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Getting Fit As A Baby Boomer Over 50
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  • Hidden leaks cause damage, High bills 2018-06-08T23:12:00.001-05:00
    Home water leaks waste 1 trillion gallons of water per year, and 10 percent of American homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons of water a day, according to the EPA. Fixing easily detectable leaks like dripping faucets and malfunctioning toilets can reduce water bills and water waste. But what do you do about the leaks you can’t see? Hidden leaks can be dangerous. Leaking pipes within walls
  • Of Course, My Dog Bites, It Is A Dog 2014-03-27T21:53:00.000-05:00
    Sometimes people ask me does your dog bite. My answer is "Of course, my dog bites it is a dog". Neither one of my dogs has ever bit anyone, but that does not mean that they never will. Even good-natured dogs can be provoked, startled or just like a human misjudge a situation and react more aggressively than normal. Just today, my wife's son was over with her grandson, a one-year-old,
  • Moving is Hell in My Experience 2014-03-24T18:00:00.001-05:00
    Previously in another blog post, I made mention that the wife and I were in the process of moving and sorting through and either selling, donating or tossing out junk. Normally, my wife is good at organizing for a move and actually enjoys it. To her once we move, opening the boxes up is like Christmas but all the presents are exactly what she wanted. I am the opposite, I hate moving and
  • Crap Collecting: The Hoarder In All Of Us 2014-03-16T20:55:00.002-05:00
    Perhaps you have seen them on television, those shows about home cleaning and hoarders. Hoarders who have lost control and filled their homes with useless crap. Some not so bad, but many can barely get around their homes for all the clutter and some have not seen their walls in years. Precarious piles of crap and junk creating fire hazards, toxic mold, as well as other health and safety
  • Rant: Drivers Who Follow Too Close, The Butt Riders 2014-03-16T16:55:00.000-05:00
    I have been driving for forty years, not bragging just a fact. In that time, there have been several discussions with other drivers about annoyances and aggravations when driving.  I have yet to find anyone who likes someone riding on his or her butt while going down the highway, in fact, everybody absolutely hates it. That begs the question, if everyone hates it when other drivers ride butt the

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