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Search Engine refers to an enormous database of internet resources including web pages, newsgroups, applications, images and so forth. It assists to locate information and facts on Globe Wide Web. Get more information about Search engine with no Ads


User can look for any information by passing query in type of keywords and phrases or phrase. It then searches for relevant info in its database and return to the user.


Search Engine Elements

Normally you will find three simple elements of a search engine as listed below:


Web Crawler




Search Interfaces


Web crawler

It is actually also known as spider or bots. It is actually a software element that traverses the web to collect details.



All the info on the web is stored in database. It consists of massive web resources.


Search Interfaces

This component is an interface among user plus the database. It aids the user to search via the database.


Search Engine Operating

Web crawler, database as well as the search interface will be the significant element of a search engine that in fact tends to make search engine to function. Search engines make use of Boolean expression AND, OR, Not to restrict and widen the results of a search. Following would be the actions which can be performed by the search engine:


The search engine looks for the keyword inside the index for predefined database instead of going directly for the web to look for the keyword.


It then uses software to search for the information in the database. This software element is known as web crawler.


Once web crawler finds the pages, the search engine then shows the relevant web pages consequently. These retrieved web pages commonly include title of web page, size of text portion, first a number of sentences and so on.


These search criteria may perhaps vary from one search engine for the other. The retrieved info is ranked in line with several aspects for example frequency of keyword phrases, relevancy of details, hyperlinks and so forth.

User can click on any of the search final results to open it.



The search engine architecture comprises of the 3 fundamental layers listed beneath:


Content collection and refinement.


Search core


User and application interfaces


Search Engine Processing

Indexing Approach

Indexing method comprises from the following three tasks:


Text acquisition


Text transformation


Index creation



It identifies and retailers documents for indexing.



It transforms document into index terms or functions.



It takes index terms developed by text transformations and generate data structures to suport speedy searching.


Query Course of action

Query procedure comprises from the following 3 tasks:


User interaction







It supporst creation and refinement of user query and displays the outcomes.



It uses query and indexes to create ranked list of documents.



It monitors and measures the effectiveness and efficiency. It's performed offline.

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