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Facebook Zen: Path to a Webcam SOCIAL

Dec 28th 2010 at 1:20 PM

Rod Serling's the Twilight Zone"Submitted for your consideration..." narrator Rod Serling, 'The tWiLiGht ZoNe'

PRIMA FACIE means "face the world"

REVIEW includes a Facebook application that is a website where you can design a path and be the web guide for anything online that strikes your fancy. Rather, you may pass on becoming a game board master or zen guru and just meditatively, and with an open mind, follow the cues and take the path. It has an ability, if you finish a path and receive your token badge for the facebook wall, to glimpse the game designer's interior motivations and player intentions too.


Banner: My Webcam SOCIAL

I invite you to walk my 'webcam social' path

VISIT THERE just read and click banner

- the game path requires some investment so the first recommendation is bookmarking the host site and the game page.

Read about constructing a game path or walking a path ... or both. THEN close the tab and walk away for a day.

Return with intent to visit and invest the first mileage reading the introduction and background of the ='webcam social' path. A bit of a repeat as path author and guide, me, relates my interest, investment and statement of purpose.

You take the path you receive:

  • a banner logo or 'flag' for your journey
  • a creature revealed as your mascot
  • a test to follow the mascot and ensure you are on a mission
  • a spin at the Wheel of Fortune - a text-only chat roulette (no webcam needed)
  • with luck, a new camarade on Facebook or two or more...
  • a reward for journaling your path is a package of free licensed webcam software
  • a complete make-over including hair, lighting, make-up and preparation for your close-up in webcam chat roulette
  • a stern warning and advice about safeguard and moderating the visual anonymity
  • enter the arena, the 'gladiator's dome' of live, streamed and broadcast webcam chat roulette times three
  • Complete all the steps and the journey and you will receive your badge.

As a blogger and social network tramp, it is always emphasized in my bios or 'about me's that my alias is "webcamsocial" on twitter.

See s'pose it's a mission to bring masses safely through the past years grunge and gauntlet of chat rooms, chat roulettes that feature webcam use blatantly. I guess it does me no good explaining to you the 'culture shock' that may be reserved from anonymous and random webcams opening a broadcast stream in your browser.

So, I bear the burden of being interested in this as well as journeying the blogging route of fishing the best applications, websites, personal messengers, mobile apps and more that offer a modicum of moderation and maybe excel in the new social arena as entertainment value.

The social capital I have received in two years are the nearly 1000 daily online 'lights' or status messages next to active persons who have engaged me and exchanged good conversation, good presence and great visual stimulations sometimes too. Does not bode me well not to admit "I give good face" too.

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