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Steven Lanier | slanier
Steven Lanier's Journey
  • You’re Not The Only One Asking: Can CBD Oil Get You High?
    The Quick Answer:Question: Can CBD oil get you high?No, CBD is naturally non-psychoactive. You may, however, feel more relaxed, which some people also associate with being “high.”​Want to learn more? Read below to dig deeper into this topic. Or check out our best CBD oil page to learn about our best-selling products and hemp oil vaping accessories. ​CBD vs. THC A common worry for those considering using CBD oil products to benefit from th [...]
  • Pleasure vs Pain in The Programmed Society
    “In experiments on mice, scientists rewired the circuits of the brain and changed the animals’ bad memories into good ones…The researchers said they were able to do the opposite as well—change a pleasurable memory in mice into one associated with fear.”(Kevin Drum, Mother Jones, 8/27/14)Brain researchers believe they have the future of the world in their hands. For example, they assume that one day, they will be able to turn on or turn off circuits that indu [...]
  • Why Conventional Medicine Can't Cure Depression
    Are you depressed? Anxious? Hyperactive? Attention Deficit? Psychotic? Delusional? Schizophrenic? Bipolar? Social anxiety disorder? Panic attacks? Do you have a disease? Has it been diagnosed? Is there a cure?​The DSM-5, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, is the official medical bureaucracy book of mental disorders. You might be surprised to learn that there are no cures for any mental disorder listed in the DMS-5. Not one. The DSM-5 does not r [...]
  • A Message From The Future
    #wsite-video-container-714169010489998668{ background: url(//; } #video-iframe-714169010489998668{ background: url(//; } #wsite-video-container-714169010489998668, #video-iframe-714169010489998668{ background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: [...]
  • Fight the Establishment's Narrative By Getting Clear on your Own
    Anti-establishment movements are a mess. Whether they’re left-wing or right-wing, whether they’re statist or anarchist, whether they’re organized or decentralized, whether they place emphasis on official or unofficial narratives, any circle of people who are interested in opposing the status quo on a deep, meaningful level almost invariably find themselves significantly bogged down by confusion, paranoia, infighting, and misdirected use of energy.Every day, for example, [...]
  • Bizarre Seismic Waves Rippled Around The World And No One Knows Why
    Something very unusual rumbled across planet Earth on November 11th, and scientists say they’ve never seen anything like it. For 20 minutes, instruments measured unusual seismic activity over 10,000 miles away from where it originated, yet not a single human felt them.Seismic waves, originating from the French island of Mayotte, between Africa and Madagascar, traveled around the world. They were recorded throughout Africa and as far away as Chile, New Zealand, Canada and Hawaii, nea [...]
  • Could The Key To Cancer Be Found in Quantum Physics?
    Alethea Black, ContributorSome of the world’s finest minds—from Nick Bostrom to Elon Musk to Leonard Susskind to Anthony Peake and many others—seem inclined to believe we’re living in a simulation. But if we’re living in a simulation, we are simulations ourselves. So: Is all illness quantum?A simulated or holographic universe would be a universe that was comprised, a priori, of light. But light does not behave according to classical physics. It [...]
  • Censorship is The New Front on The War on Consciousness
    At its core, consciousness is the awareness of being aware. Which is extraordinarily relevant to today’s conversation about the internet censorship being openly carried out by big tech and big government.​You see, when looking at this from the microcosmic level, that is, exploring of the vastness of the inner worlds, increasing consciousness is about digging deep with open eyes to uncover the forces, drivers, baggage, patterns, and programming that influences on [...]
  • The Root Cause of Depression and How To Heal it
    Azriel ReShel, Uplift ConnectWe all know it, that dull ache of pointlessness, overwhelming sadness and a deep lack of interest in life. The fog of listless pain that blows in and then settles, trapping us inside it. Most of us have suffered at some point in our lives from depression. Be it a mild version following a major life event, or a more prolonged episode that can get so severe it entraps us in an ever compressing world of hopelessness to such an extent we consider ending our o [...]
  • How YOU Can Undermine The Evil Cabal
    Over the years, the description of the tyrants and psychopaths that so often occupy positions of power in our world has evolved, and today it is fashionable to refer to this nebulous group by using the term ‘Evil Cabal.’Language is perhaps the most important device we have for creating reality, and just as George Orwell knew, the more linguistically vague, simplistic, ambiguous and nondescript the language, the more room there is to shape perception. This i [...]


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