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SVAKOM Mini-Emma VS. Hitachi Wand Massager

Jan 21st 2019 at 12:36 AM


Both are excellent products.


The Hitachi Wand Massager has been popular for the past 30 years. So it’s a classic in the sex toy world.


However, there are better (high quality) competitors on the market. And one is the SVAKOM wand vibrator.


So which one should you buy? We’ll answer that today.


Below, we’ll review both products. We’ll mention their pros/cons, and which one’s best for you!




Hitachi Magic Wand Massager Analysis.

As we mentioned, it’s a 30-Year old product. And it’s a classic that’s sold to this day…


And this is for a few reasons…



Inconspicuous Appearance.

The Hitachi Wand Massager doesn’t look like a sex toy. So you can feel safe not keeping it out of site…


You see, this device was originally a “general muscle massager.” It was meant for sore muscles. So it wasn’t intended to be a sex toy.


However, it works as one. And it’s been popularly used that way since launch!



Price & Quality.

This wand massager costs $55. And it comes with a 1 year warranty.


And this is a good price. $55 is average by sex toy market standards. And the added warranty adds a sigh of relief…


It also lasts long, based on the product’s positive reviews.


So it can withstand heavy and constant use. Plus, it won’t break down in a few months!



Next – The Cons.

So we’ve mentioned the positives. But this product has negatives too.


For starters, the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager lacks options. You only get 2 speeds for the entire sex toy.


So you can say goodbye to customizing your experience.


Additionally, this product is not wireless. You can’t stick batteries in to use it. Nor can you recharge it.


And this makes it uncomfortable and slightly dangerous.


After all, cords mess up your sexual experience. You’d be forced to use the product close to a wall socket.


Add to that the direct electrical power supply, which should NEVER touch sensitive organs.




It’s a good sex toy. While limited in options, it has a good price. It lasts long. And its vibrations are powerful.


So if you want something basic, the Hitachi Magic Wand Massager is for you.


However, to customize your sexual experience. We recommend the SVAKOM Emma.




SVAKOM Mini-Emma Analysis.

This is a mini-model of the original version. You can see it here.


This toy was designed with quality and convenience in mind. And unlike the Hitachi wand, this is a specialized product.


It’s a sex toy, and that’s all it does.


So let’s start by dissecting the advantages. We’ll mention some (not all), since the features of this device are very extensive!



Rechargeable – Long Battery Life.

Hooray – no need to worry about cords anymore.


This product takes 1 ½ hours to recharge (normally).


But, you do get an additional “fast charge” option, where you can use USB cables instead of a wall socket!


And you can use it at full intensity for 2 hours!


And this means a recharge lasts you 4 uses on average. So you don’t have to recharge it often!



Body Safe – Quality Material.

This toy is made from silicone.


Silicone is a non-reactive material. It’s safe for the body. And it’s also soft and rubbery (while retaining enough firmness for pleasure).


The SVAKOM Emma is also waterproof. It is IPX4 rated. So it can resist splashing water from all directions.


And this means you can easily clean it without worries!



Quiet and Compact.

This toy is 6.5 inches tall. So it’s lengthy enough to provide pleasure.


But also, it’s quiet, so you can use it inconspicuously. The toy’s noise is less than 50db, which is quieter than a ticking clock!



Now – the Cons.

The product has little to none cons. At most, you can judge the price.


It’s $90 at the official site. So you might feel slightly cautious about buying it…


However, note that it comes with a 1 year warranty. So you can feel safe for the first year that you use it!


It also comes with a 10 year quality guarantee. Basically, if this product doesn’t function as promised, you get 50% discounts on all future SVAKOM purchases!


Sounds amazing, right? It’s excellent value for the money.


So be sure to visit the SVAKOM, and check out this toy now!


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