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GLASS HOUSE: Job Transparency vs. Self-virtual from Home

Feb 26th 2011 at 5:49 AM


Each week visiting several beta starter and killer applications review sites, I get a imaginative and lengthy verbal kick start from my dopamine uptake inhibitors and anti-depressants...NO SERIOUSLY this may be a really important website.

THINK of the virtual social network meets letting insiders create a virtual web architecture of the career compass, employment levels and nature of working environtment.

JUST GET TO IT and visit here: - a online glimpse into job sites; 'glass houses' and skip the rest of my posting.


------------------------ MY KEEN EYE for the ENTREPRENEAURIAL GUY -------------------------

glass houses

[enthusiastic first share encouraging a brand to sign on with despite my poor example of a 'transparent' work culture.] 2-25-2011

Wesley M. aka tikitoon Webcam SOCIAL X at

Hello Oliver aka logoit has been five months since chatting and i have not been along for the ride at but struggled with single and individual disconnects recently from the internet. SINCE joining the world of high speed at&t UVerse and paying now, rather than coasting on free wifi for past 3 years, it seems time to give back.

My best way of serving this order online to 'give back' as my eyes enjoy research at 4 or 5 new beta/startup/killer application archive websites is to 'roll over' some of the best to you.

THE link below, features complete 'bullshit' in my analogue and entry as a single-employed self-made business but it walked me through the process filling in the applications on site. IT behooves me to better understand the purpose and process and the 'chatter' about this site is HUGE online. IT is not really fitting to my bio there because it's purpose; to showcase and highlight and open the field of productions houses to scrutiny of the 'social network' billions searching for a 'house of bits' to call a job, workplace and culture is just that... transparency is in the site's motto.

Glass houses .... behooves any stone thrown! :0 let me know if you get launched on the site.

All the artwork or photos in my description are original images made by me but mislead because I show no 'workplace culture' other then the work illustrations suggest a 'virtual space' around some of my ideas online.

I am going to follow this message with another link to a legitimate online business that has placed its name in the register there called Flock, the Social Browser from Menlo Park and Redwood City, Ca aka Silicon Valley. It's use of the applications q&a and given information sets a great example as does there products which have been beta tested by me for years past. I also have created logo artwork that is featured in the link's photo albums. You can't miss the work but simply look for the 'cartoonish' sci fi flock, chocolate flock bar and third, not least, flock 'beach volleyball'. These are my three original illustrations from their contest years previous generating 'flockart by flockstars'.


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