you do not pay attention to how much you have eaten.

    You will be so distracted by watching and you won’t realize how much you’ve eaten. 

    If you enjoy eating junk food while watching TV, then you will most likely form a habit of doing this. 

    This means that you will bring a few snacks with you every time you want to watch something. 

    Even when you’re not particularly hungry.

    Drinking Calories

    rusty old soda can crushed

    Nowadays, many people find water to be boring, so they avoid drinking it every chance they get. This is now worse with many companies now making flavored water. Even so, soda is still the most famous substitute for water. Soda contains many calories, much sugar, and unhealthy chemicals.

    You drink your calories instead of eating them. This will add inches to your waistline, and get you nothing in the way of nutrients for your body. 

    The next time you want to buy a can of soda, make sure to think twice about those extra calories.

    Having Too Much Junk Food

    candy bar with bite taken out

    Having too much junk food in your house is a bad idea. Knowing you can get junk food anytime you want, makes it easier to indulge in unhealthy foods.

    It’s always easier to grab a bag of chips than to cook a healthy meal to please your hunger. Yet, this will only make you lead an unhealthy lifestyle. 

    Instead, you should throw away all that junk food and keep healthy stuff on hand.

    Take care and be well.
    Tommy Douglas
  • The Importance of Fitness For Seniors
    Fitness is vital for everyone, regardless of their age.

    Yet, as you get older, there is some increase in your needs, including a bigger need for being physically fit. Here are some reasons you should focus on your fitness as a senior.

    Being Fit Improves Cognitive Function

    Evidence shows that there is a link between physical activity and cognitive health. Some think this could be due to the increase of blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain.

    Keeping a fitness routine has a positive effect on depression. As well as a reduction in damage resulting from cognitive brain disorders. Daily exercise improves coordination and communication between the brain and the body.

    Helps Prevent Diseases and Injury

    An active senior lifestyle can improve blood pressure and aid heart health. Getting your heart rate up for a sustained period helps to strengthen the heart.  A stronger heart can help reduce the risk of heart failure. Exercise strengthens muscles you need for balance reducing the risk of falling.

    The simple act of standing, extending and stretching can help preserve flexibility. More flexibility will both reduce the risk of muscle injury, and help to slow or prevent loss of bone density.

    Your Body Will Heal Better

    When taxing the body, healing becomes a much more difficult process. A healthy body will be more efficient at repairs because it isn’t working as hard to keep the body alive.

    • Having a healthy heart that pumps blood to all extremities.
    • Lungs that function.
    • The digestive system that can absorb and replace vital nutrients.
    • Systems to focus on their job and replace damaged cells. 

    Take care and be well.
    Tommy Douglas

  • What Are Complex Carbohydrates and Why Do We Need Them?

    Heard someone mention "complex carbs", and you wondered what they were talking about?

    Carbohydrates are either simple or complex. At first glance, you may think that simple carbohydrates are better for your body. They break down to simple components, so doesn't it make sense that these would be healthy for you? Actually, the opposite is true.

    The Difference Between Complex (Good) and Simple (Bad) Carbohydrates

    Complex and simple carbohydrates very differ in how they absorb into your body. They are also digested different. Think of simple carbohydrates as simple sugars. Simple carbohydrates provide quick energy, and deliver no nutrition. Complex carbohydrates deliver lots of nutrients and minerals, as well as energy.

    Complex carbohydrates have longer molecular chains. So it takes your body a long time to break them down and absorb them. This leads to an even distribution of energy over a longer period of time, and a much longer feeling of fullness. Simple carbohydrates, like those delivered by refined sugar, enter your bloodstream immediately. They process quick, have little nutritional value, and lead to fat storage. They lead to short spikes in energy and an energy crash.

    Why Your Body Needs Complex Carbohydrates

    Complex carbohydrates are important for a few reasons. As mentioned above, they are nutrient and mineral rich. They contain the vitamins and phytonutrients your body needs for proper function.

    They are usually also very high in dietary fiber. Fiber helps your digestive system work well. Dietary fiber also helps you regulate your body weight. Complex carbs provide energy that remains consistent over a longer period of time.

    "Good" carbs promote proper sleep, boosted brain function and a healthy nervous system. Often they are also low in calories, as opposed to unhealthy simple carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates deliver much-needed benefits that promote inner and outer health.

    Some Examples of Complex Carbohydrates

    This list includes some complex carbohydrates you need to eat more of for health.
    • Quinoa
    • Oats
    • Broccoli
    • Oatmeal
    • Spinach
    • Brown rice
    • Cucumbers
    • Peas
    • Asparagus
    • Beans
    • Soy Milk
    • Whole Grains
    Quinoa in a salad

    Simple Carbohydrates to Avoid

    Avoid or limit the following simple carbs. Your health and waistline will thank you.
    • Sugar
    • White carbohydrates – rice, bread, pasta
    • Potatoes - A complex carbohydrate that acts like simple carb in your body
    • Desserts, pastries
    • Artificial syrups
    • Candy and cookies
    • Soda and energy drinks
    Take care and be well.
    Tommy Douglas

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