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  • Nessun Vero Consumo Etico (Individuale) nel Capitalismo
    Di Black Cat. Originale pubblicato il 17 luglio 2019 con il titolo There Really Is No Ethical (Individual) Consumption Under Capitalism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Questo articolo risponde in parte a questo e questo articolo. Gli anarchici, soprattutto gli anarco-comunisti, rispondendo a chi, per ragioni etiche, sprona ad un cambiamento delle abitudini consumistiche, amano ribattere...
  • Recensione: Il Manifesto Socialista
    Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato il 15 luglio 2019 con il titolo Review: The Socialist Manifesto. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Bhaskar Sunkara. The Socialist Manifesto: The Case For Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality (New York: Basic Books, 2019). Ho iniziato a leggere questo libro con un certo entusiasmo, pensando che mi sarebbe...
  • There Really Is No Ethical (Individual) Consumption Under Capitalism
    This piece is partially written as a rebuttal to “No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism” is a Thought-Stopping Cliche and Only Anarchists Are Pretty: An Anarchist Guide to Fashion.  Anarchists, particularly AnComs, are fond of saying that ‘there is no ethical consumption under capitalism’ in response to any and all calls to change our consumption choices...
  • Дикие карты
    В книге «Структура научных революций» (книга о великих добродетелях и крупнейших ошибках, но я не собираюсь сейчас вдаваться в них) Томас Кун описывает эксперимент, который, как мне кажется, имеет огромное значение для либертарианцев, особенно для левых либертарианцев: В психологическом эксперименте, значение которого заслуживает того, чтобы о нем знали и непсихологи, Дж. Брунер и Л. Постмен...
  • Review: The Socialist Manifesto
    I started this book with some eagerness, expecting to like it, because I’m fond of much of the analysis at Jacobin. The general flavor of the socialist model they promote fits well into the category of libertarian socialism — autonomism, postcapitalism, etc. — that I have an affinity for. And I did like a lot...
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