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Network marketing, site promotion, discovering as much as possible about the industry, learning from others and sharing ideas. Coaching/guiding new marketers. Video/console gaming, martial arts, films, history/Japanese culture and language.
Sean Ladyman | seanladyman
I am not a salesperson and never thought Direct Sales would be for me: my first Kleeneze week (uk) has given me £180.45 retail sales!
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  • Sean Ladyman

    welcome to IM faceplate and welcome to my blog and profile, we all have a common problem: how to entice another prospect into our wonderful opportunity so that we can make more money! The solution is not so easy to find. Some find it while a hundred others do not and the failure effect comes down to two main things: 1) Laziness and 2) Lack of creativity. This may sound harsh but too many expect instant success without a need to work.
  • The first problem is easy to solve, you simply work harder or walk away...period.

    Subject closed. The second is not so easy. Not everyone has the ability to be creative, creativity is not completely intuitive it can be learnt, but in this world of Internet marketers - especially new marketers - often feel alone and their confidence in a world of 'professional' blog writers, marketers who have been marketing since before computers and the Internet were invented, an enviroment of 'get rich quick' scammers - to mention just a few. Well it's no wonder new marketers feel isolated and lack the confidence to just jump in and learn how to swim, and it is this reason that the industry (largely unregulated) has such a huge percentage of 'quitters', let's face it most marketers are here for themselves, to make themselves richer and don't give a damn about anyone else. .
  • That is human nature (another subject)

    If anyone could be guaranteed to make a fortune we would all follow and there would be no need for marketing of any description would there? But our world is different. We are an economic race, we have to exchange currency or our society would collapse, so new markets, new avenues that create a platform for this strategy to take place are very welcome and they will create an uplift in currency exchange (income) for those who are prepared to learn how to 'work the system'. I am not here to tell you what to join, that this or that program will or will not work, you will experiment and program hop no matter what anyone advises or tells you not to do, simply because of your nature as a human being who lives within our society.
  • But I can and do offer you guidance (if you want it)

    Support when you feel alone, advice if you care to accept it. But it will cost you! Your time. I ask for nothing else (at least I have yet to set a charge!) If you decide to hit the 'subscribe' button after leaving your first name and e-mail address, you will be sent an e-mail with a link on which you must click to start recieving my mails (educational and not sales orientated), if you decide you don't like the mails then you simply click on an unsubscribe link at the bottom of any mail sent out, which then takes you off my mail list. Within the mailings you recieve are links to advertising resources (tons), my own personal training methods, explanations, links to contact me, auto-responder mail copies (if needed)...the list is growing. But what I do NOT provide you with is the same as everyone else, and I charge you nothing because I want your trust, your confidence, your support, some of your time and we will begin to grow your business together...

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