• What is TensorFlow? Brain Beyond the Eyes
    Well, Before getting into TensorFlow -we are here to find the maths and science in the build to TensorFlow.

    Definitely, it is not a technology just found in 21st century - on good perspective TensorFlow is a evolution progress of maths.

    Scalar - a Magnitude not direction.For example: Time,Distance,Energy. This might look very silly explaining it here.But, it defines our view of One Dimensional things in maths.

    Vector - has Magnitude and Direction. Example: Increase and Decrease of Temperature. Here the working becomes like a graph of 2 Dimensional representation.

    Since, Machine Learning or Deep Learning working with points of dimensions with respect to each data flowing through the process of decision making - it is easily related to Dimensions of graph and extracting the values out of graph will eventually make equations.

    Let's look at the 2D graph. For example we can get equation for each point but with the same corresponding quantity of speed(y) and Time(x).


    Just a equation can be converted into array by removing the co-efficient.

    1 1
    2 2

    This is represented as Array or Matrix - Matrix is the best form used inside Machine Learning or Deep Learning as it has mathematical calculations around it. But, with computational Language it is named as Array.

    Now, TensorFlow - A Multidimensional Array or Matrix that can be worked out inside a graph(Data Flow Environment)

    As we can see the world with 3 - Dimensions but cannot predict exactly as the happening of many things around us shows different perspectives.

    Deep Learning generally works with the pattern of brain as firing neurons and neurons create huge number of dimensions hence tensorflow is just more than our view from eyesight but not more than brain.

    Hence - Multidimensional data shows we live and work with more dimensions of life with data and TensorFlow helps in plotting new dimensional lifestyle.

  • This AI for Scene Scraping,creating Deep Fakes and More
    Ever Since the birth of data and computation, it has been like a technology of knife - it can be useful or destructive.

    Even though Artificial Intelligence is just math played on the dimensional space, sometimes the results look beyond the practical problems.

    Rendering an image on the scene

    But, here is a Deferred Neural Network, obviously neural networks takes on human brain working theory but the time to learn by human looks different and can never be down to machines.

    This network works with 1000 images data and learns to mimic at the core level of things as normally creating a fake work on layers, some deep learning methods limited to certain iteration but this one works like charm.

    The Novel View Point chooses the characteristic nature of pixels with the usage of it.

  • World's First Raspberry Harvester - Age of Robotics on Farming begins
    We could see the days are not longer as Machines taking over jobs of human or it can also be expressed as Human Intelligence on making a machine work for us keeps improving.

    The reminder of about 40 millions jobs could be replaced with machines inside 2030 would be an optimizable feature in human life.

    Agriculture have seen huge machines taking place inside field but the fact remains it needs better human brainy things to do the work.

    But, in UK a robot harvest 25,000 raspberries per day compared to human who can count upto 15000/eight hours according to Fieldwork Robotics as reported by The Guardian.

    The Efficiency look below par than human but since it could run 20 hrs a day is something to cheer about.

    The robot plucks the fruit with its gripping arm and gingerly deposits it into a waiting punnet. The whole process takes about a minute for a single berry.

    Since Seasonal workers in England have been reduced in number with respect to wages and also the problem Brexit is leading them to invest in robotics.

    The investments looks really gracefull and effective.the robot is guided by sensors and 3D cameras, its gripper zooms in on ripe fruit using machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence. When operating at full tilt, its developers say the robot’s gripper picks a raspberry in 10 seconds or less and drops it in a tray as reported on the Guardian technically.

  • Amazon Prime Air - Drone based Delivery coming in few months
    We all know Amazon has been working on the Drone project since 2013, the idea is to create a drone-based delivery system for its products.

    In Las Vegas, a presentation under the category of Robotics and Space Conference where Jeff Wilke - head of Amazon's Consumer Business spoke on their implementation of Drone for delivery at the range of 15miles as reported by Financial Times, weighing about 5 pounds(2.26 kg) will be dropped under 30 minutes.

    Actually, this idea changes the next phase of Amazon as 75% of goods under 5 pounds which are on sale under the company. Thus, the feasibility check does a huge gain for the brand.

    Even though, the idea will not feature directly to customer end, at least between amazon hub would be highly possible.

    Let's take a look at their Amazon air prime drone video here,

  • Getting Started with NodeMCU/Arduino Ide in Ubuntu

    By default, Arduino IDE doesn't support NodeMCU boards so for that we add the link inside Board Manager to packages.

    Now on reloading board Manager, we need to add esp8266 community library to use wifi option available in the NodeMCU and also adafruit library if need in future scope.

    change the board to NodeMCU

    The main problem is USB support inside IDE so for that we need to add the user account to admin privileges.

    command: sudo usermod -a -G dialout <username>

    after this command please log out and then log in.
  • Youtube starts restrictions under Guidelines of Posting a Content

    YouTube - a open source video community driven by creators, especially used to promote a content whether a song,tutorial,movie,news or products.

    But now the openess will be restricted as it as marketing threat over any group is highly rising and to tackle it Google updated the Community Guidelines as a justitication for descrimination against people on their age, gender, race, religion, caste, sexual orientation or veteran status.

    This step results in removal of all videos promoting Nazism and other discriminatory ideas across YouTube.

    In the recently concluded elections of India, where YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Marketing has taken part in some numbers and also there are number of channels promoting inflicting content and creating choas among the common people.

    And also there is recent down-time marked on YouTube on the northern american region which might also be a threat resolvation.

    In this prospect, YouTube - a Google Product has been under scanner regarding how to people started to lose trust of it.

    As fakers and advertising has taken a toll on YouTube's creative culture.In fact whole of Internet too is in their hands and becoming unpredictable in regard to the value of work.

    For example, Check your Trending in YouTube which might be a news,trailers or non-value commercial ads.

    These are the main reason for the take down by Google on restriction.Hope the Open minded and many value based contents being created in YouTube in the future prospect of Internet World.

  • World's First Digital Circuit Breaker - AtomPower
    Poor energy management results in 30,000 electrical risk accidents per year. Arc flash events can eliminate an entire building for weeks.

    credits:ATOM POWER

    Due to its ability to interrupt 100,000 amps with unprecedented speed, digital switches effectively eliminate these risks, resulting in "the safest, fastest, smartest system to date".

    Surprisingly, this idea is not new. Manufacturers have tried and failed to find a comparable solution, mainly because semiconductor technology was not sufficiently advanced until recently.

    In addition, many viewed the problem as a switch function problem rather than a comprehensive system design problem.

    Imagine the fuse box in your basement, each switch assigned to different electrical components of your home.

    These switches are designed to break a circuit and prevent overloaded cables on your wall from overheating and causing a fire. When this happens, he goes to his mechanical room and turns on the switches again.

    Now multiply that simple system in your home by skyscrapers and industrial buildings, which can have 250 circuit breakers on any floor, each from 15 to 4000 amps at higher voltages. At this scale, the limitations and dangers of a manually controlled energy system become much more evident and costly.

    The technology, invented by Atom Power, has been listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the global standard for consumer safety.

    This new switch facilitates energy management and is 3000 times faster than the fastest mechanical switch, marking one of the most radical advances in energy distribution since Thomas Edison, along with Nikola Tesla.

    Having overcome that 140-year hurdle, which involved complying with UL's stringent building and resistance requirements, Atom Power's next challenge is to reduce the thermal losses suffered by its digital switches to make them as efficient as their mechanical counterparts.

  • World's Lightest Solid - Aerogel
    Materials are part of our life. Here are a Solid - transfers low heat but the low weight.

  • If a service is free, then consumers are the product cost
    Admit it, we are not born with anything - but today we are under immense pressure if a mail, message, phone call or even without an electronic device.

    Social Media is the new weapon of making things out direct and indirect. Yes, if we have been rejected 20 years back we try to make ourselves better for next opportunity but today we are trolling the standard.

    Aren't we losing humanity and natural emotions? Definitely, the Nature of Human is largely changing with respect to the kind of information we possess.

    A trend of non-worthy things are becoming the order of the day - mentally we are getting screwed to make ourselves abnormal.

    Generally abnormal is a word for a patient but, to be frank, it is just a percentage game of more people support something will eventually turn out to be right at some level of people supporting it.

    Here comes the weapon of the modern age, Social media, and its people - a new era of patients

  • The Basics of Machine Learning (ebooks)
    We all in the hype of the AI world, but the reality is we are creating a world of Math and Science. It is as Simple as that.

    Yes, From Emotion to War field everywhere we apply math and check for feasibility for which we derive facts called Science.

    Now, in that prospect of understanding how this science is applied to Machines is the very raw side of Human life - a data life.

    For a better idea of getting it observed, here we have few books to take your life on Machine Learning.

    First, don't get weird of not knowing any programming languages, because understanding how something works is the most important then we can easily apply it by learning the syntax of languages.

    Try to read these books as a storybook, as it can help you realize more out of box things inside computations.

    • Basic of Linear Algebra for Machine Learning Discover the Mathematical Language of Data in Python
    • Master Machine Learning Algorithms Discover How They Work and Implement Them From Scratch
    • Machine Learning Mastery With Python Understand Your Data, Create Accurate Models and work Projects End-to-End
    • Machine Learning Mastery With R - Get Started, Build Accurate Models and Work Through Projects Step-by-Step
    • Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing Develop Deep Learning Models for Natural Language in Python
    • StatisticsMachineLearningPythonDraft
    • Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing
    • machine_learning_mastery_with_r_sample
    • machine_learning_mastery_with_weka_mini_course
    • machine_learning_mastery_with_weka_sample
    I will attach all these books down below,
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