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Writing, coffee & chocolate, family, and changing the world. I love progressive business models and progressive, positive people, and enjoy networking for success.
Steve McCardell | stevemccardell
My Sites
  • eSig Marketing

    Focus on relationships and trust in your e-mails and stick to marketing in your signature. Just $9/month or less, use eSig for images and animations that capture attention. Multiple buttons, statistics, and web pages at your disposal.
  • Darwood & Smitty and the Multi-World Agenda

    My science fiction novel -- a fun, funny, and inspirational adventure and political commentary. On the insanity of politics that is.
  • The 7

    My series of children's fantasy adventures. Kids can get involved in developing the world that's being written about and kids illustrate the books as well.
  • Global Anthem Project

    Earth's Global Anthem -- designed as a project others can engage in while helping to raise money for charities. Promotes global unity.
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Steve's Blog
  • Carlos Castaneda, Mud Shadows, and a Children's Book?
    In one of those lovely life coincidences, I looked up Carlos Castaneda today, because I recently published a "children's book" (more on those quote marks in a minute) on the shadows that come alive at night. And I found that today happens to mark the day of Castaneda's death (1998), which his books called "a warrior’s most valuable teacher, counselor, and benefactor."One of the intriguing things Castaneda wrote about was the predators, or flyers, or mud shadows. A theme he wasn't the [...]
  • How to Set Time on an Armitron 40/8089 Watch
    I posted this many years ago on Google+ and have gotten so many thank yous because this watch comes with no instructions and I couldn't find a solution online. So when we figured it out, I thought it would help others. Now with Google+ going away, I'm reposting the solution here:Here's the trick to setting time on an Armitron 40/8089 Watch:HOLD DOWN on the Reset button. (Makes you wonder why you didn't think of that, right?)Eventually the time will start to blink.Use the Mode button to switch be [...]
  • New Book: Life's Game Manual
    My latest project is online at Amazon. And given that it probably provides all the answers you've been looking for about life on Earth ... it's the bargain of a lifetime. Apparently written by those who programmed this entire game for us, it's something that took me more than 20 years to find ... and now I've made it accessible for all. You're welcome.  ;)With more details on the Amazon page or here on my site, I can briefly say that it covers the rules of the game, how we're programmed, an [...]
  • Arrr, I Have Updated My Piracy Policy
    Today may forever be known as GDPR day. You know, the day when new European legislation went into effect, which meant many of us got countless emails about updates to company Privacy Policies. In my case, I decided to create a new Piracy Policy as well. (Arrr, matey.) I think it's a lot more interesting than all the new Privacy Policies out there.The obvious intention of the legislation is to promote the privacy of individuals in an age of privacy invasion. But like so much legislation, there's [...]
  • As Predicted, Aliens are Here
    Back in August, on the day of the big solar eclipse event, I talked about Darwood & Smitty's prediction that we would all know about alien life in the solar system as a fact by sometime in 2020. That it wouldn't change much in the lives of everyday people, but that everyday people would know for sure: aliens are here.Now sure ... there is a UFO community that's believed in alien life for a long time and that feels we have plenty of evidence. But of course the topic has been largely poo- [...]

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