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Top 7 Programming languages to learn in 2019 to get good Job.

Apr 19th 2019 at 12:05 AM

The whole digital section has a crux organization from programming languages. Every IT firm is looking out for perfect and specialized coders for their projects and tasks. No matter it is a product based industry or service based Tech giant, the need of a good programmer is required everywhere and employers are ready to pay well if you can showcase your skills in programming.

Here are my top 7 languages that you should in 2019 to get a good job:

  1. Java

This is definitely the fits choice of everyone. A mature, highly resourceful OOP Language which has been into the industry for more than two decades now and still standing tall with its unique features, wide set of real-time applications and enriched IDEs like Eclipse and NetBEans. Java as a whole unit has found applications in web application development, Desktop GUI, mobile applications, web servers, embedded systems and what not. With its continuous development, Java has successfully become the most widely used language all over the world. And this is how Java training courses in Pune and in India are on a boom as well. The novelty of Java language is that many other languages like Scala and Groovy also run on JVM, which converts the user code into Java bytecode only. Being a Java expert guarantees you a job in this highly competitive section.

  1. JavaScript

Many websites claim JavaScript to be the most popular language and I can’t disagree. The functional front end development and bridging with the back end has made it more popular over the decade. The key being, advanced GUI techniques that it provides. Every industry is seeking to attract more customers by providing the best user experience on their websites as well as in their services. JavaScript, with its various frameworks like AngularJs, NodeJS, etc, provides highly interactive browsers and applets by changing and

updating HTML and CSS languages. With start-ups culture at its peak in India, JavaScript is a must learn a language.

  1. Python

When you ask any programmer, which language you should start with? Many will say, that you should kickstart your developer journey with Python. Python was known to be grown to its fullest, but the emergence of latest technologies and Python resources has made Python an almost immortal language in the industry. From web servers, business applications, Desktop and web applications to independently execute complex machine learning and data science algorithms, Python has unfurled its veins everywhere in the IT system. Python frameworks like Django, Pyramid, and Turbo Gears as web frameworks have found ultimate popularity in the tech industry.

The recent success of python in machine learning via various libraries and developments has put forward definite sustainability of the language, while increasing the scope of apprentice developers in the market. Apart from this, it’s frameworks also include cross-language implementations like Cython(for C), Jython(for Java) and IronPython(for Mono and .NET), showing it's versatility.

  1. ++ and C#

C++ is known for its flexibility and efficiency and has found its place in the industry applied in-game developments, client-server applications, drivers, embedded systems, etc. The MS Windows and Browsers like Google Chrome you’re using is also based on C++,

Whereas C# is the ultimate crossbreed of C and C++, found to be applied in XML web services and various other Microsoft .NET framework applications.

  1. PHP

Hypertext processor(PHP) is open source general-purpose scripting language for web development and can be embedded into HTML code from the server side execution.

Although it’s use has shown a decrement due to the rapid development of other languages, it still manages to rank 5th on this ranking.

  1. Perl

If you are comfortable with Unix and shell scripting, Perl can get you to reach limits as a high-level language. IF you are a bio-informatics enthusiast, Perl is the life-line their, being used in Human Genome project.

  1. R

The scope of Analytics in the present and in the future is ultra high. The way data analytics and data science has emerged especially over the few years is itself astonishing. The value of R language has grown over the period being an easy to learn, highly useful statistical language. Every industry, from tech giants to entertainment are looking for data scientists and R can be the best way to kick-start your journey.

Bottom line is that there are various other languages that are industry and workplace dependent. If you are planning to work abroad, languages like Kotlin, Rust, Go are in the market demand. In India, getting a job is not that easy, but if you know and have command in 2-3 languages from the above list, you are good to go.

And if you are looking to learn languages like Java and it’s frameworks, Cyber Success is known to be trending and emerging Java classes in Pune. Learning with interest and having a proper motivation or goal can take you to the highest peaks of the job you are looking for.

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