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What Are Various Types Of Copper Terminal Lugs?

Jul 15th 2019 at 7:17 AM

The Copper Terminal Lugsare widely used to connect the cables and form a very vital part of their electrical system of the home. Usually, there are two types of mechanical lugs available in the market which are generally made up of either copper or aluminum — coming to the function of these metal lugs, both these mechanical lugs server same kind of purpose. However, it bears a specific characteristic which marks a difference in the applications where they will be used.

These lugs are considered as a suitable choice which can be ideally used as a conductor. It is attached directly with the wire and can be served as ideal equipment which is meant for holding the wires in the proper position while in use. It also provides support to the weak areas of the wire. There are various types of lugs available in the market.


Different Types Of Lugs Used Commonly:

Coming to the various types of Copper Terminal Lugs available in the market, we have the following types of lugs:


• The plain type of lugs is usually used for serving general uses including getting electrical terminals installed at the proper site. Although these lugs do not have any special characteristics, they are widely available in several sizes depending upon the pad. The use of par makes it quite easier for the accommodation of the stud in perfect order.


• The mechanical lugs are available in a manner where it is bolted with about two to four screws. The lugs are ring-shaped, made up of high-quality electrolyte copper or aluminum. They are suitable for use with big sized wires and cables. They are usually installed with the protection devices made up of brass. It is meant for resisting the impacts of lightning. These lugs are mostly preferred for installation at the localized sites which can easily get affected due to lightning. They are resistant to corrosion or abrasion too as high-quality copper is used.


• The compression lugs are a stud type connector which is used for making the string connections to initiate the input power. They are highly conductive. It is done by wrapping the copper all around it. They either have one or more holes which are meant for providing a secured connection, which is both automatic as well as easy. Due to the high connectivity service provided by the copper lugs, it is widely used as it is resistant to issues such as corrosion. These lugs are used extensively for telecommunication, welding as well as the sites of distribution of power supply.


The grounding lugs, popularly known as the heavy duty lugs, are used in case of the tires on the transformers and other such steel structure. It has a threaded stud which fits the criteria serving all the types of industrial transformers.


They have a high clamping force, helping them to prevent the wire from reaching to the lugs. It is a little costly, made up of bronze, providing a highly durable life.

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