Healing Starts around the Soul Level

Apr 17th 2019 at 4:07 AM


We all have healing concerns, regardless if they may be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or possibly a myriad of problems.


Coping with these difficulties is a main purpose we chose to reenter the earth's plane and reincarnate. It truly is the only dimension exactly where we can settle difficulties from the previous. Get far more details about Energy healer birmingham


Our problems may be solved on other levels of existence, but it is a lengthy and time consuming method, the most beneficial and quickest approach to ultimately solve our challenges is usually to face up to them around the physical plane.


Jesus when said, "You have to be born again." In my opinion what that really means is that we have to comprehend and face our challenges while within a physical body by connecting with our God Source whilst living and walking on planet earth.


Many occasions, and rightfully so, we seek healing together with the aid of other folks. We seek advice from physicians and a lot of other specialists inside the medical field. Whilst this really is all effectively and excellent in addition to a sensible path to follow, they cannot heal us unless we would like to be healed. No volume of the medicine in the world will remedy our ills if we resist, and by the identical token, if we genuinely need to become healed, we will need no medicine.


The body will heal itself if given the correct nutrition and guidance from the soul. The trick is to discover that guidance.


Healing begins on the soul level.


The body is usually a mirror of the soul, it only follows directions it receives in the Super Conscious, or our Christ Consciousness.


Our physique is definitely an specialist on following directions, it usually does what it is told to do by our subconscious.


When we go inside and heal our spiritual wounds, what ever they may be the physique is healed, when we resort to drugs or other approaches, we are on operating around the symptoms, and not the disease.


Regretfully, it could be slightly extra challenging than that, our minds have been ingrained with false teachings for so lengthy, it's often difficult to alter the patterns we have developed over numerous lifetimes.


It can be a function in process, when the subconscious wounds are healed, the physical becoming feels the relief also.


To obtain around the path of healing, we have to have to increase our awareness and vibration and align ourselves using the larger levels of our consciousness through meditation and contemplation. It truly is only then we'll see a permanent healing with no return of the symptoms.


There is certainly no quick way out, there is no pill which will permanently heal us, no medicine will heal the wounds of our soul, only we can do that.


The rewards are quite a few, and properly worth the time and work.

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