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Should you Feel Fatigue After A Workout?

Mar 6th 2011 at 6:58 PM

There seems to be a lot of commotion against exercise for those who are
over the age of 26.
To a vast number of people, it wears you out, causing a weary life
and early death. For people that believe in working out, this is a joke!
Yet there may be some truth in this anti-get in shape belief.
For some people exercise tends to wear them out or exhaust them, rather
than build them up.
This could be due to bad genes. Many who refuse to spend time at a
gym or health club are likely to think this way, or just simply believe
that they are incapable of benefiting from a regular workout or routine.
If you workout on a regular basis and experience positive outcomes as a

you may think that those of us who do not gain the same results, are just
bullcrapping or jiving to themselves by making up crazy or unjustified

Maybe it is true, or maybe not, but there could be other factors or matters.
It may have to do with cellular oxidation or rusting out.
This may be a result of lack of antioxidants or the neglect of use of

after a workout. It may be a good idea to consider doing some research on

vitamins/supplements before starting a workout/fitness program or routine.
Also before starting a routine,
consider making an appointment with your doctor for recommended daily
usage, dosage and proper/effective brands.
Without the use of antioxidants, after working out, it is quite
possible to experience fatigue, especially over an extended period of time.
The result could easily be for one to give up or throw in the towel of defeat.
Supplements are quite popular and benefical.
Just a short time ago, health/fitness food stores were sparse and difficult
to locate, even in big cities.
Now there are at least one per county with a huge selection.
Many can be Googled on the internet and purchased via internet with free

Just about all of them sell antioxidants, such as multivitamins, acai berries
and green tea. There are also many corner/ wholesale stores that carry a

limited supply.
Not everyone is comfortable consuming supplements.
There are still people that believe in three meals a day, relaxing on
the weekend and pacing themselves with each day along with other
family activities, is the key or solution to there good health.
For them, the idea of taking supplements or vitamins is just a waste of time
and money, or, just does not make sense.
It could be a risk factor, if it was not suggested or prescribed
by a doctor. Three meals a day is enough for them and paying the price for

that their body will or may reject is not justifiable.
Using a supplement, containing the vitamins, A, C, E, along with green tea,
or acai berry, could make an impact on your workout.
Take one daily after each meal and this could have you feeling better
within a few weeks and more or less looking forward to working out!
Tell a friend and start making a difference in you and someone else's life!

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