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  • Zero Point Energy
    Albert Einstein in 1913, beginning with his theory of Relativity (E=MC Squared), was into the idea of an energy field containing everything within itself, throughout the universe. He continued on toward a Unified Field Theory to mathematically explain things at a more complete level. He and other scientists and academics wanted to explain that universal unseen field of energy which permeates all space including within and betwe [...]
  • Project HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)
    The HAARP Project in its original version is known as the High frequency Active Auroral Research Program. A long name for something that can be harmful to people and our planet. It is located north east of Anchorage, Alaska. [...]
  • The hidden side of the chemtrails
      I often saw in the sky those lines for so many years. I didn't think they were bad until I started to read about them. The more I was reading the more I was stunned. Then I paid particular attention when I was looking up in the sky. I learned to spot them and tell the difference between a contrai [...]
  • How to catch a UFO on camera
    In my recent trip in Quebec, I was asked many questions about UFOs. One of the questions was “How can I see UFOs in broad day light? I have found a simple way to observe them.First you will need a video camera with a zoom. Some digital cameras might be as good as long you can zoom in. You will also need an infra red filter to remove the infra red portion of the video. The result will give you green images. You can use a [...]

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