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Six Web Designer Interview Questions You Should Ask

Feb 6th 2019 at 10:19 PM

A company website is one of the important promotional tools to promote products and services. Moreover, choosing a right web designer is critical for a successful website. CSS is one of the important programming languages used in web designing. So here are some top web designer interview questions that will test candidates for CSS knowledge and expertise.

What Are the Merits and Demerits of Using External Style Sheets?

The benefits of using external style sheets are:

·  You can control the style of many documents from the site

·  Multiple HTML elements can have several documents where the classes are created

·  You can use selector and grouping methods to group styles in complex situations

The demerits of using external style sheets are:

·  You need to download additional documents that have style information

·  The external style sheet should be loaded to render the document.

·  It does not work well with small style definitions.

In How Many Ways You Can Integrate CSS into Webpage?

It is one of the basic web designer interview questions, and the right answer is three ways which include:

1.  Inline - uses the style attribute in HTML elements.

2.  Internal – uses a <style> element in the <head> section

3.  External – uses an external CSS file

Define CSS Box Model and Its Components?

The CSS Box model is used to define the layout and design elements of CSS. Some of its elements are:

·  Margin- used to define transparent area out of the border

·  Border- used to show content and padding option with a border

·  Padding – it is transparent and refers to space around content

·  Content – a box where images and text appear

What Are Pseudo elements?

It is one of the important web designer interview questions. The answer is- Pseudo elements refer to the keyword added to the selector which allows specifying a special state to an element. For example, you can use hover to change the color of the button when the mouse hovers over it.

Why Do You Use Z-Index?

The Z-index is used to define the stack order of positioned elements that are likely to overlap one another. The default value of z-index is zero, and you can assign any positive or negative number to it. An element with a higher z-index value will always be stacked above element which has a lower index value.

What Are the Advantages of CSS Sprites?

An image sprite refers to a collection of several images into one image. A webpage with several images can take time to load as multiple server requests need to be made. Using CSS sprites reduces the server requests and page loading time.

There is no doubt CSS is an integral part of website development. The web designer interview questions in this article test the candidate for deeper knowledge of CSS which is necessary to build a good and functional website.

Do you know any other questions for web designer interviews? Please feel free to comment.


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