A PoE Atlas Guide to Decrease Feeling Overwhelmed in the End-Game

Apr 10th 2019 at 11:55 PM




As a newer player in Path of Exile, you will likely be overwhelmed by the Atlas. I know I was, and I know really few who weren't. The Atlas is larger than the whole story that you run to get to it and features a lot more possibilities. It can also cost you dearly in the event you decide to modify your tactic halfway by means of setting it up. In order to prevent that, we’ve written up a PoE Atlas Guide for you! Get much more information about poe complete atlas


What is the Atlas?

The Atlas would be the end-game of Path of Exile. When you finish the story you will be told to go more than towards the Templar Laboratory (ideal side of Oriath) and talk to Zana. By now you should have a handful of maps because they commence dropping in late act eight, but either way, Zana will provide you with an choice in the 4 tier-one maps to take to begin your journey.


The Atlas is entirely comprised of ‘maps’. Maps in PoE are not just an concept or what we call the endgame zones, they may be physical entities that take up a location in your inventory. You find maps when exploring, and to be able to run that map you put it in the map device along with the map is consumed to supply six portals to that area. Maps vary from tier one all of the approach to tier sixteen, and in lots of circumstances, maps is usually a few of the most highly-priced products in the game, for particularly higher tiers.


How do I get maps?

Maps are acquired in two ways. Initial, by simply playing the game, maps will drop from the monsters you kill. Second, each and every time you level up Zana or do her each day mission she will offer you a selection of maps you are able to obtain - terrific for filling o234ut some maps you missed.


So as to get greater tier maps, you might have to go about it one of two approaches. First, any time you are running a map there’s a likelihood for any monster inside that map to drop one more map. This map is usually the tier you will be operating, any tier below, or up to one tier higher. The boss can drop up to two tiers greater, so long as you've got the map unlocked. So if you’re operating a tier three map, any monster around the map can drop maps that are tiers one to four, together with the boss having the possibility of dropping a tier 5 map.


The only maps that may drop, on the other hand, are ones that you just have unlocked in your Atlas already by operating them and defeating the boss, or ones which are directly connected towards the map you happen to be operating on the Atlas. To begin from the really beginning, this suggests that any time you run your pretty first tier-one map (let’s say you chose Graveyard), the only feasible map drops will probably be tier ones plus the tier twos which might be physically connected to your map around the Atlas (within this case that could be Marshes). Within this way, you'll be able to focus on a specific map to seek out, but you'll be able to also get caught within a trap where all your maps are only in one corner on the Atlas.


The other method to get maps is always to sell maps towards the vendor. Selling three with the exact same map for the vendor will give you a map one tier greater. This is a wonderful solution to progress your atlas, especially in the event you are only missing several maps right here and there. You will discover some maps that can't be acquired this way, but they are few and far in between.


What tactic really should I use to finish my Atlas?

There are actually two main strategies that players commonly pick to shape their atlas. One, full every little thing. This can be relatively straightforward and will present you access to the most content material. Two, ‘shape’ your atlas by only finishing a number of maps. This can be optimal for experience, but limit you to only operating some maps.


Complete Every thing

As the name implies, this strategy is quite straightforward. Just run maps as you get them and progress by way of your Atlas. Purchase maps you’re missing and just maintain plowing through. Due to the fact you’re completing each map you ought to rack up a higher Atlas bonus pretty immediately, that will permit you to get a lot more maps. This strategy is fantastic for the particular person who just wants to casually push and have exciting or the particular person who wants to obtain towards the guardian bosses at the finish of the Atlas. While this method can leave you operating many maps you don’t love, it’s still the technique I'd suggest for newer players, due to the fact it lets you see probably the most content material and appreciate the game for what it's.


Shaped Method

The other approach relies on you only completing a handful with the top rated tier of maps. As an alternative to finishing everything, we do all the maps from tier one to tier nine, then quit. By this point, you can have skilled Shaper Orbs, which allow you to upgrade a map by five tiers. This approach revolves around focusing on just finding the Shaper Orbs from tier five to ten, then removing the maps you ran to acquire the Shaper Orbs (a map is often removed with an item attained by promoting 3 Sextants with the colour of a map you wish to eliminate and one Scour to a vendor). After you might have your Shaper Orbs from tier five to ten, and no maps tier ten or greater completed, you will be fantastic to go.


Select maps you love from tiers five to ten, and upgrade them in your atlas using the Shaper Orbs. Now you are going to have a ‘shaped’ map as your only maps from tiers ten to fifteen. Then just start operating them, and by no means quit. The cause this is so potent is that these maps are technically not connected to any other maps of a equivalent tier. So when you’re running a shaped tier eleven map, and it goes to provide you a higher tier map, it's going to try and target one that's connected to the map you’re running, recognize there are no connected maps, and just give you one of one's other Shaped maps. This technique is great for optimizing experience, as it is possible to run fantastic layout maps over and over again indefinitely.


Each approaches are totally viable, but if you consider you wish to try a Shaped technique, DO THAT ONE Initial!! When you complete all the things and after that would like to switch to a Shaped strategy, it will expense you tens of dozens of red sextants, which might be incredibly highly-priced. Should you do the Shaped tactic initially and make a decision you don’t like it, no massive deal, just full all the things.

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