Just What Is Tribal Marketing?

Just What Is Tribal Marketing?
There are so many different ways to advertise on the internet with several different marketing practices and most work without a hitch as far as signing up prospects for free but when it comes time to that member paying or upgrading…all bets are off.

Social marketing has come on like gangbusters in the recent years and although it sounds like something that has just now reached the marketing world, while in all actuality, social marketing has been around for decades maybe even centuries offline. Tribal Marketing is key to helping you brand yourself but even more than that, will help you and your team gain exposure as you are promoting your program or affiliate MLM

Why Is Tribal Marketing So Important In Your Advertising:

Social Marketing just hasn’t been practiced all that much because of the fears of coming out of the comfort zone that most people have. By comfort zone, I mean not having to talk to or meet or call on the phone your prospects. Not having to clear your voice or comb your hair to look or sound presentable. This is a fear that most people have a real problem getting over.

When people get into internet marketing just know that when you practice tribal marketing will be easy and will be the best way to earn some money to help out with the bills or take that family on a long overdue vacation. I sure thought that way over six years ago when I first got started! Well…by all rights it IS the best way to earn money…even big money or even get to retire. At any one point, there are over 60 million people online looking for a way to earn money online. Surprised? I sure was when I first heard that stat but as I got more and more into network marketing and first learned about Facebook and the huge opportunities it represents it was scary. Facebook has (as of the beginning of 2010) well over 350 million members and it has turned into the hub of frenzied, salivating marketers.

Tribal marketing is a new way to go after your future prospects, provided you are comfortable with showing yourself, your personality and overcoming the fear of branding yourself as a leader. People love leaders because they could just follow by example. Tribal marketing isn’t what it sounds like. You don’t come running out of the jungle spearing everyone you come across. You will definitely scare everyone away. Tribal marketing is a team of marketing professionals making comments, liking posts and just plain posting games, quotes, ideas and showing off your skills or likes and dislikes You are simply telling everyone that they can trust you as time goes on. The ratio of tribal marketing is very high…much higher than what would safelist, traffic exchange or and other type of marketing would be online. This is called self branding. You show everyone what you are all about and people will follow you from the examples you possess.

Tribal marketing in conjunction with Facebook is a win – win situation. There is a never ending supply of prospects available online…not just on Facebook but on Digg, Delicious, Twitter…you name it! There are literally thousands of social sites to brand yourself on. Just come out of your shell because if you don’t, you will never ever become successful online. People need to trust who they are dealing with. Online businesses are not much different than what it is offline in the corporate world as far as how you treat that business. Offline, you call your customers all the time and feel comfortable doing so. You have to be this way online too. Just because you are online and hidden from everyone doesn’t mean you can stay that way to be successful. The more exposure you give the more trust you will gain Want to see how Tribal marketing is done? Join our team and introduce yourself and get in the game of the very few that actually do make money HERE and add me as a friend. I look forward to seeing you and being tribal with you!
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