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Ways to Monetize Your Blog or Website
  • Chitika

    Chitika is online pay-per-click advertising network that quickly become a leader in the Search, Local and Mobile sectors, and is considered the best adsense alternatives. Chitika provides pretty reasonable payments advertising rates and revenue: Low $0.02-$0.06, Average $0.30 to $0.60, Highest $3. Chitika has low minimum payout threshold. The minimum payment threshold is $10 if payment method is PayPal.
  • Infolinks

    Infolink is a good alternative to adsense. Sign Up is very easy, the all you need is a website and a valid email address to register on it. Infolinks offers four different ad formats, which are In-Text ads, In-Tag ads, In-Fold ads and In-Frame ads. Infolinks offers several convenient ways for publishers to receive payments: PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) or Payoneer (get your Infolinks Prepaid Mastercard or use Payoneer for a local bank transfer).
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    Freelancer website is freelancing platform, with many number of users and online jobs. Founded in 2009,  this website is now one of the the largest peer-to-peer platforms, to connect with freelancers with varied skills across the world. Its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia, though it also has offices in Vancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila, and Jakarta. On the website, employers can find freelancers for projects in the areas of writing, data entry, translation, software development, design, science, engineering, marketing, sales, accounting,legal services,etc. There have been more than 18 million jobs posted on, since its creation.

    How much can you earn doing jobs on

    • Website and Software Development: The top jobs in this category are for PHP, HTML and software architecture. At the time of writing, the highest budget job is for the development of the back-end of a cleaning services mobile app with a budget of $15-$30. The lower end of the scale is for a WordPress developer with payment gateway experience with a budget of $152 per month working two to three hours daily.
    • Data Entry: The lowest budget job is for a web research expert, which entails internet research for a variety of projects. This job has a budget of $10-$50. The highest budget job of $250-$750 is for eBay product listing and fulfilment. This is for someone to find trending products and source them as well as listing and fulfilling orders.
    • Design: Most popular jobs in the design category are website design, graphic design and photoshop projects. Freelancers can find budgets as low as $4.50 per hour up to $7,647 total for logo design-based projects.
    • Translation: The lowest budget job of $3-12 per hour is to translate 500 words from English to Bengali. The highest budget job is to translate knowledge centre materials from English to Russian for a global tech company in the digital dentistry industry. The budget is from $2,290-$4,590.
    • Sales and Marketing: In this category, internet and social media marketing are the most popular types of jobs. The lowest budget job is for an SEO expert to help market a restaurant on a national level. This job has a budget of $6 an hour. The highest budget job of $3,820-$7,650 is for a social media manager.
    • Content Writing: Copywriting, article writing and content writing are the most requested jobs. The lowest budget job of $2-$8  is a data entry role to copy and paste text from a website. The highest budget job is for a full-time technical writer for a hosting and technology website with a budget of $2,294-$4,588 per month. The role requires knowledge in hosting, proxies, Linux and other technology subjects to write reviews, comparisons and guides.

  • Pinecone Research - Get Paid for Online Surveys 2020-11-09T10:03:00.007+01:00


    Pinecone Research - Get Paid for Online Surveys

    Pinecone Research is Paid Online Surveys website and it’s one of the leaders market research platforms, that allows users to earn cash and rewards by taking surveys. 

    The company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and managed by William Miller. Pinecone Research is the property of Nielsen Holdings. The platform starts in 1998, making it one of the oldest market research platforms of its kind. They offers cash and gift cards in exchange for taking online surveys, website testing and product testing services. Pinecone Research is only available for residents in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

    General Information

    • Age Requirements: 18
    • Accepts Members From: Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States.
    • Surveys are e-mailed to members
    • Each Completed Survey: 300-500 points ($3-$5 per survey)
    • Product Testing: $6 for product testing offers
    • Multiple rewards redemption options
    • Type of Rewards:  Amazon Gift Cards, Movie Vouchers, Visa Prepaid Cards, Restaurant Gift Cards, Walmart Gift Cards, Retail E-Vouchers, Starbucks Gift Cards, iTunes Gift Cards, etc.
    • Fast Payments in 24 hours!
    • Minimum Payment:  $3
    • Payment Processors: PayPal, Check


    How to Join Pinecone Research?

    Pinecone Research does not provide access for individuals to join their program through their website. The only way you can sign up is through an invite link, link in an article or on a website banner. If you have a friend that is a member, they can invite you to join as well.

    Once you fill out your initial sign-up form, you will need to complete a questionnaire. This will tell the company more about you, your buying habits, your likes and dislikes, and so on. Based on your answers, you may or may not be eligible for membership.

  • Swagbucks - Earn Extra Money Online 2020-11-02T08:28:00.008+01:00
    Swagbucks - Earn Extra Money Online

    Swagbucks is 100% legit and safe to use GPT (Get-Paid-To) program, that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. Unlike other rewards systems, one of the main benefits of Swagbucks is that you only have to take part in activities that interest you. You get paid when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. Swagbucks has already paid out over $460 million in cash and free gift cards.

    General Informations

    • Launch date: February 25, 2008
    • Cost: free
    • Average daily earnings (basic membership):  3$
    • Payment processors: Paypal, Amazon gift cards, etc.
    • Minimum withdrawal:  25$ Paypal, 1$ giftcards

    How to Earn with Swagbucks

    1. Search the Web

    Searching the web through their website is one easy way that you can earn some Swagbucks. Swagbucks has its own search engine, and when you search the web using their engine you can earn points to put towards a reward. You will need to install their extension on your browser to earn through it. You may not get Swagbucks for every online search, but it is still worth using.

    2. Take Surveys

    Answering surveys are the next easy way that you can earn points. There are several different types of surveys that you can choose from. The surveys can range from 3 minutes to over 20 minutes. The amount of Swagbucks received per survey differs as well.

    3. Complete Tasks

    You can earn points for completing various tasks like reading articles, giving feedback on a company’s website, searching the web using specific search terms and much more.

    4. Shop Online

    Shopping online is the third way that you can earn points. It’s a great way to earn cash from something you would do anyway. You get cashback points for shopping online, which you can redeem for gift cards. Some of the companies that have partnered with Swagbucks are Amazon, Nike, Walmart, Macy’s and Best Buy.

    5. Watch Videos

    You can get paid to watch videos using the video channel Swagbucks Television. There are plenty of videos in many different categories like entertainment, health home, personal finance, sports, technology and more. You are likely to find something that is interesting.

    6. Play Online Games

    Believe it or not, you can get points by playing games. You can earn points through in-app purchases with a wide range of game types.

    7. Reffer Other People

    You can also earn points by referring others to Swagbucks. You’ll get a certain percentage of each converted user’s lifetime points on the site

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    Upwork - Freelance Jobs

    Upwork is a great place to start an online business as freelancer. Founded in 2005, Upwork (previously oDesk and Elance) is possibly one of the largest freelancing marketplaces for online projects. The platform features thousands of new freelance gigs every day, with well-paid work-from-home opportunities in almost every niche. In a nutshell, Upwork is a hub that enables clients and freelancers to find each other and work together, ensuring the safety of both parties. Clients can create job postings explaining what they need, the required timeframe, how much they are willing to pay, and other details. Freelancers can look through a feed of job listings and submit proposals to jobs of interest.

    How to Create Perfect Profile on Upwork?

    • Upload a professional picture
    • Make your headline unique
    • Make your bio matter
    • List your qualifications and work experience
    • Showcase your best skills
    • Put previous work in your portfolio
    • Connect your social accounts

    What kind of Freelance Jobs you can find at Upwork?

    • Photography/editing
    • Video production
    • Web design
    • SEO
    • Marketing
    • Social media managing
    • Graphic design
    • Programming
    • Software development
    • Literature/editing/writing
    • Copywriting
    • Content strategy
    • Advertising
    • Teaching
    • Translating
    • Voice overs
    • Art direction
    • Music
    • General labor

  • CryptoTab Browser - Earn Bitcoins while Surfing the Web 2020-10-13T09:32:00.008+02:00


    CryptoTab Browser

    One of the most easiest way to earn bitcoins through mining is CryptoTab browser. CryptoTab browser is new earn online opportunity, that's tucked into the cryptocurrency niche. It has a built-in mining algorithm, allowing you to simply browse the web and earn Bitcoins right in your account. Not only does the browser ensure that you can mine crypto while browsing, but it also claims that it is up to 8 times faster than Google Chrome. CryptoTab browser also supports surfing, installing extensions, synching accounts, and managing history.

    How to install CryptoTab?

    • Download the installation file.
    • If prompted, click Run or Save.
    • If you chose Save, double-click download to start installing.
    • Start CryptoTab Browser.
    • Login with your Google account and you also can import all the settings like bookmarks, favourites, history and saved passwords.
    • Activate mining. Open the CryptoTab browser, click the CryptoTab icon in the right upper corner, turn the mining mode On, adjust your mining speed.

    CryptoTab browser supports all of the following features:

    • Extensions: The platform supports Chrome extensions so you can use any extensions such as B. Add an ad blocker, security tools, performance tools, themes, and more.
    • Mine Bitcoins: The website claims to be constantly mining cryptocurrencies through your browser, which means that whenever you have browser tabs open, you will automatically mine. However, the mining speed is faster when the browser window is active.
    • Multi-browser support: CryptoTab is available as a free standalone download, but allows data to be imported from Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari.
    • CryptoTab affiliate program: CryptoTab offers referral rewards. You can make more money by inviting peoples. It also has a recommendation network with 10 levels.
    • Withdrawals: You can withdraw your earnings directly to a BTC wallet at any time, although there is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.00001 BTC , which is $0.065 USD.

    CryptoTab Browser Compensation Plan

    • Level 1 – This level (personally referred) offers 15% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 2 – This level offers 10% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 3 – This level offers 5% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 4 – This level offers 3% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 5 – This level offers 2% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 6 – This level offers 1% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 7 – This level offers 0.5% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 8 – This level offers 0.25% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 9 – This level offers 0.125% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.
    • Level 10 – This level offers 0.0625% of the commissions earned from members that are on this level of your unilevel pay plan.

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    Infolinks - In-Text Advertising

    Infolinks is pioneer of in-text advertising and it’s one of the largest ad networks in the world today. Founded in 2007, Infolinks provides advertising solutions to more than 200,000 website owners and bloggers worldwide, helping them to monetize their sites with premium Contextual Ads . Basically, Infolinks is in-text, PPC (pay-per-click) and PPV (pay-per-view) ad network, but it offers various other ad types. Infolinks is the third largest and popular ad network after Adsense end for the publishers.

    How to Get Approved by Infolinks?

    To get approved by infolinks, isn’t that difficult as compared to Google Adsense. In fact, all you need is a blog or website with good amount of traffic to start with. Your blog or websites shouldn’t have illegal contents like hacking sites, pornographic sites, drugs etc. Registering to Infolinks is very easy. Just visit the website homepage and click on the »Join us« button. After entering your website in the first field, you can simply sign up with your Facebook credentials or add your full name and email. Then, you must put the infolinks code on the website and wait for approval.

    The application process seems quite fast, as you’ll get notified of your approval within 24-48 hours.

    Types Of Ad Formats In Infolinks:

    • InText: Advertisements are carefully positioned between material that suits the best keyword and retains the relevance. The size and amount of InText advertising can change to publishers.
    • InFold: This ad targets only the search traffic and displays footer-sticky advertisements for the users. InFold ads are SEO-friendly, as ads relate to what users came looking for through search engines are provided.
    • InFrame: These are skyscraper ads that appear on either side of large-screen devices. The content remains at the center of the screen while advertisements on InFrame continue to provide ad impressions without disrupting the layout of the web.
    • InArticle: These are expandable advertisements that are triggered by the user. It awaits users to begin interacting with the content and extends for full interaction at the right time. InArticle advertising can use show, video, and native formats.
    • InTag: It offers a set of keywords specific to website content, targeting a broad spectrum of users while ensuring contextual accuracy.

  • List of Top Websites to get Freelance Jobs 2020-10-07T12:26:00.014+02:00


    Freelance Jobs

    Want to be a freelancer or you've decided to become a freelancer, but you don't know where to start? You have many skills for online work and you want to find suitable work quickly. Yes, you've come to the right place! In this post you will find what you've been looking for. This list of best websites for freelancers, will help you decide what websites are best for you, to find freelance jobs.

    • Upwork (previously known as oDesk) has over 1.5 million clients making it one of the biggest freelancing sites. Upwork is suitable for every type of freelancer. You can find both short- and long-term projects available in hourly and per-project work. There are quite a large number of low paying jobs but professional experience and a good profile can definitely help you attract the higher paying gigs.

    • Freelancer is one of the biggest freelancing site and offers millions of projects. As a freelancer, you compete with other freelancers in contests to showcase your skills. The best freelancer gets the job. Entry level freelancers may find it challenging to get a footing however, many clients are willing to give new freelancers a chance. To know more about Freelancer you can see a full review here.

    • Flex Jobs is an online resource that collects thousands of verified job postings that offer flexible, telecommuting, part time and freelance positions. Flexjobs is quite popular because it filters out scams so you are assured of real jobs. FlexJobs charges a membership fee of $14.95 per month,  $29.95 for 3 months and $49.95 annually.

    • Guru is another online freelancing site like Upwork that connects all types of freelancers with clients from all over the world. Freelancers build profiles with portfolios of work on Guru giving employers a chance to see your expertise. Guru has a daily job-matching feature to help freelancers find new opportunities.

    • Fiverr is a little different to your average freelance job-listing website. Instead of having companies post their projects so freelancers can apply, the site has freelancers create “gigs” based on what they’re best at. It’s the ideal site for anyone who offers small tasks (‘gigs’) that can be done quickly. These “micro jobs” could be anything from reviews, blog comments, voice overs, drawings, logo design and so much more. Fiverr projects used to be priced at $5 (hence the name) but this is no longer the case.

    • Hubstaff Talent is a free platform that connects freelancers directly with businesses. All you need to do is sign up, fill out your details, then wait for potential employers to contact you. There’s also a job section where freelancers can browse 100s of available jobs.

    • People Per Hour is based on a bidding system where qualified freelancers bid for a project. Popular industries on the site include marketing, SEO, legal, accounting, design, writing and programming.

    • Project 4 Hire is another freelancing platform for all types of freelancers. The site works a little differently from most freelancing sites as you are required to pay 5% of your pay once a project is awarded to you before you can begin the project. In case the client fails to hire you, the Acceptance Fee is refunded to your account.

    • Oz Lance is a freelance website that focuses on connecting freelancers with Australian and New Zealand professionals and business owners. Joining the site is free but members have an option paying a small fee to get accredited for increased exposure. You can find all types of freelancing jobs in OzLance.

    • Service Scape is a relatively new freelance website and is another freelancing marketplace worth checking out. At the time of writing, the site is looking for professionals in the areas of writing, translation, editing and graphic design. There is no bidding or crowdsourcing on this site. Instead clients can buy pre-defined services form individual freelancers by searching the freelancer directory.

    • Toptal is an freelancing service for software developers and designers. The site links highly qualified developers with top tech companies and startups.Freelancers can also join the Toptal Community to attend frequent meetups and tech events.

    • Envato Studio which merged with FreelanceSwitch, is a freelance site focused on graphics, website design and programming. The site sets details such as turnaround time and the number of revisions upfront to ensure high quality. You can find one-time or short-term projects on the site, and earn a fixed fee in return.

    • Stack Overflow is a community of programmers and the job board is an added bonus. You can search for remote work and freelancing opportunities by location or company. Freelancers can increase their chances of getting hired by getting involved in the site’s Q&A forum.

    • Freelancer Map has thousands of remote IT projects available on contract. Techies can find jobs on the project board where hiring companies from around the world, post the jobs and projects available making.

    • Power To Fly is a specialised job board that focuses on matching women in tech with freelancing jobs available anywhere in the world. Freelancers have to go through a vetting process and invest in a paid trial that takes about a 2-4 weeks to make sure you’re a good fit.

    • Smashing Magazine freelance job board is a great resource for web designers and developers to find freelance jobs. Jobs vary from UX developers to product designers and everything in between.

    • WordPress Jobs is the official WordPress job board where freelancers can find WordPress related gigs such as plugin development, theme customization, WordPress-site optimization among others.

    • Krop is freelancing site for techies and creatives. It allows freelancers to upload personalized websites showcasing their skills to employers. The site features a mix of full-time, part-time and freelance work, searchable by location and keywords.

    • WP Hired focuses on providing freelance jobs for WordPress developers. Developers can find freelance, internship or a full-time positions in design, plugin development, theme development and more. The occasional WordPress SEO or copywriting jobs also crop up on the site.

    • 99 Designs is home to a variety of freelance designers. Designers showcase their work (logos, banners, website designs etc.) on the site and compete in design contests hosted by clients. Designers whose work is picked by clients are then paid a pre-determined amount of money

    • Design Crowd is another crowdsourcing marketplace for freelance designers looking to make money online. Jobs on the site include designing of logos, websites, brochures, posters, flyers, illustrations, stationery, business cards among others. To earn money you have to participate in a design contest and if your design is accepted you win the award money. Some clients will offer a base payment for just participating in the contest.

    • Behance is now part of Adobe and attracts millions of creative professionals in advertising, animation, architecture, computer animation, art direction, character design, cinematography, copywriting among others. Creatives can showcase their creative work by uploading their online portfolios.

    • Dribbble is a “show and tell” for designers.”Creatives can showcase their skills and work on the site for potential clients who might want to hire them. The job board also lists a variety of remote/ work anywhere opportunities.

    • Squad Help is a crowdsourcing marketplace where creatives can earn money by creating company names, taglines and slogans, business logos, viral marketing materials,and more. The site involves participating in contests posted on the website. Members or contestants compete among each other to complete the branding project. The participating client then selects a winner who is awarded a predetermined amount. The site is open to everyone.

    • The Loop is an Australian community for creatives. Freelancers can create portfolios of their work to apply for a variety of Australian businesses. The site offers a number of location-specific jobs, but its gigs section is full of remote work opportunities for writers, photographers, marketers, designers and more.

    • Cloud Peeps is a job board for experienced marketers. The platform helps freelancers and clients work together on a variety of marketing projects ranging from SEO to copywriting, strategy to content and everything in between.

    • Damongo is another micro job market with gigs from freelancers and clients around the world. Once you have a bit of experience on Fiverr, expand your reach with Damongo as well.

    • Freelance Writing Gigs is a global freelance site for skilled writers, editors, bloggers, publishers or any combination of thees skills. There are thousand of jobs for freelancers who have a flair for writing.

    • Problogger Jobs is an online job board for freelance bloggers. The site is updated regularly, improving the quality and chances of finding meaningful work. Because the site targets bloggers, the majority of the jobs available are blogging-related, but once in awhile you will find other writing jobs too.

    • Text Broker is an online content mill that posts a variety of freelance writing jobs. The site has writing opportunities for freelance writers with all experience levels including beginners. However, membership on the site is open to US citizens and residents only at this stage.

    • Naming Force is for you if are talented at coming up with catchy names that can be used by companies. To earn money on Naming Force, you need to find a contest submitted by a client and submit names. Registered members referred are then asked to vote for their favorite name. The client reviews the top names and picks the winner. The winning namer earns about $50 -$500. Naming Force only allows members from the U.S. at this point.

    • Slogan Slingers is a site where writers can submit slogans or taglines to slogan competitions added by clients. A cash price between $55 – $999 is awarded to the writer of the best slogan. The site is open to anyone and is free to join. 

    • Media Bistro is an online job board that connects writers, journalists and editors with popular magazines and trade publications. There are thousands of telecommuting media jobs for qualified freelancers. Freelancers can join the site free or choose the Paid AvantGuild membership at $45/year and get additional perks such as insider information on how to pitch national magazines. Jobs can sometimes be specific to U.S. citizens only.

    • Tutor is a freelancing site for skilled tutors. You can tutor anything on from math to yoga. To qualify to be tutor you will be required to go through the application process that is free of charge. However, due to the rigorous screening process involved you might have to wait up to three weeks to get through the process. Having the ability to tutor multiple subjects improves your chances of being accepted.

    • Chegg Tutors (previously InstaEdu) is a tutoring platform that matches qualified tutors with  students who require academic help. The site offers a wide variety of subjects. Any tutor with a postgraduate degree can join the site and teach the subject they are qualified in, earning $20/hr. Tutors are required to have a computer and a Broadband connection and commit to work for a minimum of four hours a day.

    • ByJu's is another online tutoring service where skilled tutors can find freelance tutoring jobs. As a tutor, you will be required to submit a resume and cover letter explaining your interests and qualifications for the position during the application process.

    • We Work Remotely is a job board specific to remote jobs. Jobs are available in design, programming, copywriting, customer service, and so much more. We Work Remotely was inspired by the book “Remote – Office Not Required” by the founders of 37signals.

    • Remotive offers a wide range of telecommuting, work-from-home and remote jobs to skilled freelancers. Remotive is also good for people who are just starting out in remote working as it offers weekly tips on remote work and productivity.

    • Working Nomads (formerly known as goRemotely) curates a list of remote jobs and sends them to members emails. Most members are digital nomads who travel as they work. Job categories on the site include development, design, systems administration, customer service and management.

    • Skip The Drive offers a wide array of telecommuting, work-from-home and remote jobs in any category. The site also has an interesting telecommuting calculator that works out how much time and money you can save by working remotely.

    • Virtual Vocations is a job board featuring telecommuting jobs only. Jobs are available for writers, paralegals, designers and others too. The site was started by a stay-at-home mom and is run by a fully remote team. Members can upload a portfolio for which they receive a unique URL, that they can then use to direct clients to their work.

    • Remote Job Board job board is ideal for those looking for remote work opportunities. Roles are available in tech, marketing, design and even admin roles. Most positions are full time and some are limited to U.S. citizens only. The board is regularly updated with new openings.

    • Inbound Jobs is a forum for marketers to discuss the latest trends in digital marketing. The site’s job board is an excellent resource for remote jobs in marketing, social media, development and more. Sort by remote location to find jobs that are not tied to a location.

    • Remote OK is a job board dedicated to remote jobs. Job categories include web development, mobile development, design, information security and also several non-tech roles.

    • Jobscribe is a jobs newsletter for remote jobs at tech startups located in New Zeland. You can sign up and the site promises you a daily email with jobs in design, development and/or marketing.

    • Transcribe Me is an online transcription service that offers transcription work to any interested freelancers. You do not necessarily need previous transcription experience to join the site. The basic requirements include excellent typing skills and strong command of English language, both written and spoken. 

    • Rev provides work-from-home opportunities for translators, transcribers and captioners. Membership is open internationally however there is a strict screening process. Average pay is about $30 per audio hour.

    • Quicktate is for experienced and professional transcriptionists. Jobs include transcribing phone call recordings memos, letters, legal files, medical files, conference calls among other audio files. Transcribers can select their own hours and work as few, or as many hours as they want.

    • CrowdSurf is a job site associated with Amazon MTurk (Mechanical Turk) that offers MTurk members more HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks). To sign up for CrowdSurf you need to have an Amazon MTurk account. Crowdsurf is well optimied to ensure members get jobs that interest them more. Members can set their own schedule but are required to maintain at least 20 HITS with a score of 3.5 or higher per week.

  • What is Freelancing? 2020-10-05T11:41:00.015+02:00


    Freelancing is a contract-based profession where instead of being recruited in an organisation, the person (freelancer) uses his skills and experience to provide services to a number of clients.

    Freelancer using third-party platforms like, Fiverr, 99designs, etc. to get business or use their network to get more business and provide services to their clients directly.

    In simple terms, freelancing is when you use your skills, education, and experience to work with multiple clients and take on various assignments without committing to a single employer. The number of assignments or tasks that you can take just boils down to your ability to deliver on them as asked from them.

    25 Types of Jobs You Can do as Freelancer

    1. Web Development and Designing

    You all know about web development and designing. You have to design and code the website and give it to your client.

    2. Teaching and Tutoring

    You have to teach and tutor online over Skype or Google Hangout. Job is pretty simple you need to organize various sessions and give lectures.

    3. Freelance Writing and Copywriting

    You have to write for various clients. Freelance writing could be anything from ghost writing to article writing for a blog or website.

    4. Creative Design

    Creative design could include a vast area of design related work. For example take PowerPoint presentation or desktop designing with Adobe Photoshop.

    5. Sales and Marketing

    Here you got to generate leads for your clients. You have to market a product especially on the internet. Marketing could be anything email marketing, social media marketing etc.

    6. Graphic Designing

    Graphic designing is all together a different field. You got to create graphics for printed and electronic media. Graphic designers are huge in demand as a freelancer.

    7. Mobile App Development

    App development is very hot especially for mobile platforms like Apple and Windows. You need to develop Apps as a freelancer for your clients.

    8. Search Engine Optimization or SEO, SEM

    Search Engine Optimization or SEO is also a popular freelancing job that can be done from home. You need to pull a website and rank high on Google. SEM or search engine marketing is same thing.

    9. Branding and Public Relations

    Branding and PR jobs are in high demand if you are a freelancer. These services can be given working as a freelancer from your home. The campaign that you are going to run will be on Internet.

    10. Admin Support or Assistance

    Administration Support or assistance could come in various forms like being virtual assistant or managing a certain kind of project.

    11. 3D Modelling and CAD

    3D modelling and CAD is an advanced subject however the demand is great if you want to work as a 3D Modelling and CAD designer.

    12. Game Development

    Game development is also quite similar to app development. However, here you will code about games that are played online or offline.

    13. Translation

    Translation jobs are also in great demand if you are a freelancer. You need to translate something from one language to another. There is legal translation and medical translation also.

    14. Web Research

    Web research or internet research is quite an easy job for freelancers. Here you will be given different types of tasks like surveys, filling form, taking poll etc. Basic research work!

    15. Legal Services

    Legal services are for law graduates or students of law. Clients seek various services like corporate cases, criminal, property, family, paralegal etc. Here money is great!

    16. Transcription

    You might have heard about transcription jobs. Transcription jobs could be anything from general to legal to medical. Medical transcription jobs are most popular among freelancers.

    17. Article and Blog Writing

    Although we mentioned freelance writing and copywriting in the very beginning of the article but article and blog writing is different. Here you write blogs and articles for bloggers.

    18. Photography

    Freelance photographer is one of the most popular freelancing jobs. I should have mentioned this much earlier in the article.

    19. Customer Service

    Customer Service jobs for freelancers are there but not quite popular as others. There is other different customer service like giving technical support to the client.

    20. Social Media Coordinator and Community Manager

    Social media coordinator or community manager jobs are not for everyone because you need to have experience. Here you need to know about platforms like LinkedIn, Google Plus etc.

    21. Logo Design and Illustration

    Logo design and illustration could come under creative design. Design logos for websites and create magical illustrations.

    22. Audio and Video Production

    Audio and video production comes under creative design.

    23. Data Entry Jobs

    Data entry jobs are nothing new and you might know about them. You have to see images and write it down into a word file. You have to finish certain pages in a day.

    24. Human Resource Management

    HR manager or human resource managers are required by the clients. You can do this job online as well offline from your home.

    25. Architecture Services

    Finally, you can get a job as a freelancer for various architecture services. The most popular one is interior designing. You can deal with clients from your home.

  • Talk Online Panel - Paid Online Surveys 2019-10-30T12:43:00.008+01:00

    Talk Online PanelTalk Online Panel was established in Austria, with its current headquarters in Vienna. It's a social platform where members are invited to take part in surveys of everything from life needs and financial decisions to social issues and shopping habits. Surveys can be commissioned by media outlets, research agencies or marketing companies, and depending on the questionnaire, can be targeted to the general population or only to a specific target group. 
    This social platform is available in this countries:  Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Germany, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Moldavia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Cyprus, Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

    How you collect points:

    • Registering and confirming your account (100 points)
    • Liking Talk on Facebook (20 points)
    • Completing profile surveys that give us a first idea of your lifestyle and preferences (points depending on survey duration)
    • Inviting friends to join the panel (100 points for each friend who confirms registration and completes a real survey they are invited to apart from profile surveys)
    • The points you collect for participating in the surveys have an accurate monetary value and can be "redeemed" at the time you collect them for the minimum prize value. The most common survey values ​​are between 100 and 200 points and up to 400 points.

    Collected points can be exchanged for:

    • Each completed market survey at is rated by points and can be exchanged either for cash ( paid by Bank transfer) ,
    • or a particular product (like free Amazon gift cards).
    • Subscriptions to various  magazines  (e.g. National Geographic, Elle, Men's Health, My Flat, Sensa, Cosmopolitan),
    • or you can turn them into  donations to charities.

  • PulsePoint CPM Ad Network 2016-10-10T12:33:00.003+02:00
    PulsePoint is basically a CPM advertising network which can be a good source of income generation for low, medium and high traffic websites. No clicks are required to generate revenue. You are required to put a piece of code on your website where you would want the CPM ads to appear, set your own CPM pricing and that’s it. You should start to earn.
    There is no minimum traffic precondition for joining PulsePoint. However, you do need to wait for a few days after submitting your website at PulsePoint for approval. After being approved, you can create ‘Ad Tag groups’ within which you can create ‘Ad Tags’. An Ad Tag is just a name given for the actual ad you will be running on your websites. You can set the pricing for each Ad Tag. You can also specify a backup tag for each Ad Tag. Backup tags might be codes to generate ads of other ad networks or you can choose to run PSA or display a block matching the background color on your website. For each Ad Tag, you can also block ads of certain categories from displaying.

    PulsePoint offers these standard IAB sizes for displaying ads:

    • 728×90   - Leaderboard
    • 300×250 - Medium Rectangle
    • 120×600 - Skyscraper
    • 160×600 - Wide Skyscraper
    • 300x600
    • 700x500
    • Video Tag

    Payment Methods:

    • EFT, Electronic Funds Transfer (US Only)
    • Check
    • Paypal
    • Payments are paid once your account has reached the $50 minimum.

    Pros of PulsePoint:

    • Good Adsense Alternative
    • Good Reputation
    • CPM ads that don’t require clicks
    • Ability to block undesired ad categories
    • Own CPM price for each Ad Tag

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