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How an Affordable Backpacker hostel can save you $1000?

Jan 14th 2020 at 6:11 AM

A Travel Enthusiast doesn’t necessarily have to be Mark Zuckerberg OR Jay-Z Rich in the order of Traveling or begin venturing on a Backpacking trip across the World

Oftentimes, we all find ourselves daydreaming, longing to live and similarly want to exist in a kind of world where you could just snap your fingers and find freedom from those daily basis troubles, worries, and responsibilities of our lives.

Furthermore, where you get to pack up a durable Trekking-Bag at any given point of time in your life and finally begin the adventure on a backpacking trip across the world or at some utterly desirable and long craved holiday destinations such as Alaska which embosoms with utmost sparkling beaches, astounding mountains, scenic hiking trails and the euphoric beauty of our Mother Nature.

Perhaps, that’s why the character “Christopher McCandless” in 2007 Hollywood movie Into The Wild ran away from his home and materialistic parents right after graduating from college and later on changes his name to Alexander Supertramp.

While it may seem a far-flung idea or an illogical statement to some of you. However, affordably traveling or backpacking across the world through spending a minimal budget or little money is unquestionably possible with the help of mindfully planning your travel expenses and choosing to stay at an Affordable backpacker hostel on $1000 a month instead of making bookings for a 5-Star resort or those same old expensive and facilitated hotel accommodations.

Yes!! Travel Costs Money….but Don’t let that thought crush your wish to travel the World

Many Adventuresome backpackers aren’t aware and moreover, realize the fact that “Travel can be affordable and they certainly don’t have to spend all of their life-savings on a backpacking vacation across the world”.

However, a lot of individuals do have a certain tendency to overspend at their expenses whilst taking a backpacking-trip at some exotic holiday destination. Majorly due to the purpose of treasuring an ample amount of likes on their Instagram posts and being a Helter-Skelter when offhandedly splurging money on their supplies, food, drinks, and accommodation reservations.

Moreover, a lot of people are under the assumption that “One has to be money-loaded and should possess a strong-budget while thinking about going to Eastern Europe or backpacking across the world” as the travel industry seems to be focused on and widely promoting the luxury travels.

See, you ought to realize the fact that traveling or backpacking across the world isn’t all about leisure and luxury. It’s about exploring the thrilling adventure, stepping outside of your comfort zone and getting familiar with the bizarre, strange yet enlightening cultures that exist in our world.

Here are some of the ways an affordable backpacker hostel can save you a lot of money

As mentioned above, opting for staying at a cost-effective and budget-friendly hostel accommodation which merely costs a $25 or $30 a day is way better an option than choosing to stay in a resort, hotel or at a vacation rental home.

Besides that, hostel accommodations also provide its visitors with a range of hostel rooms types, chilled-out backpacker atmosphere and common areas where you can randomly strike up a conversation with a complete stranger or maybe end up going hiking or tripping out with them.

Hostel Gets Real Cheap & Affordable on Peak Seasons
While planning your backpacking trip across your desired or long-craved destination, it’s crucially important to execute extensive and detailed research regarding the “off” and “Peak” seasons as it varies from places and countries to nations.

Also, hostels get real cheap and affordable during the peak seasons wherein you’ll certainly come across and get to mingle with a flocking amount of fellow backpackers.

Many Hostel Accommodations Provides Free-Breakfast Facility
A plethora of backpacker hostel accommodations does provide an appetizing and delicious free-breakfast facility where they serve french toasts, bacon, cereal, eggs to homemade pancakes.

It is certainly ideal for backpacking travelers who are looking forward to fill-up their bellies prior to beginning their hiking or sightseeing trip and further looking to save money on having breakfast at some local diner or budget-killing expensive restaurant.

Hostels also allow you to Work in the Exchange of Staying
It’s a common misconception that hostels were made for those young-bloods, crazy and broke college students who are backpacking in places like the Amsterdam of the Netherlands. However, that’s certainly not true because the shared-living and sense of community and generosity providing hostels surely welcome visitors belonging to all ages and groups.

If a backpacker tourist has fallen in love with a place and thinking about extending their stay. Then, you do have an option to stay at free of cost at a hostel in the exchange of working at the in-house bar, as a reception worker or a hostel cleaner.

By Choosing to Sleep in Bunk Beds Dorms
See, hostels allow a backpacker traveler to choose from an array of hostel rooms types in the order of staying and sleeping in. Some individuals would like to go for a private dorm, females only hostel dorms or a Thematic hostel dorm room.

However, the act of picking a Bunk-Beds hostel room type instead of a private dorm room is certainly ideal for the solo backpackers who are looking to find cheap and affordable accommodation to stay in and further looking forward to having loads of fun, meet new acquaintances and personalities.

By Cooking Your Own Meal At a Hostel Kitchen

Need a quick meal while staying at a hostel?

Well, venture to your common and shared hostel pantry or kitchen where you’ll surely going to find essentials and supplies to cook some speedy, zippy and quick meals.
However, if you didn’t find the required supplies for cooking then simply go to the proximate departmental store and buy the necessary groceries to take pleasure in a tempting and yummy pasta or a stir fry.

I hope, this blog was informative and helpful. Also, if you got any other info on making a backpacking trip affordable.

Kindly, let us know in the comments.

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