How to receive a residence permit in Russia?

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Beneath you will find a description of your process to apply to get a permanent residence permit together having a list with the documents required for such application. The application procedure consists of 2 stages. Get extra information about внж в россии


Stage 1. Temporary residence permit (TRP)


If a foreign citizen is married to a citizen from the Russian Federation with permanent residence in the Russian Federation, no quota for TRP is essential;


TRPs are valid for 3 years and can't be renewed;


The Federal Migration Service (FMS) troubles TRPs within 6 months of the date of filing TRP applications;


Foreign citizens will have to submit in individual the documents needed to apply to get a TRP. These essential documents have to be filed together with the local office of your FMS of Russia in the location of alleged residence or with all the diplomatic representation or consular institution of the Russian Federation inside the country of residence.


Documents for temporary residence permit in Russia:


1. Application for temporary residence permit (Appendix No. 3 to Administrative Regulations authorized by FMS Order No. 214 dated April 22, 2013) - in 2 originals;


2. Two images in black and white or colour (size 35 x 45 mm);


3. A passport (identification document);


4. A document issued by a competent authority inside the nation of habitual residence certifying that the applicant has no criminal record. This document must be issued in the latest 3 months prior to submission of your application for TRP;


5. Residence permit or other document issued by a competent authority inside the applicant’s country of origin confirming that the applicant will not live in his/her country of nationality;


6. Medical certificates:


- A document issued by a competent authority within the applicant’s country of origin or by a health body inside the Russian Federation confirming the absence of disease, drug addiction and infectious diseases which could constitute a danger to other individuals as specified in the list authorized by Decree No. 384? of your Russian Ministry of Health dated June 29, 2015.


- Certificate confirming that the applicant has no disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).


7. Documents certifying the applicant’s knowledge with the Russian language, Russian history and standard principles of Russian legislation, in specific, a certificate of proficiency in Russian, knowledge of Russian history and standard principles of Russian legislation; a document certifying education level (not decrease than standard general education) issued by an educational institution on the territory of a state which was part from the USSR ahead of September 01, 1991; a document certifying education level and/or qualification issued to people who successfully passed final attestation within the Russian Federation right after September 01, 1991.


Such documents are certainly not necessary if applicants are males more than the age of sixty-five or ladies over the age of sixty, as well as participants in state programs and their family members.


8. Foreign nationals to whom a permit could be issued devoid of quota really should submit supporting documents. (these married to a Russian citizen with location of residence within the Russian Federation should really supply a marriage certificate and also the passport of the spouse, Russian citizen).


9. The state duty for TRP processing is 1,600 rubles.


Foreign documents has to be legalized and notarized, and if documents are in a foreign language, they should be submitted with their notarized translation. Copies of all documents are also essential.


Foreign nationals residing temporarily in the Russian Federation have to register at their spot of residence and at their spot of stay (immigration registration).


Every year within 2 months of the date of receipt of their TRP, foreign citizens ought to submit to their local FMS office a notice to confirm their residence within the Russian Federation, and they should use the notice form approved by Russian Government Decree No. 21 dated January 17, 2007 to accomplish so. An income certificate, a copy of tax return or other documents confirming the foreign citizen’s quantity and source of income for the year following the date of receipt of TRP must be submitted collectively with the notice.


A foreign citizen temporarily residing in the Russian Federation around the basis of a TRP may well on his/her own neither transform his/her location of residence in the Russian Federation to a spot of residence different from that specified in his/her TRP, nor choose a spot of residence outside the constituent of the Russian Federation specified in his/her TRP.


Stage 2. Permanent residence permit (PRP)


Applications for PRP might be filed when:


a short-term residence permit was received more than 6 months before application;


the temporary residence permit continues to be valid for greater than 6 months.


PRPs are valid for 5 years.


The FMS issues PRP inside 6 months from the date of filing applications for PRP.


PRPs may be renewed for 5 years with no no limit around the number of renewal times.


Applications for PRP and application for extension of their term ought to be filed together with the local office f the FMS of Russia.


Foreign citizens applying to get a PRP need to first have resided in Russia for at least 1 year on the basis of a TRP.

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