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Yeast Infection Info And Cure
  • Causes of Yeast Infections

    Causes of yeast infections are many and before you know them, it is good to first have a clear understanding of what yeast infection is. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus called candida albicans which is a one celled organism that is naturally present in the body. There are factors that lead to their overgrowth and they are the causes of yeast infections. The infections affects men, women and even children who have the right factors necessary for a yeast infection overgrowth. Some of the common parts to be affected by yeast infection are vagina, gut, penis, mouth and the list goes on. It is known that virtually every part of the body can be affected by yeast infection. In women, the most common is vaginal candidiasis which is yeast infection of the vagina.

    Some of the causes of yeast infections in the vagina are the use of antibiotics. They are drugs that are prescribed for a bacterial infection and they end up killing the good bacteria in the vagina that control the population of yeast. When this bacteria are eliminated, there is bound to be an increase in the population of yeast. Other common causes of yeast infections are hormonal imbalances which are brought about by several factors in a woman. The first thing is the use of birth control pills. Since they alter the normal functions of the hormones, they are known to cause the infection. Some people do not have a problem despite using the pills while others suffer with their first dose. This is not uncommon because people have different systems and reactions.

    It is therefore very advisable to look for another birth control method which will be effective and safe. There are very many options and, you should not have a problem finding a suitable method. The other factors that count as causes of yeast infection are pregnancy, menstruation, menopause and hormone replacement therapy. There is nothing much you can do during pregnancy other than to treat the symptoms effectively. If you have another infection, find other more effective ways to treat the infection. You should however be very cautious because some oral yeast infection treatments like diflucan, might harm the baby. Go for creams and ointments to treat the infection.

    Other causes of yeast infections are the use of female products that are scented and harsh, the wearing of very tight clothing which provide a warm environment for yeast to thrive, the use of certain condoms which have a substance called nonoxynol 9 which is associated with yeast, chronic diseases like diabetes and AIDS, stress and the list goes on. With all these causes, we can certainly take more precaution to evade the yeast infection. You should therefore take time to know the cause of your yeast infection then deal with it properly. Go to the doctor to have a confirmation of the disease and let him prescribe the best remedy for you. Take advantage of the many treatment options available and have the condition cured.

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  • Chronic Yeast Infection - System, Treatment

    A chronic yeast infection is one which recurs. Many females have yeast infections which recur for many months and even years. A great many men also get yeast infections but sometimes theirs are without symptoms, although they do experience symptoms as well.When women do experience a yeast infection it is generally accompanied by burning in the genital area. There can be a discharge which is white, odorless, and of a cheesy consistency. Men who have genital yeast infection can often have a rash on the penis which itches.

    Chronic yeast infections can be caused by diabetes, excessive consumption of sugar, alcohol, or carbohydrates. Underwear which is too tight fitting could actually work to trap the infection, poor hygiene, douching, abrasions located in the genital area are some causes of yeast infection.Some of the symptoms of a chronic yeast infection which may not be so noticeable include diarrhea, indigestion, constipation, bad breath, muscle aches, fatigue, headaches, irritability, dizziness, and abdominal pain.

    Everyone who experiences a yeast infection certainly wants to learn some effective treatments for their problem. Those people who have diabetes should keep control of their glucose levels. Don't continue to wear a bathing suit which is wet for an extended period of time. Avoid wearing tight underwear.

    All yeast infections will not react in the same way to treatment because there are various yeast strains involved. There are anti-fungal agents which may be able to help. Use a couple of different products to treat your chronic yeast infection and change to another one if there is no noticeable change.

    There is one treatment called Nystatin. This product doesn't have very many side effects at all. It is available by prescription only. Garlic is suggested as a natural remedy which can be used as an antifungal. It can be taken by mouth or suppository. Olive leaf extract can be used to treat chronic yeast infection. Grapefruit deed extract can also e used to treat yeast infection.In many cases of chronic yeast infection the cure is only a matter of avoiding certain foods such as processed ones like white rice, as well as white flour. Avoid excessive use of vinegar and avid eating mushrooms. If you don't stick to your diet you may cause your yeast infection to recur.

    Matt D Murren owns and operates http://www.yeast-infection-advisor.com/
    Chronic Yeast Infection

  • Home Remedies For Yeast Infections

    Home remedies for yeast infection are very popular and this is mainly because they play a major role in ensuring that the infection is cured. Firstly, you must know how a yeast infection occurs. A yeast infection is a condition that is caused by the one celled fungus called candida albicans or monilia. It is found in the body naturally and it is only when there is an overgrowth that the yeast causes the infection. Women will mostly suffer from vaginal candidiasis while men will mostly suffer from penile yeast infections. The most popular home remedies for yeast infections are for women and this is mainly because they cure vaginal yeast infections.

    In women, virginal infection is caused by several factors which include hormonal imbalances which are as a result of pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause and others. The yeast infection is also caused by antibiotics which kill the good bacteria alongside the harmful ones. If you have a chronic disease like diabetes or AIDS you are more likely to suffer from yeast infections. This is because you have a lower immunity which is also another cause of the infection. When you suspect to have a yeast infection, you need home remedies for yeast infection. But, before you search for a cure, you need to have observed the signs that will give you a hint whether you have the infection or not. In woman, vaginal candidiasis will present itself with several signs and they include the following.

    There will be severe itching in and around the vagina, there will also be a whitish discharge which resembles cottage cheese. There will also be episodes of pain during sexual intercourse and while urinating. Before you find home remedies for yeast infection, you need to be certain of the condition you have. Therefore it will be wise to go to a health professional before you self medicate. The check up will also give you the opportunity to have other conditions ruled out. Some of the conditions could be bacterial infections. Men will also have signs of yeast infection when the penis is affected. Some of the things to look out for are chronic itching at the tip of the penis, whitish patches, soreness, pain during urination as well as pain during sexual intercourse.

    The man also needs to have other illnesses ruled out before they consider home remedies for yeast infection. Some other remedies include the application of yogurt on the affected area. Yogurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus which is a good bacteria that checks the population of yeast in the body. Other remedies that have anti fungal properties include garlic, tea tree oil, honey, vinegar and the list is endless. Gentian violet is an anti fungal agent that has been used for a very long time to cure yeast infections. Pregnant women should should have a doctor prescribe their treatments so that they can know which drugs are safe to use. One example of a harmful drug is diflucan. Make sure you follow through with every medication to eliminate the infection.

    Peter Gitundu Creates Interesting And Thought Provoking Content on Yeast Infection. For More Information, Read More Of His Articles Here YEAST INFECTION CURES If You Enjoyed Reading This Article, Make Sure You SUBSCRIBE TO MY RSS FEED! To Receive My Most Recent Posts & Updates.

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All About Dyslexia
  • Is It Really Dyslexia? 2012-06-17T14:54:00.000+08:00
    Dyslexia is one of the many learning disabilities that have an effect on language, and the acquisition of new knowledge. However, if you suspect that you have this condition, you should get a formal assessment. This is because; dyslexia can be mistaken for other learning disabilities that are related with it.

    Here are some of the general symptoms that you have dyslexia and some of the related conditions that can be mistaken for it.

    It Is Dyslexia!

    When you have dyslexia, you may generally have some difficulty with the use of oral language. If possible, ask your parents or some relatives present during your childhood, whether you were a late talker or not. If they say yes, then this can be one sign of dyslexia. However, it can still be some other condition such as language delay.

    Another characteristic would be difficulty in pronouncing words. Also, you may find it hard to acquire new vocabulary and use appropriate grammar for your age now. Directions are often confusing for you too, along with discriminating the difference of before vs. after? right vs. left? etc.

    As a child, learning the alphabet was tedious for you. Even now, memorizing nursery rhymes and songs seem to be hard, even if you're already an adult. Understanding concepts and the relationships of things can be something you don't enjoy much. Additionally, word retrieval or naming problems are sometimes experienced.

    It is dyslexia if you have had obvious difficulty with reading, such as learning how to read back when you were young, and inability to identify or make rhyming words. You can also have difficulty in counting the number of syllables that a word has.

    Your phonological awareness can be damaged too. You may have some hearing difficulties. Plus, manipulating sounds in words is sometimes pretty hard to do. A little problem with your auditory discrimination can also be present, where you find it difficult to distinguish specific sound within a word.

    Dyslexia can also show some difficulty in remembering shapes and names of letters. More often, you reverse your letters when writing or reading. You also tend to omit small words when you read, and stumble on long words. Comprehending what you have just read can also be a problem.

    Your written language is also affected by dyslexia. You can experience some trouble in putting your ideas on paper. You can also have lots of spelling mistakes, and have problems in proofreading your work.

    It Is Something Else ?

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    Some of the other conditions that are related with dyslexia are dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADD or ADHD, and dyspraxia. Some of these conditions have similar problems with dyslexia. However, they also have specific symptoms that delineate them from it.

    Dysgraphia is basically difficulty with handwriting. Here you are unsure whether you are right or left handed. You also have very poor or slow handwriting. Copying can be difficult. Plus you fine motor skills are really in a bad condition.

    Dyscalculia deals with extreme difficulty with math. Simple counting of objects is already hard. You can also reverse your numbers and have lots of calculation errors. Memorizing math facts are not one of your favorite things to do, along with copying math problems.

    ADD or ADHD deals with difficulty on attention. You are very inattentive and easily distracted by things around you. You can also be impulsive and hyperactive at times.

    Dyspraxia is basically difficulty in coordinating and planning body movements. This can affect both gross and fine motor skills. You can have some difficulty in coordinating your facial muscles, in which a simple smile can be hard to do.

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  • 2010-11-13T01:05:00.000+08:00
    Special Educational And Training For Adult Dyslexics

    Adult dyslexics can face a lot of educational and training issues due to their condition. However, such learning problems are addressed through special education and training.

    Special Schooling For Dyslexics

    One common issue is whether there is special schooling that is available for dyslexics. Yes, there is special schooling, and often the remedial provision that you can receive would highly depend on the severity of the difficulties you are experiencing.

    Some adult dyslexics may already have their own well acquired strategies to be able to read and cope up with their problems. However, these strategies are often temporary, which is why learning techniques from professionals is still very much recommended and needed.

    Getting special instruction can improve your reading speed and confidence. Additionally, you can learn to make greater use of illustrations and diagrams. Problems like spelling and writing difficulties may entail a persistent period of special education. However, most of the cases are not impossible.

    In fact, a lot of adults easily learn the special techniques that they are taught, and because of this, they quickly gain self-confidence, and overcome personality and social issues. With the help that they are receiving, they can also feel that they do matter and there are people who understand what they are going through.

    Getting a special education for your condition is not a sign of weakness, as a lot of people may think so. Dyslexia is a special condition that needs special and appropriate attention. Thus, getting into special schooling is just the right thing to do, and is not something you should be ashamed of.

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    Essential Components Of Training Programs......

    The training programs for adult dyslexics have a couple of general essential components. These components should be present in any kind of learning program for dyslexic people. So if you are considering on getting into a program, try to observe if the program has these components or not.

    Targeting Short-term Memory

    First is to accommodate the dyslexics weaknesses, particularly with regards to short-term memory. Additionally, the materials used in such programs should be specialized in a way that it is more manageable to be used by a person with dyslexia.

    Short-term memory is one if the waterloos, which dyslexics have. That is why in any kind of learning program for dyslexics, this is one aspect that should be targeted. Whether the problem be with words or with numbers.

    Optimal Results From Education

    Programs are also used to compensate for your perceptual weakness. In able to do this, most educators use a method of teaching that has a multi sensory approach. This kind of learning is very effective and efficient since it can stimulate your learning by using all your senses.

    Through the use of your visual, auditory and sometimes even your tactile and olfactory senses, your learning experience is heightened. This is because studies show that it easier for people to remember what is being taught to them if all their senses are active.

    The Use Of Other Specialized Methods

    A program should also make use of other specialized methods to enhance your learning experience. Other than the multi-sensory approach, other means of making your learning easier should be present.

    Some of the other ways to easily grasp what is being taught to you is through the use of mnemonics, mind maps, visual images, speed reading and the likes.
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  • 2010-10-31T23:35:00.000+08:00
    The Breakthrough Of Childhood To Adult Dyslexia

    Dyslexia is a learning disability that can affect children greatly during their school years. However, this condition doesn't only have its effects on childhood but on adulthood too, especially in the workplace. The thing is, unlike in childhood where dyslexia has a great negative effect; in adulthood, the effect can vary from positive to negative.

    A Look Back At Childhood Education

    The educational methods used today are somewhat limited in regards to teaching students with reading, math and writing problems, the basic literacy skills that a child needs to know. Although most wouldn't observe this problem, a lot of people with dyslexia are greatly affected by this limitation.

    From the very start, the school system is observed to be stacked against dyslexics. This is because a person with dyslexia is "real world" thinker, which means the use of concepts and pictures is the main method to learn, instead of using mental sentences.

    Thus, special training is required for them in able to master written languages' basics easily.

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    A Disability With A Twist...........

    Even though dyslexics have lots of problems with learning, this is not an indicator that they are stupid, unlike what most people think. Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Churchill, Edison, Whoopi Goldberg, Greg Louganis and Walt Disney, were well thought-out to be "dummies" by their classmates, teachers, family and friends, during their first few years of school.

    However, one way to look at the situation they were in is that they weren't really suffering from a learning disability, but instead a teaching disability.

    A lot of teachers just do not know the correct and appropriate methods for teaching and presenting information in the way that a dyslexic child can understand. As a consequence, these children are sometimes warehoused into "special ed" classes.

    But sometimes, getting into a special ed class can cause the loss of self-esteem. This then becomes the trigger to the syndrome, which makes dyslexia even worse.

    Sadly, this kind of attitude is sometimes carried over into adulthood.

    Additional confusion, stress, coupled with heavy concentration, can only increase the attention and perceptual problems that the child is already having. The more struggle a dyslexic has, the more hard reading becomes.

    Out Of The Cage: Welcome To Adulthood

    As a dyslexic, once you get to finish school and start adulthood, life may seem easier for you. In fact, a lot of "learning disabled" people turn out to be highly successful once they are free from the boundaries of school.

    With this condition, you may think that you simply have a knack for an activity. What you don抰 realize is that this knack actually stems out from the same root as dyslexia -- your ability to mentally combine real world and imaginary images in an intuitive or creative way.

    This talent can cause tremendous turmoil with your reading and writing. But when it is used for fields like the arts, sports, engineering, invention, salesmanship, and strategy, it can actually produce wonders!

    This breakthrough from childhood to adulthood is really a notable event in the life of a person with dyslexia. More often, they can get their lost self-esteem back since they have found something where they are successful in.

    Sadly, not all cases of dyslexia have this kind of pattern. There are times when adulthood comes, the worse the condition gets. However, this mainly depends on the personal outlook of the person. That is why a positive outlook should be promoted.
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  • Assessment Choices For Adult Dyslexia 2010-09-01T21:23:00.000+08:00
    If you are planning to get an assessment for your suspected dyslexia, there are some choices that you must consider. Basically, you can get a formal dyslexia screening or assessment from a couple of professionals that are allowed to do so.

    Assessment From An Educational Psychologist (EP)

    Your first choice and probably the best would be to get an assessment from an educational psychologist. This kind of assessment is considered to be the most comprehensive. The thing is they cost more.

    This kind of assessment, however, are the ones frequently required as standard of proof by Tribunals, Examination Boards, Local Education Authorities, Colleges and Universities; which is why getting one can be really worth it, even if it can cost you much.

    Usually, you have to answer a questionnaire for important background information. This is then sent to the Educational Psychologist. Next, you have a vital talk with the EP. You would have to undergo some activities that would usually take 2-2 ?hours. Then, the EP would give a brief discussion about your results.

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    Lastly, you will get a confidential full written report, coupled with recommendations. You can get the report more or less in 3 weeks time from your assessment date.

    Specialist Teacher Assessment

    This kind of assessment is also comprehensive but is not that widely accepted as proof of the condition than the psychologist assessment. The same procedure is usually conducted, as with getting an assessment from an EP.

    They also conduct brief assessments, where you have to do some activities for about an hour or so. After you have completed the activities, the specialist teacher will briefly discuss the results with you. He or she would also make some recommendations.

    Occupational Therapists (OT)

    You can also get an initial assessment of dyslexia from an independent occupational therapist. The yielded results are usually written into an intervention program that is specially tailored for you. You can then arrange follow up treatments, if you have to do so.

    Undergoing occupational therapy would address particular difficulties related to balance and co-ordination. Such difficulties can vary from large or gross movements like riding bicycles to small or fine movements such as penmanship. However, occupational therapy is sometimes considered to be more helpful in addressing dyspraxia, which is a related condition to dyslexia.

    Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)

    Lastly, you can choose to get an assessment from a Speech and Language Therapist. The therapist can also give you an initial assessment of your condition. Just as with getting an Occupational Therapy assessment, your yielded results will be written into an intervention program that is tailored for you. Then you can arrange for therapy and treatment sessions to start your intervention.

    Speech and language therapy is considered to be one of the major intervention programs that people with dyslexia can have. The therapy mainly focuses on language problems, which is the main concern of the condition.

    Here, the assessment results already identify what your weaknesses are. The therapist then, automatically devices an intervention program for you to cope up with these specific problems.

    Usually, after you get an assessment from an EP or Specialist Teacher, they would recommend you to see a speech and language pathologist to undergo intervention. If they observe that you also have problems with movement, then they would also require you to see an Occupational Therapist.

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  • 2010-08-28T18:46:00.000+08:00
    Being With An Adult Dyslexic

    A lot of companies nowadays are opening their doors to people with disabilities, including those with dyslexia. If you have a coworker or colleague with this condition, it should not be the case that you belittle him or her because of his or her condition.

    Additionally, it is a good thing that the law has given this issue some attention, since dyslexia is an official disability that can be governed by the Disability Discrimination Act, 1995.

    As an employer or a colleague of a person with this condition, there are some things that you can do to help him or her out. Accordingly, there are some things that you shouldn't do.

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    Support is something that most people with disabilities need. This is because most of the time they are treated as invalids, which shouldn't be the way you treat a person with a disability. This principle applies exactly the same with individuals with dyslexia.....

    Support doesn't mean you should do everything for them, nor leaving them alone so that they can do their thing. The kind of support you should give is support for them to become an independent individual even with the condition at hand.

    What dyslexic people need are other people who can understand their condition and what they are going through. A little encouragement from you can do wonders. Knowing that someone believes in them and that they can do it is enough for a dyslexic to carry on his fight against his condition.

    However, you should only give encouragement when it is appropriate. Overdoing this can make your colleague feel that he is being treated like a baby. This can only bring about frustration to them, so avoid it at any cost.

    Problem Matters

    One thing that you should avoid doing when you're working with a dyslexic is regarding them as a problem? They are people too, thus you should treat them as one. A colleague with dyslexia is not an extra baggage to the team. Remember, all of you are employed in the same company. Thus, this means all of you have functions, even if your colleague with dyslexia may seem to have a different kind.

    Strengths And Will

    As an employer or a superior, you should learn to concentrate on their strengths. Try to see the positive side of the situation. Try your best not to be discouraged about your employees weaknesses and difficulties.

    Another thing, you shouldn't force them to do things that are against their will. They know their limitations, and there are times that when they say they can't do it, then it really means they can't.

    Pushing them too hard would do no good. It is better to scaffold your way into training your employee with dyslexia to do more complicated tasks.


    Doing a little tailoring would benefit you and your employee. Try to see your employee or subordinates strengths and pinpoint his talents. After doing this, try to find a position or a task in which you think those strengths and talents can be utilized efficiently.

    If you do it this way, then it is a win-win situation both for you and your employee. This is because you get to have work done since your employee is productive, even if a disability is present.

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Everything About Diabetes
  • Dealing with diabetes among pregnant women 2012-06-17T15:42:00.002+08:00
    Dealing with diabetes among pregnant women
    Carrying a life inside the womb for nine months is probably the most wonderful experience any woman could ever have. In this stage called "pregnancy," it is very important for an expectant mother to pay attention to good nutrition because this is very vital for her and her baby's health. Pregnancy for regular women is complicated as it is, how much more for women who are suffering from a chronic illness such as diabetes?

    During the course of the pregnancy, the mother and the baby need all the energy and nutrients they can get. Pregnancy is indeed not the time to lose weight or go on a diet because having a nutritionally sound diet can increase the chances for the baby to have a normal birth weight, proper brain development, and reduce the risk of certain birth defects. All these and more should be of topmost consideration for pregnant women who have diabetes.

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    What you need to know Diabetes has three types, the "type 1 diabetes" which is the least common type but predominantly diagnosed among kids and teens, the "type 2 diabetes" which is the most common to all ages and the "gestational diabetes" which are common for women once they get pregnant.

    It can be said that among these three types of diabetes, "gestational diabetes" is the easiest to deal with because it usually ends once the woman gives birth.  However, this is not always the case because there are also those that continue to suffer from the disease that can lead to "type 2 diabetes" if not monitored and given proper medical attention immediately.

    Although almost pregnant women are expected to suffer from gestational diabetes at one point during their pregnancy, there are also those who suffer from it even before they conceive. In this scenario, dealing with diabetes can be harder and much more complicated. But now, with the help of modern technology and advances in the field of medical research, pregnancy for women who are diabetics is fairly easier and lesser risk when it comes to the overall health of the baby and the mother as well.

    First things first For women who are diagnosed with diabetes, getting pregnant should be an utmost decision to make. This is because it will greatly determine not just the baby's health but the woman's overall health condition as well. For women who are planning to get pregnant despite suffering from diabetes, the major consideration to ponder on is the readiness of the woman's body. This is very important to ensure that the woman can meet all the challenges and difficulties that goes with pregnancy.

    To know if the woman's body is ready for pregnancy despite diabetes, she should undergo a thorough physical examination administered by a licensed physician. This is very important because the physician can tell if the body is ready for the demands of pregnancy and labor and the possible complications that might occur along the way.

    Experts say that pregnant women who have diabetes will most likely develop related complications such as diabetic retinopathy, hypertension, kidney disease, autonomic neuropathy or nerve damage to the internal organs, and cardiovascular diseases. What you can do With proper daily management, many women were able to have successful deliveries.

    The following are just some of the things that helped them along the way: - frequent self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG); - administering insulin injections and identifying how to adjust the doses depending on results of their SMBG; - controlling and treatment of hypoglycemia; - maintaining an appropriate level of regular exercise or physical activities; and an - appropriate meal plan specially designed for women who have diabetes.

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  • 2010-11-13T00:44:00.003+08:00
    Diabetes Epidemic

    With obesity levels being at an all time high, the epidemic of type 2 diabetes is growing at an alarming rate, and will only get worse.

    Between 2001 and 2002, the diagnosis of diabetes went from 5.5 percent of Americans to an alarming 6.5 percent. In just one year!

    Overall, twelve million Americans have been diagnosed and another 5 million Americans have diabetes and don't know it. And yet another 12 millions are on their way to type 2 diabetes because of impaired glucose levels.

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    Not knowing is the worst because risks of untreated diabetes puts us at a terrible risk of complications including but not limited to blindness, amputations and ultimately death.........

    The stickler is, that type 2 diabetes is almost completely preventable. Doctor's say eat less, eat better and exercise. The numbers show just how many Americans are currently overweight.

    Statistically, people are now living longer, and it has been on the rise for years. But this will not continue if type 2 diabetes is not put under control.

    We are a gluttonous society and ultimately it is affecting how we live and how long we live.

    And unfortunately, the diabetes epidemic is not just a US problem. It is spreading worldwide with epidemic reports in Asia, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

    It is estimated that by 2025, the number of diabetics worldwide will rise to 380 million. And diabetes is now affecting more of the young and middle-aged population in developing countries between the ages of 40 and 59.

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  • 2010-10-31T21:41:00.004+08:00
    Diabetes In Children

    Diabetes in children is also known as juvenile diabetes, but more commonly known as type 1 diabetes. It is the most common form of diabetes in children with ninety to ninety-five percent of carriers being under 16.

    Juvenile diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin. It is an autoimmune disease, which means the bodies own defense system attacks the body's tissues or organs.

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    In the last 30 years the number of juvenile diabetes had increased three times over and in Europe and the US we are now seeing type 2 diabetes in children for the first time.....

    Obesity easily explains type 2, but not why there is such a rise in type 1 diabetes in children. It is believed that a mixture of genetics and environmental factors are what triggers juvenile diabetes. But the majority of children don't have a family history of diabetes.

    The symptoms for juvenile diabetes are the same as in adults. Thirst, weight loss, fatigue, frequent urination is typical, but diabetes in children can also increase stomach pains, headaches and behavior problems.

    Doctors should consider the possibility of diabetes in children who have unexplained stomach pains for a few weeks, along with the typical symptoms.

    If you believe your child may be experiencing these symptoms you should schedule them for a thorough examination and tell your doctor what you suspect your child may have. Be sure to tell them about any and all symptoms your child may be experiencing.

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  • 2010-09-01T21:29:00.006+08:00
    Diabetes in Pets


    It is not only the human kind that can develop diabetes. Even our beloved pets, no matter
    how well we care for them, can develop diabetes.

    This is often a scary situation for the pet owner and the first question that is usually asked of the veterinarian is -will my pet need to be put to sleep-?

    Of course this is a difficult issue and the answer may vary on the overall age and health of your pet.

    Many older pets that are diagnosed with diabetes go on to live many more happy years, but this takes commitment and close care of your pet.

    Diabetic cats and dogs can live just as long as perfectly healthy pet if the diabetes is diagnosed and treated properly by both the veterinarian and the owner.

    This takes great commitment from the owner. Pets must be cared for and watched daily with a high level of care and patience.

    There can be no feeding the cat and forgetting until the next day. There is no leaving the pet along to go on a trip. Every day your pet will need medication, fed a proper diet and his behavior will need to be monitored closely.

    This doesn't mean you will have to give up your job and stay home full time with your pet, but it does mean you will have to pay more attention to what his behavior is and know what to do if the situation should change.

    It is also more of a financial obligation to have a sick pet. So it is something that should be discussed in length with your vet.

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  • 2010-08-28T18:51:00.004+08:00
    Diabetes Management

    As of 2007, there is no cure for either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. This may seem like a dim outlook for many people, but the fact is that even though there is no cure, there certainly are ways to manage your diabetes.

    Proper management can give you many years of healthy living.

    Diabetes management starts with a visit to your doctor. first, finding out you have diabetes, what type you have then arming yourself with as much information as possible about the diabetes you are diagnosed with.

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    All management begins with controlling the glucose cycle.....

    The glucose cycle is affected by two factors, entry of glucose into the bloodstream and blood levels of insulin to control the transport out.

    Your glucose levels are very sensitive to both diet and exercise, so change in either should first be discussed with your physician. Proper management of diabetes can be very intrusive to the patient.

    Proper management requires a complete lifestyle change and frequent, sometimes multi-daily checks of glucose in the blood.

    It can change as people grow and develop and no two cases are ever really the same. Today it is easier to measure the blood sugar level.

    Glucose meters are readily available and are quite easy to use with a little practice and patience.

    With a small drop of blood to the testing strip attached to the glucose meter, the user is given the number, which represents their blood sugar level. This in turn will let the user know if and when insulin is needed.

    Also, get your healthy recipes here :-

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