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What is Dexedrine?


Dexedrine is often a stimulant used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in young children and adults and narcolepsy. Stimulants influence the components in the brain and central nervous system that control hyperactivity and impulses. Get more details about buy dexedrine online without prescription


Is there a generic version of Dexedrine readily available?


Yes, the generic version of Dexedrine is called dextroamphetamine and is readily available for acquire and could possibly be less expensive than purchasing the brand name drug.


When did the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration (FDA) approve Dexedrine


Dexedrine was initial authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1976.


Are there any main differences involving Dexedrine and other stimulants used to treat ADHD?


You will find plenty of similarities amongst central nervous systems stimulants used to treat ADHD. They may be all habit-forming and classified as Schedule II controlled substances. Consequently, if you have a history of substance use troubles, you must talk to your doctor about this just before taking either medication. The main distinction is the distinct release formats of the drugs. Some drugs are available in instant release, whereas other people are available in extended release. Talk to your doctor about other medical situations you've got and they will assist you to make an informed option.


Can young children take Dexedrine?


Children over the age of 6 could be prescribed Dexedrine for ADHD. They should take the medication inside the exact amount prescribed by their doctor. It’s also crucial to tell your child’s doctor about other medication complications or previous substance use history and to monitor their growth when on the medication.


Are there prospective interaction difficulties for people taking Dexedrine and any other drugs?


Do not take Dexedrine in the event you have taken an MAO inhibitor in the past two weeks, as a dangerous interaction effect could take place. You can find also hundreds of drugs that are identified to interact with Dexedrine in main, moderate, or mild techniques, so let your doctor know what other drugs you might be taking before you begin taking the medication.


Are there any other medical situations that would make a person ineligible for Dexedrine therapy?


You need to not take Dexedrine for those who have heart disease or other heart troubles, hypertension, glaucoma, intense agitation, or hyperthyroidism. In the event you possess a history of substance use problems or mental illness, talk for your doctor about the risks.


What is the common dose that would be prescribed to a person taking Dexedrine?


For sufferers ages 6 and over, the starting dosage is usually 5 mg once or twice per day. The maximum suggested every day dosage is 40 mg.


How long does Dexedrine operate?


Dexedrine Spansule capsules are the extended release type and are only taken once a day. Dexedrine tablets can final from 4-6 hours and are taken 2-3 times each day.


What do I do if I miss a dose?


Take the dose of Dexedrine when you try to remember, but skip the missed dose if it is actually already or practically evening, because it can cause difficulties with sleeping. You should never ever take additional doses from the medication to make up for missed doses.


What are Dexedrine’s popular negative effects?


Common side effects of Dexedrine can involve:



upset stomach

decreased appetite



fat reduction


dry mouth.


Children who take Dexedrine in some cases could experience a temporary slowing in their price of growth. Should you experience main negative effects, report them to your doctor promptly and stop using the medication. Significant side effects can include things like seizures, blurred vision, hypertension, and stroke.


Are there any possible psychiatric side effects that come from taking Dexedrine?


Dexedrine may also cause or worsen symptoms of mental illness, such as psychosis and mania, and it might increase aggressive behavior among kids or teens.


Is it safe to get a woman who's pregnant, about to develop into pregnant, or nursing to take Dexedrine?


There have already been no controlled human pregnancy research around the effects of Dexedrine, but there is certainly a heightened risk of premature birth and reduce weight at birth for babies of mothers who're dependent on amphetamines. Amphetamines can be transferred via breast milk in tiny amounts and harm a infant. As a result, speak for your doctor in case you are pregnant, arranging to turn out to be pregnant, or are nursing before you take Dexedrine.


Can symptoms take place if Dexedrine is discontinued?


Withdrawal symptoms of Dexedrine can also include things like depressed mood, intense fatigue, irritability, hunger, seizures, aggressive outbursts, and confusion. Symptoms are from time to time experienced within each day of discontinuing the medication. Maintain contact along with your doctor and seek medical attention if important when discontinuing the drug.


What must I do if I overdose on Dexedrine?


An overdose of Dexedrine may be fatal, so seek instant support or get in touch with the Poison Assist Line at 1-800-222-1222 should you overdose. Overdose symptoms can incorporate nausea, vomiting, headache, fast breathing or heart rate, higher blood pressure, seizures, and extreme mood swings.


Is Dexedrine habit-forming?


Dexedrine can be a Schedule II controlled substance and can be habit-forming, as users may well develop a tolerance to the drug over time. Ensure which you keep track from the medication and by no means take more than prescribed. It truly is illegal to provide or sell the medication to other folks. Speak for your doctor in the event you possess a past history of substance dependence ahead of you commence taking the medication.


Sixty tablets of 5 mg of dextroamphetamine range from $30 to $100.


Are there any disadvantages to Dexedrine?


The largest disadvantage of Dexedrine is the fact that it is actually extremely habit-forming. The drug is regularly abused as a “study drug” for school overall performance amongst college students, and it is also abused for fat reduction. In case you possess a history of abusing substances or possess a history of substance use within your family, then the drug may not be proper for you. Also, the common side effects may well outweigh the benefits.

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