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  • Embracing the Antinomies
    It should be clear that one of the key conflicts in these debates about anarchy and democracy is a struggle over the nature of anarchism. And it is probably safe to say that nearly all anarchists wrestle with the difficulties of defining that term.
  • Response to Goodman
    Nathan Goodman brings an interesting definition of “democracy” to the conversation — and one that I didn’t preemptively critique — openness. Seeking to bridge the oft-stated dichotomy of markets and democracy, Nathan cites Don Lavoie’s conception which essentially posits markets as the truest expression of democracy.
  • The Weekly Libertarian Leftist Review 171
    Jacob G. Hornberger discusses the “thank you for your service” cliche, Peter Maass discusses the movie War Machine, Ali Winston discusses how sanctuary cities can protect undocumented from ICE data mining, Jesse Franzblau discusses U.S. fueled drug war violence in Mexico, Lucy Steigerwald discusses why it doesn’t matter who controls the military, and more!
  • Fascists Invade Orlando; Anti-Fascists Strike Back
    June 10, 2017 marked the date of the national March Against Sharia, an event celebrating Islamophobic war propaganda while warning against the supposed looming threat of Sharia Law being implemented in America...but who's pushing for Sharia Law?
  • The “Cost Disease” is Really Just a Symptom
    At Slate Star Codex ("Considerations on Cost Disease," Feb. 9), Scott Alexander has a long, long, LONG article speculating on possible causes for the "cost disease -- that is, the escalating unit costs and prices in certain economic sectors relative to their outputs.
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