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What loopholes of a restaurant can put an online ordering on a false front?

Mar 13th 2019 at 7:56 AM

Restaurants are accomplishing milestones by offering competent online ordering system to their valuable customers. They have been doing several other things for making the life of an epicure convenient. Do you know a single loophole can affect all efforts that you have been putting on your business? Yes, this is right. We all know the restaurant industry is in the boom of restaurant online ordering because nowadays if you are new to this business then mark my word it is incomplete without a properly planned and flawless online system.

People prefer favorite meals at their doorstep so they first check the online ordering service and then decide either they should go for it or not. Restaurants performance play a significant role in overall things. If few things are not working fine, then it will raise the questions on the performance of eateries and put the online ordering system on a false front as well. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of these loopholes that we need to fix immediately to save the business from the biggest drop.

Late delivery

Online customers can’t tolerate late food delivery, and this one has bad impact on restaurant goodwill. People would write this on social media review section, and others won’t even give a try for once because of this. Traffic gridlock is the main reason for late delivery, but restaurants need to pay attention to this and must listen to the rider issues. Make sure orders are prepped in given time that you people are saying in promotions. Late delivery would put a wrong impression on sales insight of eating place. In this case, you can use coffee shop POS to manage your orders. So, you must try a smart order management system for your restaurant or coffee shop.

Food Quality

Whatever the restaurant is food quality always matters so make sure restaurants are serving the desired quality level to foodies. Eateries with poor quality hardly run for a long time, and they even can’t compete with their competitors. Every restaurant is paying attention to food quality these days and keep on introducing some variations in different cuisines. If you have been maintaining the food quality for a long time, then you would have been created a long-lasting relationship with all the foodies around you. People who are ordering online either they have already tested you or want to give a try for killing hunger. It’s important to serve them the best quality to keep their trust in you. Restaurants should have the best chefs who are taking epicures taste buds seriously for the growth of the business. Online food ordering would be in danger with poor food quality so tackle this thing immediately.

Poor Restaurant Menu

We all know eating places use to serve additional things on dining rather than online ordering. For example, diners don’t deliver extra dips along pizza or burgers that they serve customers in restaurants. Brief menu is delivered which is not attractive for foodies. The online menu uses to have insufficient options. Less menu than restaurant won’t be a great deal for a business to grab the attention of people. In this case, the restaurant owner should properly customize food menu with the use of restaurant EPOS system for excellent food service.

Lack of interaction with Customers

Social media run successfully only when businesses would be responsive to the eateries, but in many situations, it has been observed that restaurants won’t reply to the customer's review and even they don’t respond to their questions. This thing is not appreciated so all they have to do is to be responsive that would help people to place their order. Their queries should be responded in time. Lack of interaction would divert the attention of all customers.

Hidden Tax

The most shocking moment for the customer when they saw hidden tax along delivery charges which are overburden for their pockets. People have to pay the same charges including tax as they use to pay for dining. I saw majority epicures moving away from such online eating options which charge massive amount. If eateries want to run their online ordering system successfully, then they should keep people updated about hidden tax otherwise.

Staff attitude

No matters, how large your food business is the attitude of staff always matters. They should have a smile on their face every time to not let the customers feel about your exhaustive routine. Response them in a polite manner. Whatever they ask for should be answered quickly. For online customers, it matters a lot because when their order gets late and on the inquiry to the restaurant, they should behave nicely to them. Otherwise, people won’t order even online because of harsh behavior. Instruct them to keep their tone in low. Initially, staff attitude can leave an adverse impact on online ordering. This one is quite easy to handle by giving a training and some necessary instructions.

Bad Social Media reviews

Well, many people might have unfortunate experience at your place, and they won’t resist their hands from giving bad reviews. Such reviews are so harsh that isn’t easy to handle, and for a while, you people get frustrated on what to respond but if you know the tactics of handling then this is an indication of excellence. Online customers would step back, and sales would be dropped as well. It’s imperative to pay attention to restaurant services because its bit difficult sometimes to handle the reviewing guns. The downfall of numerous restaurant sales has been because of poor social media services.

Improper update

With online ordering system, this one is also considered the biggest dilemma because when people placed their order, they don’t know either the meal is available or not. By calling they would get to know about this, and the improper update will frustrate customers. In the end, they won’t place orders in future. Keep the system up to date so whoever will be on the website for the order they should know either this is currently available or not. A timely update would keep customers up to date and save from hassle of frequently calling and confirmation about their orders. Restaurateurs should look into this on an immediate basis.

Slow Application processing

Most restaurants get to know about the slow application processing on a complaint by customers. Slow processing would frustrate people, and such kind of frequent issues won’t make them satisfied for further orders. Restaurateurs should have detailed idea about this so they can resolve people complains in time and keep them up to date as well. Slow processing would put online ordering in a mess as well because other times customers have to face the issue of slow ordering system which also slows down the performance of ordering.

Annoying Graphics

You might have been visiting numerous sites on a daily basis for ordering, and people are trying mostly new of them for the growing hype, but some websites have frustrating graphics. I believe that shouldn’t be on food websites. No enticing images just a brief description with the poor quality picture. Online ordering system should have an exciting and enticing theme because whenever a hungry foodie land to your website there is must be something to increase their craving. High definition food images would be an extra treat for them


These are the loopholes that would almost shut down the online ordering if we don’t pay attention to this. It’s imperative to deal with this on immediate basis for the business growth. Fix this immediately for getting the huge revenue and grabbing the more online audience for online business. 

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