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Sunrise in Punta Cana in the Eastern Dominican Republic where thousands of tourists from all the world enjoy nature, sports,culture and great food. Great all inclusive resorts to please everyone.
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Entertainment Weekly
  • 'True Detective' and the return of 'Heroes'
    Jeff and Darren decide to feel optimistic and talk about how NBC's 2015 'Heroes' reboot might not be the worst idea ever. Then they dive deep into the crazy and wondrous 'True Detective,' putting forward some possible and impossible theories for the HBO anthology-mystery's first season finale.
  • 'Sherlock' Ends With A Bang. Plus: 2014 preview!
    Jeff and Darren talk about the frustrating conclusion to the latest season of the British series 'Sherlock,' with extended comparisons to last summer's 'Man of Steel.' Then it's time for a look ahead at the movies (like Christopher Nolan's 'Interstellar') and TV shows (like Guilermo Del Toro's 'The Strain') that they're excited to see this year.
  • 'Rick and Morty,' 'Adventure Time,' and Adult Swim
    Darren and guest-host Keith Staskiewicz talk about the new hit Adult Swim show 'Rick and Morty' and the very-well-established hit Cartoon Network show 'Adventure Time.' There is a brief but important tangent into the history of Adult Swim, during which they discuss the best show you've never heard of: 'Moral Orel.'
  • 'Sleepy Hollow' and the return of 'Community'
    Jeff and Darren take a look at the surprisingly not-terrible, actually-quite-good Fox show about the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane, which just finished its first season. Then it's a deep dive into the rebooted 'Community,' complete with a list of their favorite episodes!
  • 'True Detective' and 'American Horror Story: Coven'
    In the first show of 2014, Jeff and Darren talk about HBO's new detective series and the latest installment of the Ryan Murphy Acid Camp Horror Fest.
  • The Epic 'Breaking Bad' Podcast
    Jeff and Darren dig deep the series finale of AMC's meth opera. They liked some things. Other things -- hello, Schwartzes! -- they're not so sure about. Other topics include: A new theory about what makes a good series finale, how the idea of the 'Bad Fan' affected the collective perspective of the final season, and why nobody (not even Hank) was a hero on Breaking Bad.
  • Fall Movie Preview and 'Big Brother' chat
    Jeff and Darren look ahead at the geekiest movies of the fall and rate their excitement, using a system based around the X-Men movie franchise. Said rating system is brilliant, highly accurate, and utterly confusing. (Put it this way: 'The Hobbit' isn't quite 'X2' but it also isn't 'X3,' which makes it just about 'The Wolverine.' See? Accurate!) They also dig into the current season of 'Big Brother' and try to parse out the good (Helen!) from the bad (Andy!) and the ugly (Aryan Aaryn!)
  • 'Big Brother' Special: Reality TV goes Christopher Nolan?
    On a very special episode of 'Entertainment Geekly,' Jeff and Darren dig deep into their annual summer obsession. Is this the most evil cast of contestants ever in 'Big Brother'? Can the show actually launch a serious conversation about racism? What is the nature of power? Who has the worst hair? Also discussed: 'Under the Dome,' a show that started good and has gotten very bad very quickly.
  • 'Under the Dome' begins, 'Mad Men' ends (for now)
    Jeff and Darren talk about the end of the sixth season of 'Mad Men' and read the tea leaves to figure out whether CBS' 'Under the Dome' will pull a 'Lost' or a 'FlashForward.'
  • A Thoughtful, Loud Debate About 'Man of Steel'
    Jeff and Darren have seen the new Superman movie, and they have a profound debate in one of the feistiest 'Entertainment Geekly' episodes ever. Topics include: Whether the filmmakers betrayed the legacy of Superman, why you should never use the word 'should' when you're critiquing a movie, the state of superhero movies, an inquisition into the nature of Nolanism, and more!

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