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3 of the easiest healthy life hacks you'll find

Feb 10th 2019 at 4:52 PM

It's a fast paced world. No doubt.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, amidst the chaos of keeping up with family, work and social commitments, our own personal health can drop to the bottom of the priority pile.

Logically, I think we know how ironic this is given that everything else we seem to prioritise over our own health inevitably suffers as we become lethargic, irritable and generally unwell - yet, many of us still seem to fall into this loop (myself included from time to time).

I need to state now - there is no silver bullet. There is no miracle cure. No one 'hack' or 'cheat code' will make sure you're always fighting fit - it's an accumlation of good decisions and smart choices over time that make this happen.

Small changes to daily habits and routines is the best way to walk the path to better health.

Below I've put 3 'add-ins' to my daily schedule that have hugely improved my well-being. Tried and tested by myself on a daily basis, I vouch for these with my own health & wellbeing (and hence have created one of them in my own business!) .

Again, nothing here is a magic cure, if you aren't making an effort to put yourself first on a daily basis by sleeping well, exercising, making good food chocies and tending to your mental health - you will always have a hard time. If you are looking after yourself and always looking for ways to improve further - I assure you that these are right up your alley.


1.) - Golden Latte Blend - Used in Aruyvedic culture and medicine for over 4000 years, 'curcumin' - the active ingredient in Golden Lattes (or Golden Milk / Turmeric Milk) - is the one of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory compounds known to man - read more about it here.

2.) - SuperFeast Mason's Mushroom Blend - A custom blend combining 8 of the worlds most powerful medicinal mushrooms, this is an incredible adaptogen designed to support all of the body's systems from immune response and detoxification processes through to energy production and hormonal balancing. Mixes brilliantly with your morning coffee. Find it here.

3.) - Hilbilby Black Label Fire Tonic - Adapted form an ancient Gypsy recipes, this amazing tincture is an incredible digetive stimulant and immune booster. Infused with 23 potent ingredients with a cultured and fermented Apple Cider Vinegar base, this is a great daily all natural support, particularly handy through Cold & Flu season. Find it here


Hope this helps on journey to feeling awesome! Get in touch with us at The Bircher Bar if you have questions or comments, or juts want to chat about your experience with improving your wellbeing!


Darcy - The Bircher Bar


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