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Affirmations that Attract Prosperity

Aug 14th 2010 at 6:07 PM

Do you have a tough time concentrating on creating wealth? Do you find yourself thinking negative thoughts,
that seem to attract more lack of confidence in your life?
Well,use affirmations as a tool to turn those thoughts around!
The affirmations work by sending new messages to your subconscious mind.
More ofte, this replaces the old negative messages, with new positive messages.
Your affirmations should be worded correctly for proper effectiveness.
Telling yourself that you are a millionare, is not going to make it happen overnight,
or that money is going to somehow fall into your lap or bank account anytime
in the near future. Success normally takes time and effort.
If you try to tell your subconscious that you are at present a millionare,
before it happens, then you are creating a conflict with your current beliefs.
The subconscious mind does not handle conflict well, and so it does not change,
and more than likely, nothing in your life will change, either!
Word your affirmations in a way so that your subconscious mind will not resist.
Make them believable.
Say to yourself, I am becoming more knowledgeable and prosperous with everyday.
This way, you can actually imagine it happening and it
seems more realistic.
Word your affirmations so that full responsibility is placed on you.
Say, I have the opportunity to make money quickly and more easily
than working a routine 9-5, 40 hour a week job!
This will make you feel more in control of your circumstances in your life.
If your focus on the negative is strong, you will probably have to spend more
time, energy and effort on training your mind to think wealth and success.
The effort will be well worth it, since your positive mindset and your success
thoughts will cause you to attract good things into your life.
1)Use your thoughts and emotions to attract abundance.
2)Become more prosperous and set daily goals everyday.
3)Everyone has what it takes to become successful.
4)Become resourceful and create a better life, by helping yourself first,
with positive affirmations and actions, and then helping others
achieve the same results!

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Aug 20th 2010 at 6:19 AM by aditya
Good article. Thanks

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