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I am a Penna. resident that enjoys reading, writing, food and television/
I committed to helping/ and learning from others. Personal development/self growth and helping autistic,disabled children are my passion.....
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Become Passionate About What You Do!

Oct 11th 2010 at 6:03 PM

Would you be over age 40? Well great, then you can read this article and all that it contains
without permission from anyone. If you are under 40, then you have permission from
me and a ton of other authors and readers like myself to read on!
Let me ask you something...
if you are over 40 have you began to question your life and your work at this
point in your life?
If so, good. This is quite normal and healthy.
Maybe you have also pondered and questioned your contributions to society.
Or, perhaps you have not accomplished certain goals or plans that you had expected
to acheive by this time in your life.
Ok folks, this is all right!
Life and unexpected events tend to unbalance or upset the plans of action we had once planned.
This is the time to deal with the disparity between where you are, and where you want to
be at this point in your life.
This is important so that you can make changes with internal expectations, that better suit you at this
stage in your life.
This can be a long process.
Do you think about your age, and the fact that you are not getting any younger?
This is probably generating more awareness of you, who you are, your acheivements and your
future investments or activities.
It is normal from time to time to think about your own mortality, as this
can bring about a new positive and healthy change.
This is the time to question yourself about what it most important and
whether your lifestyle is in sync to your values and sense of identity.
Do you like what you are currently working/doing for a living?
If not, you are not alone. Most people do not find meaning in their work, or even like
what they do for a living. Many of us, trying to avoid failure, continue to work
harder at jobs in which we are not passionate about.
This overemphasis on productivity and sense of doing things that are not personally
rewarding, causes inner conflict and turmoil.
Listen, if it does not work, stop doing it. Stop taking the same dead end road to nowhere.
Seek a job or profession that provides joy and meaning. Do not go back to a job
that was uneventful and did not make a difference to yourself or others.
Do not accept a job just for the pay, as this will catch up to you and cause regret.
The money is spent faster than earned, and because of lack of meaning, this causes the
onset of an unending emptiness. So make a change, do something different.
This requires risk, courage, and a willingness to make a change in your life.
Go for it folks!
What have you got to lose or gain? What steps should you take to get started?
Do something you enjoy!
Become a professional at something you enjoy. Focus and become really good on one thing
as opposed to several different things. This will raise your self esteem and make you feel
like you are accomplishing things. Especially if you are over 40!
Decide what you want to change in your life and act now.
Ask yourself, why do you want to change? How will this change affect my future?
What will happen if you do not change?
Start to build new and good habits.
Create a product or service, and sell to just one other person.
Do not take this lightly. Think the whole process through and what differences
you could possibly create in your life and others.
Help and learn from others.
Learning is unlimited. For each idea that chose to pursue, you will find that many others
are already following the same guidelines.
At this point, the universe is at your fingertips for learning new technology and creative ideas.

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Feb 28th 2011 at 12:04 PM by GTBulmer
Hello, Treena: I like your advice: Make a change, do something different, take a risk - do something you enjoy! Thanks for posting this article. GT :-)

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