10 Guidelines for Playing Merge Dragons!

Feb 2nd 2020 at 11:54 PM

Merge Dragons! is usually a mobile game for Android and iOS devices that takes you to a magical land with dragons, mystical products and evil "Zomblins," which you are able to defeat in order to reclaim the land. You'll be able to reclaim land by matching (or merging) factors in groups of 3. The game is element match-3, part puzzle, and aspect collecting/city-building, as you also have a base camp where you may collect dragons and other things, upgrade them, and plan out your land. Get additional facts about

Even though the gameplay is quite simplistic initially glance, there is a lot which will be overlooked if you are not aware. Here's 10 tips to allow you to possess the most effective experience playing Merge Dragons!

1. Merge Anything!

Pretty much anything inside the game can be merged; from dragons, coins and gems, down for the stars you win soon after beating a objective within a level. Merging often leads to a greater score/grander outcome, so merge almost everything you could within the game to find out what it is possible to discover and collect!

2. Merge 5 As opposed to 3

Speaking of merging, did you understand that you just can merge things in clusters of 5, as an alternative to just clusters of 3? Merging 5 objects collectively leads to double the output; i.e. if you merge 5 clovers, you are going to get 2 life flowers, as an alternative to merging 3 clovers to have 1. It's generally best to save your things to get a 5-way merge, when you can.

3. Save Your Merges

When you're playing around the home camp, attempt your best to organise points so you can merge them later. Group your objects together, but far sufficient apart to ensure that you will not accidentally merge them, and (as described above), save your objects till you may have enough of them to create a 5-way merge!

4. Farm Bricks by Harvesting Rocks

Bricks are very handy inside the game- this currency can be used to buy chests, which contain a lot more useful objects for the camp, and buildings, which permit you to hold a lot more dragons (and enable them sleep faster), hold additional coins, or more bricks. To be able to get the most quantity of bricks immediately, drop your dragons on any rocks within the game to harvest.

Then, just like all the things else, continue to merge the bricks by 5. You are able to end up with highly effective brick stones, which will give you up to 25,000 bricks upon tapping!

5. Farm Coins by Harvesting Fruit

Substantially like the stones within the game, coins may be gained by harvesting fruit trees. Coins are used to get additional dragons and buildings. Any time you drag a dragon onto a fruit tree, they will retrieve a piece of fruit (pears, bananas, grapes, raspberries, etc.).

Merge 5 pieces of fruit and you are going to obtain a random amount of tiny magic coins (worth 1 coin) and/or a bronze coin (worth 4 coins). Once more, merge these coins to bring about the Magic Gem of Life- worth 25k coins.

6. Commit All Bricks and Coins Ahead of Playing a Level

While you are on your camp, you'll be able to go over your threshold for coins and bricks (for instance, in case you only have 300 brick storage and obtain 350 worth of brick the remaining brick will fall onto a pile somewhere within your camp for you to collect later). Even so, if you're outdoors with the camp, in one from the levels, any access coins or bricks can not be collected and can essentially be wasted.

As you get to greater levels inside the game, you'll be able to genuinely obtain lots of bricks and coins by merging and harvesting products, so don't waste them by possessing a complete storage. Ensure you get some dragon eggs, chests, or buildings just before you leave camp, so you may maximum your collection prospective in the levels!

7. Play Levels to Acquire Additional Coins/Bricks

This goes in addition to the final tip, but you may farm coins and bricks at the same time by playing levels with a lot of fruit trees or stones. You could farm coins in Totem Shire 2 and stone in Quarry 8, or any other level with an adequate amount of space to harvest numerous coins/bricks then merge.

8. Replay Levels for More Prizes

You might not have noticed, but should you replay levels, it is possible to win a lot more prizes! Some of the starting levels are super easy to perform, only demand 1 chalice of stamina, and may provide you with uncommon rewards like a egg nests (not to mention any coins or bricks you might gather as well!).

9. Redirect Your Dragons around the Camp

When your dragons wake up, they may possess a thoughts of their own and start harvesting your lowest-level items. Simply drag them to what you would like them to harvest, or tap on them to obtain them cease harvesting. Don't let them waste their energy harvesting one thing you don't need to have them to harvest!

10. Save Your Dragon Gems!

It might be tempting to work with them for stamina or to wake up dragons, but save the purple gems. They could be used for a lot of factors later on inside the game, and you'll want as several as you could have. Resist using them, and save them for the larger Dragon Chests, which include uncommon rewards.

11. Take Dragon Stars Back to Camp

When you are playing a level and get a purple Dragon Star, never tap it! Alternatively, finish the level and bring it back to Camp with you, exactly where you may save it to merge with other Dragon Stars. Merge 3-5 of them, and you'll get a Magnificent Dragon Star, which you'll be able to tap 10-12 times for Dragon gems!

12. Sell Some Dragon Chests for Coins

Several of the Dragon Chests aren't worth spending your diamonds on- namely the Dragon Egg Chest, the Radiant Egg Chest, or the Dragon Nest Vault. Even though you could assume it is tempting to open these shiny chests- don't use up a huge amount of gems to open them, as the rewards will only be factors like eggs and little objects which you are able to acquire using coins and bricks (that are far much easier to acquire than the Dragon Gems).

It is possible to also sell the Dragon Chests and get a decent quantity of coins (anyplace from 40 to one hundred coins)!

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