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Devasish Gupta | sonucares4u
Internet Marketing
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Website Building, Hosting and Marketing
  • Answers To Your Smartest, Toughest, Even Weirdest Business Growth Questions...
    Imagine this for a second:

    Imagine you had two hours to sit down with one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs…

    And for two full hours… you could ask them any question you want… and get personalized answers you can use to grow your business.

    You could get their advice on how to increase sales… how to create better marketing systems… how to improve your business’s cash flow and financial problems… or even how to develop the mindset you need to help you grow your business as big as you’d like without losing your sanity.

    What would you ask this person?

    The reason why I’m asking this is because John Assaraf, the founder of NeuroGym (and 6 other multi-million dollar businesses), has agreed to host a special online training where he’ll answer your smartest, toughest, and even your weirdest business growth questions... Read More>>>
  • Join The Evolved Enterprise Mission To Change The Way Business Is Played...
    If you’ve been involved with the marketing space for longer than about 5 minutes, then you already know what I am about to say.

    There’s a whole lot of “gray” going on…

    With the “fake news” and the “alternative facts,” it has become essential to dig into any claim being made just to see if it truly holds water.

    That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised to see the data and global trends that Yanik Silver put out on his new business philosophy…

    More of a full-on revolution actually, come to think about it…

    I went over the research and the test data, and I saw some of the leaders out there who are making this new reality their “secret weapon” for dominating their market.
    Best of all, I’ve even seen the results inside my own business... Read More>>>
  • Real News! Better Than The Fake Stuff… Do Ethics Even Matter Anymore? Is Anyone Still Doing The Right Thing Anymore?
    Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last year or two, (Fname), you already know that the media landscape (and even business environment) is getting a little…


    We’ve entered a time where saying the harmful thing, the sensational thing, is the formula for making a buck.

    Granted, to do business this way, you’ll need to leave your soul at the door and will probably have to lie to your kids about what you do for a living.

    Luckily, there are people like Yanik Silver out there showing people a better way… Read More>>>
  • [5 Easy Questions] Find Out If You’re Fit To Write A Book... Bestselling Author In Your Future?
    If you’ve ever struggled to write a book...

    If you don’t know EXACTLY how to get from where you are, to where you want to be when it comes to getting published...

    Or if you’re not (yet) achieving the level of success you want and know you deserve...
    Then there’s one thing I want you to know: it’s NOT your fault.

    These fears and roadblocks are EXTREMELY common. And that’s exactly why I have this gift in store for you today...

    It’s a quick and easy 30 second quiz from my friend Brian Tracy, where he will help by giving you the clarity you need to hit the ground running when it comes you, your book, and future...

    (Or, if you’re simply “not cut out” to be an author, he’ll tell you that too!)... Read More>>>
  • Let's Raise An Entire Village Out Of Extreme Poverty... Welcome to the Evolved Age! [Evolved Enterprise]
    I am about to recommend something to you – something I truly believe you NEED – and I won’t be making even a nickel for doing it….

    Yes, it’s that good, and yes, you really do need this. It’s a new resource put out by my friend, Yanik Silver.

    A bit over a year ago, he released a book called Evolved Enterprise, and something interesting happened. A flood of popular support poured out from entrepreneurs excited to do business this way. The big idea is how your business could actually make more profits while making a real impact.

    Yanik has a new, updated, and revised hardcover edition just released. A book is exciting, but that’s not really a big deal.

    Here’s the crazy part….

    He is using the whole launch celebration as a way to help lift an entire village out of extreme poverty... Read More>>>
  • Get An Instant 30% Discount On A New Car... The Elevation Group!
    Most people don't realize this.

    But when they make big purchases like a new car, they often leave thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars on the table.

    No, I'm not talking about getting the best price for what they're buying.

    Nor is this about knowing some "hostage negotiator" tactics for getting an extreme discount from a car dealer.

    Here's what most people fail to do...

    They don't structure their purchase in the right way.

    Let me explain.

    At the moment, I'm looking to pick up a basic, dependable car for my family. (No, nothing super-flashy like Brian's cars.)

    Yet the first person I called wasn't a car dealer.

    It was my CPA.

    See, just getting a good price for a car is only the first level. There are a whole bunch more ways you can save money.

    For example, what if you could write the purchase off as a business expense... Read More>>>
  • The Evolved Enterprise! Catalyze a Tribe of Raving Fans, Customers and Ambassadors to Spread Your Business...
    Evolved Enterprise is poised to make the biggest difference for you in your existing business or new idea you've got cooking.
    The Evolved Enterprise is about creating (or re-creating) a company that authentically comes straight from your true essence, wrapped around a meaningful impact and then develops the community, culture and creation in total alignment.
    And the most interesting part is all of this IS actually good for business in ALL ways.
    Reason #1: Sir Richard Branson and so many other business icons have proclaimed this is the future of business.
    "We must learn that doing good is good for business."
    - Sir Richard Branson from 'Screw Business as Usual'
    "There's a transformative shift in business and what worked before is no longer an option. It's time for evolved entrepreneurs, visionary creators and change makers to rewrite the rules of business for the 21st century."
    - Tony Hsieh, CEO of
    "It's time to redefine our expectations of business..."
    - Blake Mycoskie, TOMS founder
    "Through free enterprise, one can benefit people all over the contributing to a better way of life for all. Peace, love & happiness."
    - John Paul DeJoria, co-founder, Paul Mitchell Hair Care
    Reason #2: You have a small window to take advantage of this coming shift... Read More>>>
  • 5 Steps to Launch a REAL Online Business In 17 Minutes... Live Demo!
    What can you do in 17 minutes?

    Maybe go check out your FB newsfeed to see what your friends are doing or maybe watch some online videos.

    But, what if I tell you that in 17 minutes you can launch a REAL business online!
    Yes, an entire online business that can do 6-figures in 17 minutes!

    If you don’t believe me, go register for our upcoming workshop now and see it yourself.

    Here’s the crazy part.. doesn’t even require any technical experience or knowledge!

    Not only are you going to see how a business is built live in 17 minutes, you’re going to learn the exact 5-step system that my good friend, Fred Lam is using.

    The very same system that turned him from washing dishes to generating over $20 million online... Read More>>>
  • Every Brokerage and Bank Account FROZEN! The Government’s IceNine Plan Revealed...
    I’ve just unveiled a 100% true nightmare scenario that could strike any day now…
    One where you try to log into your brokerage account to see how your portfolio’s fairing…
    But you receive a disturbing error message...

    Your heart stops for a second. You hit refresh. Same message.

    It can’t be…

    You click furiously to get over to your bank's website, and decide to log into your online bank account to see what’s happening to your money market account…
    A chill comes over youanother error message:

    These error messages could start appearing sooner than you or any other American thinks.

    They're part of a little-known government plan to solve one of the world’s biggest problems…

    You still have a small window of time to prepare.... Read More>>>
  • 5 Steps to Build a REAL Business from Products Never Seen … Zero Up Workshop!
    5 Steps To Building a $46k Business...

    I’m really excited about this…

    Whatever you do today, make sure to take 2 minutes now and mark your calendar. We have an amazing LIVE training coming up tomorrow!

    Here’s what is happening…

    Tomorrow, my good friend, Fred Lam is hosting a “never-seen before” workshop. He’s going to be revealing his 5-Step system to launching back-to-back online businesses…

    Just a few years ago, Fred used to be a DISHWASHER at a restaurant and in the last 6 years - he’s gone on to sell over 20M in online sales!

    As a matter of fact, he’s built multiple 7-Figure businesses…

    #1 - He starts his business in less than 24 hours.
    #2 - He starts with almost no budget….
    #3 - He has no expense (he lets CHINA fund the entire business)
    #4 - He starts and tests traffic for $5… Read More>>>
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