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Writing, coffee & chocolate, family, and changing the world. I love progressive business models and progressive, positive people, and enjoy networking for success.
Steve McCardell | stevemccardell
My Sites
  • eSig Marketing

    Focus on relationships and trust in your e-mails and stick to marketing in your signature. Just $9/month or less, use eSig for images and animations that capture attention. Multiple buttons, statistics, and web pages at your disposal.
  • Darwood & Smitty and the Multi-World Agenda

    My science fiction novel -- a fun, funny, and inspirational adventure and political commentary. On the insanity of politics that is.
  • The 7

    My series of children's fantasy adventures. Kids can get involved in developing the world that's being written about and kids illustrate the books as well.
  • Global Anthem Project

    Earth's Global Anthem -- designed as a project others can engage in while helping to raise money for charities. Promotes global unity.
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Steve's Blog
  • Wordle Strategy - First 2 Words to Choose for Your Daily Wordle
    If you enjoy Wordle and are looking for a good strategy to approach it, I'll share what I'm doing. I'm sure there are people with better success than I'm having, but my results feel pretty good: The goal, of course, is to eliminate as many letters as possible in the first couple turns, minimizing the possible number of words in later turns. My approach is to:Usually check all the vowels in the first 2 turns, as this rapidly helps you diminish what words you can choose from.Check D, S, T, [...]
  • 2021: Year of the New Dream
    A year ago, I posted a message about 2020 being the year for seeing clearly, as we use the term 20/20 to refer to good eyesight. I soon found many people were making the same reference. And boy did we ask for it.2020 opened people's eyes like never before. But with incredible division in how people see the world, either there are several realities going on at once (entirely possible), or different groups have gotten clearer about different things while still having the wool over t [...]
  • School Banned 2020
    For band students who are passionate about music, getting together to play as an ensemble is the big redemption for school days. Sure, there may be other good teachers or subjects, but nothing lifts the soul like sitting in the midst of notes that soar into the heavens.For countless students in the spring of 2020, the whole band experience was, well ... banned. They were sent home to finish the year online, any hope of ensembles put to rest. So long band. So long musical. So long jazz band.As w [...]
  • 2020: the Year for Seeing Clearly
    We're finally here: the year 2020. No major efforts on flying cars yet. Although they might not be such a long way off, now that we know the Navy has a patent on anti-gravity technology.Of course in Darwood & Smitty, we settle for cars that mostly just hover a few feet off the roadway using a magnetic system. (Flying on this system costs too much for the average commute.) That doesn't happen till 2030.But what DOES happen in 2020 is that the public finally becomes aware -- as a confirme [...]
  • Carlos Castaneda, Mud Shadows, and a Children's Book?
    In one of those lovely life coincidences, I looked up Carlos Castaneda today, because I recently published a "children's book" (more on those quote marks in a minute) on the shadows that come alive at night. And I found that today happens to mark the day of Castaneda's death (1998), which his books called "a warrior’s most valuable teacher, counselor, and benefactor."One of the intriguing things Castaneda wrote about was the predators, or flyers, or mud shadows. A theme he wasn't the [...]

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