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A Guide To Better Sex

Aug 7th 2010 at 8:57 PM

The biggest problems holding back most women from fantastic sex is
1)not taking initative to get the pleasure they want
2)worrying about how they look during sex
Well, here are some great sex tips that can help you to improve your bedroom activities!
A) communication is key, talk to your partner! Let him know what you like.
B) always have sex toys if preferred or lube on hand, because sex is exquisite and slippery!
C) sexual pleasure is a joy and a right and nothing to be ashamed of.
Women can acheive better orgasms by being adventurous with themselves.
Learn how to masturbate, which makes it easier to have better partner sex.
Set aside personal time for yourself and have some fun with it.
Experiment with different sex toys such as a vibrator that delivers clitoral
stimulation, or a g-spot toy, which is used to stimulate the nerves inside the vagina.
Talk to your partner and tell him what you like! Quickies are awesome and serve their purposes,
but at other times, you should spend a long time building up arousal.
Get each other going, pull back a little and then return to building up arousal.
You can acheive a more powerful orgasm this way.
Don't be shy! Get on top and take control, be experimental, grind against his pubic bone
for stimulation, or reach down and play with yourself, or guide his hand to stimulate you.
Take control of penetration depth, so that it feels best to you, and then switch up and turn around,
for different angle, depth penetration and sensation.
Remember to breath, which is simple, however very effective.
For a lot of women during arousal, they instinctively hold their breath or breathe shallowly
and clench their muscles.
Take deep breaths, so that it increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and can
push you over the edge to climax or bring your orgasm to another level.
Use your entire body for good sex, your fingers, arms, knees, and teeth.
Use all five senses and enjoy the journey.
Don't forget sex is a mind activity as well, so bring your mind, heart, willingness
and desire for connection.
Develop your own skills and knowledge to have an orgasm, then bring that knowledge
to the bedroom and share it with another person. Have fun!

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Oct 31st 2010 at 3:27 AM by fredds
Sex is a gift from God, one of the best gifts he ever gave us humans. Following your guide will surely make this gift even better.

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