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Apr 16th 2019 at 11:12 PM




Technology is boosting our life more quickly and simpler than ever prior to. For anyone who is searching for finest restaurant in your area, no should search a human guide, all in just a fingertip away. All you will need to complete is Google it! That is just quick appropriate! Get additional information about Search engine with no Ads


Increasing web development and mobile technology bringing finest out of huge companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple are possessing their very own browser and search engines for their customers. Which can be a one solution to keep the users and earn from their advertisers.


Inside the last year, Google’s ad sales rose 20% to $32.6 billion in Q4 2018 from a year earlier, assisting to drive parent company Alphabet’s revenue by 22% to $39.3 billion.


And properly know social media giant Facebook reported advertising revenue at $16.6 billion for the final quarter of last year, up 30 percent year-over-year.


These are some examples that how a user be tricked, monitored and tracked to buy something they don’t will need. Online Advertisement market is a large one and a few of us working to streamline and present the content material that users need.


Why Do we Have to have Search Engine with No Ad?

Internet is filled with noise, and helping user to find the ideal info is often a core functionality of any great Search Engine. With great attributes like ad free and relevant info, is actually a futuristic search engine for anybody. could be the world’s only web Search Engine with No Ads! Meekd has turn out to be MENA region’s new fast-growing tool used by internet customers as an open web search engine that ‘does not track’ you and will not mix Advertisements with search benefits. You will find no paid-for final results or sponsored content material in the result listing. The group, mostly, is primarily based in Dubai and comprises of Expat and Regional talent.


There is certainly no restriction in getting relevant search with wonderful privacy protection.


Benefit of Ad free Internet:

With turn of events within the current Facebook data promoting scandal, Europe’s GDPR law are displaying the globe that none of us are protected and our privacy is money for these companies. So people are seeking out for anything much better and enable them to shield their identity. Platforms like Blockchain and cryptography is around the rise, the advantage of ad free networks are extra favorable than ever.


1. Free from noise


Users can search what they have to have and move on, in place of displaying the noisy ads that results in unnecessary path. So meekd has the appropriate platform for all users to utilize without the need of any noise.


2. A lot more Relevancy


Breaking the ad clutters, show the path to much more accurate info for users. Each and every search they do will get them the relevant data they need. It can save their time and effort.


3. Privacy


With out advertisers in the platform, customers will need to not be concerned about becoming tracked by the advertisers around the internet. Web 3.0 is heading over to User control more than their data and no need to worry about privacy concern.


The mission of is always to make online search easier and safer for everyone, whilst making certain that sponsored outcomes & paid-content are not prioritized and are not ranked above real organic search benefits. is the world’s only web Search Engine with No Advertisements! By invoking a model that does not depend upon paid search outcomes, meekd eliminates the want for tracking customers.


So, next time you type each and every word around the search box, think your behavioural pattern is registered with these high end tech companies and they sell your data for lot of money. It’s not simple to come out of their community, but new things takes time to grow and adapt. So be ready for the future of searching with no ads.

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