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Robert Bridge | robertbridge
Just been surfing on I love Hits, Start Exchange and Hits4U. You can find my most recent blog posts on have a great day and thanks for visiting me here on FACEPLATE


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    Recycling Robots is dedicated to Robot toys and video's and is an important addition to the Trash Robot scene.
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  • Communications with Robert Bridge 2017-02-18T18:59:00.001+00:00

    Communicardo como Roberto Bridge

  • Natural Progression in Politics by Robert Bridge 2016-10-23T16:20:00.001+01:00
    Hi my name is Robert Bridge and welcome to another one of my blogs. This is Natural Progession in Politics.
    T h e year is 2016 and politics around the world is changing, so let's see how it is progressing. We see a rise in female leaders and lobbyists. Cutbacks are happening and the currencies are dropping to an all time low. Good news for people with bank accounts held in anything but sterling.
         We are seeing a change of hands in leadership and with this comes the change in temperament. The finger pointing and squabbling shows how government's are missing the important points, either that or this is simply what they want you to see and talk about.
         Tribal trains of thought are dancing together bringing classes of citizens together. With each speech a new voice is born, mostly from a place of confusion and trying to fit it.
         Alternatively we see beliefs changing which alternates the way we do our shopping. Health is important and this improving because more solutions are available to relax in a world media announcing anxiety and grief.  Interestingly this makes political arguments more interesting as more men take it on the chin waiting outside these new Anne Summer's stores.
         The rise in gamers and mobile hand held devices is rising partly due to the advancement in headphones, graphics and battery life. Paid adverts have never been more important which support the power of consumerism.
         Equally we see a dilution of beliefs in a melting pot of recent scientific and unscientific breakthroughs which make people embarrassed to stand up and be counted.

  • From what we know today about learning 2016-07-19T08:39:00.002+01:00
    She put the MG into third gear and took her gaze from the mirror along the dashboard to me with a look of apology.

    It was a beautiful day, the soft top was down and the wind was blowing in our hair as we drove from Castletown to Port St Mary. The classic white Jaguar was nice, it reminded me of how nice a teacher she was. Long blonde hair, blue eyes and by all measures very attractive.

    I'd stuck my thumb out and Miss had picked me up hitch hiking, I did this a lot on the Isle of Man during my mid twenties, a lot of women pick up hitch hikers on the Isle of Man. Without blowing my own trumpet I've always been good looking and during the prime of my youth I may have been a hit with the ladies. Not only intelligent, dressed smart and not afraid to speak my mind. I've been picked up by many old teachers over the years. As a boy because of my learning disabilities I was often punished for doing bizarre things, mainly asking questions about things, reiterating what had already been asked in order for me to understand what was being said.

    They know more about learning now than they did then. The punishments left an impression on me a bit. Mainly with the way I react to punishment. On the front end I would apologise, but behind the scenes my mind would be harvesting resentment because I could not understand why people got so angry at me for the littlest things. Yes I understand this may disrupt teaching, but never really understood why I got individual treatment.

    Standing in the corner of the room in a white vest and underpants, stripped of all my clothes with my face to the wall with a class full of friends looking on. Everyone after the class said they thought this was harsh. I'd had tears in my eyes, was very angry but thanked the teacher at the end of the class, like I always did. I was only eight at the time, I got good grades in exams and was willing to go any lengths to learn.

    The point I am getting at is that learning in a classroom requires a respect for other students, which I remember having. The competitive side of me uses humour to distinguish me from other people. This may disrupt teachers concentration. Or make them feel the butt of my jokes. Having dyspraxia can cause a lot of this confusing behaviour. If they knew then what they know about it now they probably would have treated me differently. I am glad that I did not receive any of this sort of preference.
  • Natural Progression in 2016 by Robert Bridge 2016-07-08T05:48:00.001+01:00
    Hi thanks for visiting. Today's entry is a section for submission to Natural Progression a book I have been writing for seven years, part of which is already online. You can download and read on any device here, just create a free account. If you are a writer this will really help.

    Natural Progression 2016 by Robert Bridge

    A natural progression can be tapped into when the fog clears. You can dip in and out like a sherbert bag. The days inbetween work themselves. Progressing naturally in your own time at your own rate gives plenty of room to do the other things in life.

    You yourself can write when you can and when you struggle or find you cannot, no worries because you are accumulating something. No one is going to read or take your manuscripts until it's finished.

    Transparency and self publishing a work in progress gives you something that may bring a huge sense of pride to what you do and who you are or meant to be.

    The writers life opens a world of hope and dreams. Acting as a magnet where more people get behind you and boost your clear thoughts. This clears a lot of that fog or blocks you may have crafting your message. The thing is people are passionate about genres, if you position yourself in the best place for people who might like things you mention, the quicker this process could take place.

    Through Natural Progression you can put your legs up. You can type with two fingers, I do not reccomend pen to paper not for this project anyway. You want the world to see this stuff. You will have to be reasonably honest else readers will see right through your posturing.

    Natural Progression 2016
    Life is a series of lessons and overtime we change, refine and improve. There are instances where people become so disconnected they mimic a collection of other people. It's hard to recognise these people anymore. If we cannot recognise you imagine how hard it feels to recognise yourself.

    Open to a virus, where a failing strategy like this will leave you open to negativity. If you talk to impress a group of individuals to fit in, but people around you know you better than you know yourself. Your just a steam boiler waiting to blow. The best thing to do is be yourself and watch around you for mimes and mimics. It's easy to spot they often have facial twitches or cough when they are ready to chime in with impressing people. Natural Progression is about being yourself and not getting lost in unbalanced behaviour, being true to yourself and not parroting irrelevant information that makes people cringe.

    Answers help us focus, we all want to help. I might but a bee in someone's bonnet by saying please stop looking for broad answers to the world's problems. Yes getting involved is going to make you fit in better. The time spent fitting into other organisations fallible structures will not last the test of time. Throughout the day however we do accumulate more stuff which makes us feel productive. This clashes with the solitary writer. I am not suggesting a continual anti thesis I just pointing out the minds eye of blocks and fog out there.

    People need to go into the mind to find the voices shelved in areas of the mind outside of explanation. I have spoke to many writers who have wrote books outside there fields not easily able to explain the origins of such successful series of novels. Nature is a great catalyst. Free animal's and roadside experiences are but two triggers. Imagine being so consumed by a personal experience unique to you it fires dreams and new ways of enteurpreting the world.

    The turnip at Halloween. The leak in Shakespeare. ET in a bicycles basket flying over the moon. These are examples I imagine and attribute to case and point. Writing is a basic skill, ideas come from a series of events. Your mandate should be writing something unique that makes people think in modern ways. And should be something worthy of saving rather than downloading and deleting. If you have a heap of stuff in your reading cloud always hang on to the things you treasure. If it's crap get rid of it, no one is going to judge you for being you and the interests and hunches you have yourself.

    Are you writing to impress your lover? You might be. You might even be single like me, but still there is that niggling new romantic in you. This maybe the flattening block holding you back, or perhaps you know yourself readers don't want raw bones, nuts and bolts stuff. They want takeaways, wake up calls and bed time stories.

    There is a saying 'a sucker is born everyday'. People do stuff that makes them assholes, or do the work associate with these such unfortunates. This sort of thing happens to us all, get over it and when your ready reconnect with Natural Progression. You should hold this stuff close, just outside like a doormat. When someone holds up the mirro and tells you what they have to look at it can go two ways. Please do not do this to anybody it might upset them, especially if they are already upset. Imagine decades of intermittent writing allowing you time out, Kit Kat, Diet Coke break.
  • What schools of thought meant to different people 2016-05-15T07:45:00.000+01:00
    The Franfurt School of Academics have all sorts of secrets and mean different things to different people. 

    Some other authors use these mid 20th century authors literature to touch base with cultural implications of whatever points they are bringing to the frey in their writing.

    It's no secret knowing that depending on where you live and your geolocation has a big influence on how you see things. 

    Some people call this looking through the world of rose tinted glasses. Others are caught up in the conditioning of their own lives. 

    They are shaped on edge, operating at night time dark veil. Using infrared green lensed night glasses is the way they see things. Night goggles represent how on edge they are, understandable when you look at where they live and the levels of conflict they are exposed too. 

    This gives us a basic understanding of why later authors attach good and bad labels to authors. 

    These sorts of habits and experience give writers shortcuts to where they are, to where they want to be. 

    The manifestos made by these Germanic academic authors march around the world educating the world inorder to get writing jobs. 

    These jobs have rhythm and reason. 

    Understanding the cultural implications puts a helpful coat to prime your language understanding and developing cultural art.

Truth about things
  • Theosophy/Jesuitism (1530-1888) Blavatsky

    Theosophy or Jesuitism - by H.P. Blavatsky (1888) video/audio on YouTube read out by scholar on YouTube recently is a good video because it explains Theosophy and outlines the magic practiced by Jesuits in the 16th century.

    Madame Blavatsky is a transcontinental icon between America and United Kingdom. People like Krishtamurti cited her work, and they both have similar ties to the humanist movement Theosophy.

    You can find out more about Humanism at regular talks at Conway Hall in London, Kennington and a collection of Spiritual churches dotted around Britian.

    In the Chelsea Gallery on Kings Road (Sloane Square stop) you can find a rubber mannequin of Madame Blavatsky. She is best known for debunking seances and attended many entertaining evenings trying to figure out if cytoplasm foaming up was real or not.

    In this video she points of what happened to Jesuit Catholic teachings after 1530's and highlights the world's suspicion about the practising of black magic in the church during these dark ages.
  • The Day Amazon's Iowaska Ran Out
    On February 28th Amazon's AWS SL2 ran out of steam. Whilst down many sites crashed. Amazon got it working again the next day, the news came to my attention via Twitter. In this post we look at what happens when Amazon's Iowaska Ran Out.

    Serving anything online comes with no iron clad guarantees. Iowaska I am positive would come with a money back guarantee, if it did not do what it says on the tin. I am also sure the effects would be different all over the world. In rural areas it should be fine, however urban residents are more likely to buy these sorts of alternative medicines online. And rural residents to not always take too kindly to city folks coming to town walking around like zombies talking rubbish. There is a chance though some less technological savvie will get roped into buying from peddlers iowaska from Amazon online.

    Whenever something like this runs out or there is a drought for a day nobody cares really. Iowaska is known to reverse the effects of LSD and flyer garrat mushrooms.

    Amazon is said to be host to all sorts of alternative medications, the problem might be is: What happened when these products ran out? As the clouds close, the grey weather sets in. People experience dillusion of misery. The good news is that it only usually lasts for one day, however as we are finding out continually a lot of the same stuff can happen in one day. Any hiccups in the clouds that are used the most, people there are going to feel it. The problem seems to be when these people have problems, they want to overshare their problems. This is selfish. Imagine how the people at Amazon must feel.

    There is an Amazon Window affiliate programme, where people spend currency on Advertising. The AWS cloud software is a fast way of loading these heavy visited websites. A day's investment could put a big hole in these affiliates pockets. Who honours payback, what insurance is available to these types of businesses? And more importantly does this still apply when peddling such products? Yes this applies more to Dark Web users but what happens when it goes off on regular WWW1 https web access?

    People looking for a real education often turn to gimmicks from Amazon's. Imagine how they must have felt on the day they went there was the same day the Amazon's went down. Good some of you might say, others however are much more concerned about the ecology of the whole environment. The issue seems to be in surrounding pockets of internet access. We're seeing people on streets staring gormlessly at their smart phones, many of whom are struggling monthly to work out why they are paying so much for these contracts. These are Prime candidates for Amazon.

    The Amazon's are not the only service offering cloud access to protect website's and particularly membership sites from falling down from grace. Just as iowaska is not the only hallucinogenic potion offering that next great miracle hit. I have pinned my recommendation s to you on Twitter (seen only on desktop versions. 

    Here's that link I promised you, that should sort you out. @robertbridge RNA Drops all day! They are not using Amazon's AWS and everything there is sourced in USA. Golden Jet, Golden Jet. Whatsup!!!

  • 7 Years of Britains Secret Union With Europe
    There are forces at work to maintain what has been secretly going on for a few years. It came obvious to me we are another EU Union member about seven years ago. I noticed funding of teachers outside of the usual education framework. Even on the Isle of Man I noticed Eastern European cement vehicles. Construction is not all about work, it's about designated contracts buying and selling. This sort of stroking of backs has been going on for centuries. The lie then was that we in the UK were seperate from Europe. The fees may have been less then and the debt was balanced by the amount of funding coming in from Brussels who were setting up their global business. As the price rised and the rise in people leaving the country who were able bodied with perfect cvs moved away from families here in the UK. It's a shared secret that everyone knows parents of these people miss their kids. Financially happy many of these young British people were eventually filtered from European bases, Chinese jobs, Japan, Spain were all funelled into Dubai where fast cash could me made. Little did they know the same love they got being brought up was given to the influx of happy faces coming into to Britain. Remembering the preferences given to these people. We seen earlier glitches of new workers, labourers and strawberry pickers with the cockle insident. The death of all the workers on that beach nearly spilled out when it hit the mainstream media. Of course mainstream media hold all the communications power and were able to sway things into there own mandates. A lot of females came from Europe to Britain. The plan was to excite residents in England and Wales the illusion that everything was ok. After a few months in Britain these elligible single European ladies became just like the rest here in UK. Pretentious about beauty and more demanding of fine wine and exspensive pastries. They are now single parents like many due to media communications and other consumer brainwashing. The pubs in Britain have taken a hit due to semi blackmarket sales of fags and food on the street. I ask you this if we have been part of Europe all these years then why are pints and fags so exspensive here compared to Europe. We for years have been silently watching funds decrease down the drycleaners.
  • Kings of Steel Industry Literature Give Away

    Control Mental Attitude Make Yourself Friendly

    A great example is charity. Within the charity industry you must practise out in amongst people. You must refine the script. You become very close to other people and get to test out how far you can go with a positive mental attitude. 

    When your success is based on helping you will get to closely what it means to have luck. You will also find out more about the rules of engagement with people. These rules when crossed will give you first hand experience of violations that can happen. 

    By not violating people you will be adhering to the law mentioned by a few knowledgable wealth authors like Scottish successful 19th century born business man Dale Carnegie. In 1919 he died of Pneumonia. 

    He was a charitable Philanthropist who raised over $3 million for good causes. The Carnegie Institute still does good work today helping raise cash. Dale Carnegie had problems with people born into wealth. 

    He said the only way to overcome poverty was to mastermind with at least one member of the family and mastermind with at least one business associate of prospect.

    The reality seems to be the same as it was then, if you have a basic set amount of capital you can invest in multiple streams of income to make you richer.

    A Library Fit For Any Monarchy

    Having access to books was once a real privilege. The division between old and new thinking from the industrial age from across the pond was far from what United Kingdom was actually built on. 

    A lot of what you read about wealth was to empower citizens who eloped to a new country to raise families. 

    There were hard times before the industrial weaving technological advances. The silk trade was overshadowed with engineering, machines and appliances. UK paved the way for the steel industry. 

    Dale Carnegie changed this. He was fuelled by a dissatisfaction with his neighbours. Like most Scottish lower class he spent many an early night on a hungry stomach. 

    In Scotland like Ireland and other countries now in the EU send a large percentage of their countries profits to the European Union. 

    This giveaway according to literature is based on mens clubs and masonic clubs. These clubs members were landowners and friends of the crown.

    America did not have as many citizens from privileged backgrounds. 

    The American dream is based on the victory of the civil war and the victory of the United Kingdom channelled at the monarchy. 

    Interestingly the monarchy also had big libraries containing loads of knowledge. 

    They would give away turkeys to the poor at Christmas. And the United Kingdom had always been the Queen of Steel. 

    As we know America thanks to Ford exceed in the industry earning their name kings of steel. Hence the American comical icon Superman / Man of Steel.

  • Goats Hair Clothes Sack

    The bible talks about six things in revelations that shine a light on the blood moons everyone talks about. The hexadic blurbs warn of all sorts of things washing up.
    The humble reasons to help understand why texts like this serve a purpose can be found in the body of the text. The story is wafer thin but tastes great, be happy!!!
    The sack cloth we see hear is made of the original goats hair mentioned in the bible's. Not all bibles cite the goats hair so not everyone likes goat's milk or goats cheese.

    The Orange moon is depicted really well in this image and gives a good reason for wearing a woollen clothes sack during such occasions. We draw fond memories from the past by looking into all sorts of stuff and texts. Soon the truth appears to anyone who wants to see.

    The DNA matrix has added new information which helps solve this biblical puzzle. We can understand and approximate man's shelter. The incubation process requires time not measured by the Sun and Universe per se. There are factors which only come around now and again. Archaeologists claim to have unity with ancient meteorologists of DNA from humans to dinosaurs.

    The golden truth concludes and ends on a cliff until next week have fun.

  • The Truth About Telomeres
    Telomeres help us understand how old we can live till. Its part of the genetic code perhaps and is something that academics in Cambridge have been studying for a while. In this post we look at the truth about how its all going. Just for reference its called the Methuselah Project (1963) and I found out about in a philosophical book which mentioned the study very breifly. The book had a great page about the truth in general suggesting that anything set down as factual truth is leading and often inaccurate with the passage of time. That name of the book is 'Truth: Philosophy in Transit' by John D. Caputo published by Penguin and is available in all good book shops.

  • Methylation Made Easy Part 2 of 4 - The Methylation Cycle
    The video is very simple to understand methylation cycles in the body, the chemicals needed to speed up the process at the gene level. The video highlights two chemicals which alter the gene and I suppose alter chromosomes. There are said to be 13 chromosomes, if you are at the 13th level its thought you are on you way to ascension process. If you know anything about the accession process please leave you blurbs below.

    Here is a video that takes a look at gene mutations and the risks out there using folic acid to health. This post is a scientific hot topic. By aligning yourself with your surroundings and where you live you will be one step ahead of improving the longitude of your health.
  • The Shift by Wayne Dyer / Secret Law of Attraction
    The Shift is an interesting Personal Development film with Wayne Dyer in it. In-between the story is an interview with Wayne and his new book.

    The characters in the film give a nice balance to give intermission for messages about The Secret and The Law of Attraction.

    The music is as good as the locations.

    The film is set in nice locations and covers interesting and positive subjects that most people go through.

    Seeing happiness from various angles and how people react reinforces the importance of seeing how by example Wayne answers them, its just a bit of fun really, enjoy.

  • Masala Dosa Pancakes with Sambar and Green Coconut - Complete Recipe
    The truth about things in the cooking world when using YouTube is not fully complete, so I have searched for a few hours and compiled a list of three videos. Each video has vital information for you to make the perfect Masala Dosa with Sambar and Green Coconut, just like they do in the South London Karachi restaurants. The first video shows you how to make a decent Masala Dosa Pancake.

      The second video goes into great detail into how to create the potato mix to put inside the Masala Dosa pancake. - The first time I tried this recipe my taste buds went of the Richter scale. Its really nice. I thought at first the black pips in the potato was from dragon fruit but in actual fact as you will see in this video, the black bits are black mustard seeds. I would hazard a guess that if you cannot find black pepper seeds, the yellowy white ones will be sufficient, it simply won't look as good as it does when served in South London Tooting area.

      The third video goes into how to make a simple sambar. The previous video if you look into other videos and type sambar you will find a video on how to make an egg sambar. Though I remember it being called sambal, the ingredients from the sambal that I am thinking about is made perfectly well in the second video which I hope you have already watched, if it has disappeared or your not able to watch in your country try doing a search on YouTube for Sambal with lentils and widows green fingers. So here is the third and final video.

    A recipe for making the green coconut which takes the edge of the spices in the sambal. The taste buds go on a roller coaster, its quite extraordinary. If you can imply develop the skills of cooking in this post I would say you could keep you man happy for at least 35 years. This meal should be served with everything warm. Each video I have shared with you goes into great detail about how to make Masala Dosa Pancakes with Sambar (or Sambal) and green coconut.
  • The truth about an obedient heart
    The obedient heart was asked to make decisions during difficult decisions made in the Kingdom of Israel in the parables of the bible. The obedient heart evocation back then was initially rewarded, so the idea was good, the idea still is good, but what happened after may make you think twice before choosing the option of wisdom over truth about an obedient heart.

    Wisdom in most instances is attributed within the story of Solomon real name Jed something. Wisdom is not learned or from experience and is not fully understood so as far as truth goes this is something that needs to be explored.

    If wisdom is not innate, then is wisdom or common sense installed during early years of life, this has been the basic premise of this topic however the heart in art is something regarded popular.

    Solomon has been contested as being a heretic for his behaviours of faith. His faith was based on asking for wisdom from the heart which was rewarded with unexpected gifts. In his later work this is where the criticism comes into place.

    The heart has many questions and when anyone finds out about the truth about the heart they want to get involved. The heart is also attributed with love this is where the confusion comes to fruition.

    Queen Sheeba travelled many miles to meet up Solomon after words got around about his outstanding decisions in a Kingdom of chaos reorganised with difficult decisions during a time when law and order was not quite clear.

    The right and wrong truth about the heart here is not the issue or was not at that time, in-fact it still happens today and is as old as the description of he, rather than we or she.

    The power of truth is levelled out by other biblical characters, and Mary like Sheba is equally as iconic as Mother Teressa, but like these women many men truthfully admit to the ideology of Solomon's Temple.

    The obedient heart is an idea, an ideal based on the heart being the reevaluating gauge to make the right decision, the decisions of the heart throughout time have been apposed it seems by other people and many organisations.

    The long term risk of decisions for organisations has improved in-fact there are companies that specifically get paid for doing these things. Solomon never asked for payment in his prayer of the heart, but he got it anyway.

    The thing is Solomon attracted many thing by channelling the heart, he was very obedient in this area, but it may have also gave him difficulty in saying no, not just with queen Sheba but also with the requests of wants and needs of those less educated in the Israeli Kingdom.

    This is just my speculative observation. The truth that I compile has been compiled by other people, and many people broadcast this message because it helps them learn about discipline.

    Here I am not contesting any of the value of all of this, but in the truth when the truth is determined by powers beyond my human capacity until I develop fully I cannot understand this truth. The irony of this is that I do not think capitalist society has progressed enough to speculate between the two either.
Robert Bridge
  • Fix My Mic on Windows And Mac

    There are all different ways to fix your microphone depending on the problem. Updates on Windows 10 can clash with your particular model of laptop. If you use Windows or Mac this post should help.

    Hi my name is Robert Bridge Media Marketing Communications 2017.


    If you are using Skype App or download, first place to check if your microphone is working is in the App settings. On Windows this is the top bar of the App Windows. You need to be logged in to navigate these settings. Click the Audio settings and to the right is a dropdown box. Choose each until you when speaking you see the green flash lights. You might have more than just two options, so be sure to try them all.

    If you are using a Mac Laptop, PC or iPad you will navigate to Skype App settings from the top bar above the browser. In Windows this is the top bar within the application, this is the only noticable difference of finding out Mac Mic settings.

    If you still cannot succeed there are a few more options we need to go through, they are perhaps a little more complicated, but I have faith in you to fix. You should follow exactly in the correct sequence of data entry shown on video via YouTube. You want to know what operating system you are using when viewing helpful YouTube videos. Sometimes you will need to check you have to original volume source. If you are troubleshooting downloads every file shows up in downloads. The dates correspond with when these downloads happened. If any recent audio drive software downloads exist and correspond with when your microphone troubles started uninstalling software can help restore back to the state the computer you have was when working.

    The worst case scenario is that your sound card is broken. You can download online. If you have a Dell computer and your warrantly is still intact you can download from the Dell website. Just key in your computer code (bottom sticker stuck on the base of your Windows laptop.

    If all else fails and you have tried all the troubleshooting videos for your model and make computer it could be a hardware issue. The hardware that often brakes is the soundcard or the actual built in microphone. The mic maybe fine but some wires are loose on the motherboard. Either way to open a laptop you need good small Phillips screwdrivers. I reccomend the thin magnetic one with orange swivel head, its quicker and does less damage to the cross headed screws. Also keep all size screws in empty egg cartons so:

    A. You don't loose them
    B. The right size screws go back

    I have tried to fix my mic and need some help!

    You can give technical permissions to someone like me so I can remotely access your computer. That way together we can get to the bottom of things.

  • Freedom and communications with everybody

    As the weeks go by we learn lessons and we choose to take them on board or override. We are promised freedom and buckle at the knee's or communication's take place and we go for it. Relationship building is just like anything: you should try and get the balance right.

    The scales of justice go out the window when making decisions about new relationships, at first we know nothing, then we assume things from the archives of the past about people. Everything rotates around that original avatar.

    Capturing yourself well in photographs depends on the platforms you upload them too and the data entry around these images. People recognise photo's that match over the world wide web. This is a great tip when broadening your online horizons.

    Social Media is similar to human sciences. And like birds migrate together, so do humans online.

    In Sociology we learn about human behaviors and demographics. Some people hang back who have nostalgic or financial interests in online platforms. Communications only mean something when your credibility of what you say fits the image of avatar photograph used. There are many ways you can use fashion to brand yourself.

    Men have different criteria than women to excite friends taste buds on first associations. Men still wear formal clothing in central areas of the world, men nearer the equator wear loose clothing because it is much hotter.

    Women make very quick decisions about nice photographs. One secret we all understand is reciprocity.

    One story told leads the way communications go back and fourth.

  • Sunny Muslim Traditions
    believed to be essential for salvation. These are: Belief in the One God (see Tawhid) Belief in the existence of angels Belief in the existence of prophets Belief in God's revelations, including the Torah (revealed to Moses), the Psalms (revealed to David), the Gospel (revealed to Jesus), and the Quran (revealed to Muhammad) Belief in the Day of Judgment Belief in God's predestination These six articles are what all present-day Sunnis agree on, from those who adhere to traditional Sunnism to those who adhere to latter-day movements. Additionally, classical Sunni Islam also outlined numerous other cardinal doctrines from the eighth-century onwards in the form of organized creeds such as the Creed of Tahawi, in order to codify what constituted "Sunni orthodoxy."While none of these creeds gained the importance attributed to the Nicene Creed in Christianity, primarily because ecumenical councils never happened in Islam, the beliefs outlined in these creeds became the "orthodox" doctrine by ijma, or binding consensus. But while most of the tenets outlined in the classical creeds are accepted by all Sunnis, some of these doctrines have been rejected by the aforementioned movements as lacking strictly scriptural precedent. Traditionally, these other important Sunni articles of faith have included the following Belief in the six articles of faith for salvation of Muslims. Belief in God having created things with wisdom. Belief Muhammad is the Seal and last prophet of mankind. Belief in the Quran word of God. Belief in the beatific vision in the afterlife and the manner remains unknown. Belief in Muhammad astrally travelling when awake. Belief in the intercession of Muhammad being a truth on the Last Day. Belief in God's covenant with Adam and his offspring. Belief in Abraham having been God's friend. Belief in Moses having conversed directly with God.Belief
  • The Andromeda Strain
    This post is something ringing around my head and I want to see where it goes. Part of me thinks maybe there is a film called The Andromeda Strain though I may be mistaken.
    Imagine if you will the fractal shapes discovered in the seventies. Your sure to remember, its the one with the coil nosed elephants, see horses and vegtable shaped universe. The fractal numbers divided by themselves that goes on and on like the universe. Some say it is gods signature of the universe. You key in the coordinates into a computer on an axis and away you go.
    Understanding the origin of numbers might prove something, though mathematicians over the centuries have come up with differing versions of mans entire history. This continues today as we see remake after remake in cinemas of films with men and apes battling it out between one another. Don't worry the Andromeda Strain will be nothing like Planet of the Apes or King Kong, more like Quatermass and the forty thieves.
    Religious groups have there own ideas about where mathematics first popped us as numbers. China was the first to create the abacus a counting device so it may have been them. The British during the World War II invented a decoding device that des rambled numbers so I sure it was not us. Americans were taking iowasca and drinking small glasses of whisky so it cannot of been them. Other more Christian groups tried to pin it on early scholar Solomon, who as god intended was given keys to kingdoms. Imagine this the factal pattern is an exact map of the universe seen from gods desk angle. He may have even used a feather to scribe it all out. Although the nib would have had to been finer than humans could possibly ever understand. Hence The Andromeda Strain, it started out as writers cramp from A Beautiful Mind like God's, in some place like Oxford University.
    Pirates loved maps and created unusual teams of people who could stand gruelling journeys across continents. They did not all get along, some would have to walk the plank and the captain was really important. You may recognise another consumer catchphrase: 'Fresh from the captains table' which again alludes to the fingers. It's always been hard for writers. Monks took generations to draw books in fancy colours and use posh ores and minerals to document blurbs for kings and landowners.
    Of course once we visited the moon, no one actually owns the moon. The flag is another visual stamp reccorded way beyond the printing press, well not long after considering the short amount of period we have been here. And how come diplodocus and T Rex have never shown up in fractals. Perhaps dinosaurs stumbled upon gods numbers and that's why they might have been taken outside and taught a lesson or two. And perhaps that's why some dinosaurs as we know them today only eat vegtables. The ones that did well were meat eaters, or perhaps the other way around. Either way it must have been a bigger strain for them thinking this way, since even though they taller their brains are thought to have been smaller. Archeaologists have looked at bones, measured craniums and come up with allsorts of conclusions. Elephants with big tusks existed during the dinosaur and ice age era. The hair helped them survive I assume which is why god signed them into fractals. Seahorses could unicycle through the ocean on one tail which again was an entertaining thought. Kids at school from an early age are taught to draw seahorses becuase they are easy to draw, less arms and legs compared to humans. Also we are supposed to be the same on one side as the other. If you put a mirror on half our face however we can appear more chubby and the reflection can be difficult to see, it puts strains on all our eyes. Which brings be onto the next part of The Andromeda Strain, the one on the eyes, I just thought about that. So we have strains in allsorts of places.
    So what do we know about The Andromeda? I think it is mentioned in an early episode of Star Trek so it must be real because Gene Rodenberry really knew his onions. I also in the seventies did a good job on telly with puppets: Thunderbirds, Joe 90 and Aqua Marina. If we going to make a film about all this you may want to consider puppets instead of cgi since the fractal shapes are real. Like Gene Rodenberry Mathematicians must of known there onions too. The layers of 10 numbers peeled away reveal all sorts of stuff.
    So lets include parallel universes. Like language we can't make language neutured. There is a masculine and feminine way of explaining things. Two gendered universes although infinite still need a place to stick things or have things stuck in them. Can you imagine the strain of two universes mating, acting out out of a desire to leaves legacies?
  • Our Own Pyramid Chambers
    Since the dawn of light our fellowd have crushed grapes. In the palms of our own clasped minds we've held Pyramids in high regard and masses believe them Pyramid Chambers were hospitable places to accomodate royalty and the brains of society. This as we know now is not true, what we know about these triangular shaped buildings is far more grueling than the luxuious we once thought. 

    The Brotherhood of the Snake based in US had other ideas. They believed the pyramid chambers were instruments of initiation. The exact time of initiation is not known although three days or 72 hours has been suggested by these snakes as ample time to inititiate somebody.

    The great thing about a pyramid is its abscences of light. People would feel lost in them and if  they survived this solitary confinement, all would be well. But many did'nt though.

    You can imagine how lost someone might feel up there all alone. So why would anyone want to go through such grueling exercises? Especially after such hard labour the locals and people from neighbouring villages went through helping out there.

    The Valley of the Shadows talks about a long dark tunnel and a decision that has to be made. Uou can see evidence everywhere. Pyramids have long elongated tunnels leading to chambers with pottery, gold, beetles and all sorts of other goodies.

Site Surfing
  • Film Review: Dead Inside 2011 2016-05-21T06:28:00.000+01:00
    Dead Inside is a Horror film released in 2011, directed by movie directo Pearry Teo. He directed Dracula and that other well known film of that girl with a tattoo on her back of a Fiji board. In this film the camera work is great a lot of panning along horizontally of nice rural settings. At first this seems a coming of age teenage picture, over the phone romance film. With a bit of patience though your review will be delivered.

    This film is a homage to allsorts of popular college girl memes and frames eloquently what is important to teenage American kids. For example two of the girls are teens chuckling about Lady Gaga. Which also hints at I think to the fact they are Lady Gaga 'Little Monsters'. Which framed the genre of horror hybrised for that younger female audience. Some of the other girls even wear black lipstick and early on we see young Wahaabi lesbians cuddling and kissing. Whilst behind the scenes dumb boyfriends at the other end of a payphone are requesting their presence at a party or to meet up with mom and dad. The typical guy on the team with a posh car type gizza. 

    This muddles is screaming out to middle classes. Using all sorts of terminology and early on cashes in unnecessary tears and emotion. Makes you think doesn't it? Is this a tale of woe or Espaniol unrequented love song's. Who knows and cares, this is a horror film right lets see some action.

    If you stick with it the film does pick up although the usual girl pyjamas, slumber party, sneak in the boys type film really is not my cup of tea I persevere

    If not just examine the directors further techniques. Twice now the loud audio interruptions we find in gory slasher films are used. Both times are pretty lame whereby nothing even happened. This sort of thing is hypnotically effective for a while until when somthing sinister does happen. Why? Because we become immune to the penetrating sounds. It's like the young girls pulling two fingers up in the face of teenage identity crisis time. Lots of screaming, cat fights, hair pulling and who knows maybe even a pillow fight type thing.

    The penny suddenly drops when a young adult women in the downstairs comments and shares in such a way. A lot of young madness in this film, that said I do think young women need more films like this. I do disagree with the sexual adaptations or the indoctrination type techniques used. But agree on completion of this film, as much as you can stomach the foul language you will have a better idea of the crap that is going on in American horror movies, thrillers, westerns, love stories and comedies. This film has it all and sadly they boil it all into one movie. So far so good.

    For lighting, camera action and audio levels plus homage a mis én scéne I give a couple of points. Because I not really impressed with teenage flicks movies I'm out, cannot watch anymore of this nonsense. It's simply not my cup of tea so I give a big fat juicy 0. Still you might like it see for yourself and hang in their. And like the Egyptians said thousands of years ago, '…you deserve to be free from fear…'.

    It seems everyone in America has a good agent, yawn…
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Video Tutorial Guide 2015-09-04T11:56:00.000+01:00
  • MySQLADMIN How to edit tables via CSV and Google Excel Document back up tips included in this post 2014-05-09T14:44:00.000+01:00
    This video is great if you want to edit things in MySQLAdmin. MySQL comes with hosting on most hosting sites. When you create a PHP based website or other sites certain databases are created in MYSQL which is updated via access on your hosting from the backend of your website. You can also get access to these details and edit them if you know what you are doing. This is why a backup is recommended. A backup can be done for the whole database of every site just in case any serious corruptions occur during editing. Also you will find out in this video how to just edit one website database, how to find the correct name in FTP file host then locate in MYSQLADMIN to begin editing. Once you have located the file in FTP, got the name from the correct place (Watch Video!) you can go into MYSQLADMIN and start editing. The next stage of this helpful video shows how to locate a file where data might me and how to check you have found the right one before editing or backing up. The video shows the difference of various files to upload as CSV, how to edit the settings so the transfer from CSV to EXCEL sheets in Google Docs goes well and does a great job of using an Excel sheet and how to quickly add new data, edit columns and save the new file for uploading to MYSQL for uploading back again from the edited Excel Spreadsheet. The other tip I am hoping is correct is that from this video you will be one step closer to building email database on the backend of your Wordpress site, be able to import and export emails to Excel and put back into website afterwards. This is great for quickly checking emails that are false, and locating real names before sending mail to subscribers. Any suggestions on this please leave a comment below.

    Here is a list of other helpful videos on understanding Wordpress. The obvious one is learning PHP, the next is how to edit permissions in SQL and create conversations between your PHP site regardless of what that might be. From Wordpress to BB forums depending on the access permissions you are allowed within your hosting plan. The cheapest plan is what I am thinking here. Again if you have any suggestions on why it might be good to upgrade let me know here. This is just a educational quick brainstorming post. Here are the other helpful links I watched before coming to the video you see above. The original video is available on VIMEO and I have provided the link, (I uploaded just in case it disappears).

    • Vimeo original link for video above. [] Viewed 9/5/2014
    • How to configure MYSQLAdmin with a Gmail or Live account so you can send emails [] Viewed 9/5/2014 posted 12/7/2009
    • Creating Database with Studio Express (just one of the many alternative options to making an email database [] Viewed 9/5/2014
    • How to Create an SQL Database, user or delete it via Hostgator page [] Viewed by Robert Bridge on 9/5/2014 
    • Perhaps helpful problems some people had on Wordpress forum with PHP code in Wordpress so you can understand how to get things right the first time setting and editing tables in your database via MYSQLADMIN [] viewed 9/5/2014
    • NEWBOSTON Playlist for PHP. NEWBOSTON has a great PHP forum and a really great source of video information for editing PHP and many other IT solutions. []
    • The post I found the original video uploaded above. [] viewed 9/5/2014
    My hope is to come back here and update this post when more information comes to my attention. The goal is to create a step by step site on how to set up a solid SQL database for sending emails to clients without having to do to much. You may also be able to import and export users on website and comb through editing users who are not real emails and names in Excel, then upload back into database. The problem still seems to be how do I create a table for sending HTML emails out to announce new posts on website or promote any shares on social media. If you are interested in this too. Please leave some blurbs here on Bloggers.
  • Searchers Online and the Information About the Future 2014-02-05T23:33:00.000+00:00
    World wide webWorld wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Everyone are searching for new things on the backend of information that has already been completed in a sense. The variety of ways of consuming information on the internet as much as the way in which the queries are made in search. Search engines are evolving to keep up with the number one search engine. As the predictive text in search expands the sections of information expand. Search is therefore a suggestive tool to predict the future. The further you manage to drill down and find what is happening gives incite into what might be trends worth investing time in. The creative mind is a way of keeping busy and trying out many different ways of producing content in a format most fitting for the audience. In this short article I will share what I know. From this I hope more people will continue to contribute in creative mode, creating new content for people to consume. If video's are your thing this may help you plan your next video. If presentations and speaking in front of an audience is you, then I am sure you will already understand what I am talking about. My hope is this article may trigger something in you to improve on your patterns of creativity to wow your audience. If you are a writer this will give you inspiration to keep on creating your own research and share it on multi platforms to improve your visibility on the social side of the world wide web.
    Everyone lives in their own world of curiosity, searching online creates a pattern, which is universal in many different ways. Looking outside of your own box requires and understanding of requirements needed for different people, who perhaps use certain terminology. These people will not notice if you use or introduce other special terminology and feel confused and click away. The argument for this is that as much as the search is changing, so is the acceptable synonyms in a sense although useful for developing new content is also a risk because of this risk of people feeling tired and confused by new information. Spaces converge when similarities occur. This is nothing new, from country music to punk rock people recognise the new terminology over time. Those at the forefront of these trends have opportunities to attend the best events and sing-a-long with people who at a later date will be unreachable due to the success and demand the consumer world makes on those individuals.  This is when creativity and expansion slows down, the desire to move offline and relax sets in and the next generation move in and continue doing the same stuff that works. They may use better graphics or software that creates professional content into the best video, or they may have purchased software and explained how they used that software. If you are proud of what you have done, made the necessary adjustments to keep in the top 3 of all time of the long tail definition everything you represent makes complete sense.

    Reformatting copyright information is all thats left and the style your website uses from the response time or the selection of fonts again represents something to the audience you speak too. The lexical nostalgia for text is an interesting concept. Contrastingly when changes occur from size to variations of HTML people get tired no matter how nostalgic. A great way to test this is simple copy in a format which is outside the reach of normal search engines. Then we have the world wide web 3 -5 another concept I assume may also add to the requirements people expect. Similarly creating content on website properties that are not investing in https access again could make certain people doubt whatever it is they are reading. After all in theory a five year old could create this content. Imagine this ever since you were born like when you learned the secondary language of your mother tongue a child understands and has the conscious competence to type a certain amount of words a minute. The ability to learn for the corrections made, the foreword thinking of finding and more importantly using on a regular basis methods that help creation stand out.

    SearchersSearchers (Photo credit: WikipediaPredictive text is a good example with the speed of typing text without completing words. On the internet particularly the major search the added text at the end of a sequence of words begins to expand into sentences, paragraphs and exact retrieval of original sources. The same goes for images. From presentation to video or text to image these pockets of duplicate creativity have not yet totally converged. I have always been a believer in a better future, with more truth and transparency and have been educated enough to know that citing anything that is not of your own making will also yield respect and unity from people also interested in the original creators of this sort of useful creativity. People constructively resonate with different types of people it maybe age group, else it maybe attraction. For example a women can often explain something in a completely different way simply by saying the same thing, if she is building an audience and at the top of her game, these old styles of creativity will start trending again in that particular community. The search will already have all the answers. People who want to fast track there way in can invest on the top positions and have banners and pop ups placed in all-sorts of positions on video's especially. Video's again are advertisements that people invest to have those video's broadcast on different platforms often hidden from search. Reaching large audiences, some will be excited by the reminder of the past, many will simply enjoy the new information, citing information is just one way of keeping yourself in check. Sometime in the future if someone decides to research the words you string together the origins of where it all come from will eventually reveal themselves. You do not want to create any disenchantment when making more point. And regardless of how far the understanding goes, thought and creativity a two different things. Creativity online no matter what anyone tell you are always inspired by times of the year at certain celebrations. Similarly the shape of the moon can help understand peoples patterns. The problem seems to be to many people spend time in thought instead of meditative journals of there own progression. And when everything is in place the temptation is to change everything, close everything down or ask for a donation of create in a format which brings a return on investment of time. History however offline often made in groups and contained in faculties has many of the answers that people seek. There are many symposiums happening all around the world at any given moment, which make people stumble upon things, who knows it may even be something you said, whist is creative mode which is archived online someplace that this group picks upon and chooses to share in all the right places. For example if you share this article in your Google community group there maybe more of a chance that someone in your Google community group might also share. Lots of +'s can really help. Many of these shares now automatically get shared elsewhere in one swoop. From Tumblr to Twitter, it all adds to the revival and curious nostalgia of the past. I could talk about this for ages but I will stop there because it is nothing new.

    To wrap this very basic point I am presenting here is this, not every search engine and browser is keeping up with the curve old is often better than knew. The new text might look good on your phone, but on someone else's in another country it may not even load. Additionally there are so many browsers that people still use that by keeping it very simple you are maximising your chances of messages getting across. This can also conflict in flash on video's that do not play on phone. Depending on your conversions expectations this means you should test this stuff. The speed it takes to load, the next new set of codes, web platforms of java script could actually be holding you back from where you were five years ago and where you are going today. The ability to reinforce and reignite helpful information in the most secluded groups means anything is possible and also adds to the amount of queries being typed or spoken into search queries. This year is no different to any other year. And as I have already mentioned my faith in the translation of texts between the various modalities remains the same. The impact it has on me and anyone else however regardless of age is something we should all admire. Its nice to try a bit of everything when creating content. From text to presentation, presentation to video or presentation live recorded in front of an audience. Its all team building and adds to the social proof, there is always an easier way to syndicate this stuff too. I could go on and on but for now since this is my first article I will end it there. Thanks for reading.

    This article is awaiting publication over on

  • Charley’s Business Lessons — Bess McCarty’s Coaching Club makes MLM Millionaires 2013-10-07T01:04:00.001+01:00
    Charley’s business lessons - Bess McCarty’s coaching club makes  millionaires. This post is cool, its about pets, I have a dog now and thought it was about time I shared a link. The link is attached to this link URL. Have a read its fun.
Robbwindow Isle of Man
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British Twitter News
  • Facebook Booth To Share Your Stuff
    I wish there was a Facebook setting which helped clear all notifications people have sent me. I know this is a Twitter blog but most people share on Facebook now anyway. Facebook is much more personal.

    The reason I ask is someone has just invited me to share daily morning pictures of poop in the bowl. I know I have shared a lot of photos of food, so I see where this maybe coming from, although it does not impress anything upon me at all.

    Twitter is great, you can share your blurbs with no one in mind and when you use handbags they go somewhere. Facebook blocks your visibility for various reasons.

    Twitter provides analytics which provides the data for impressions, that means the amount of times your short Tweet arrives on people's radar. If you see impressions down and followers unfollowing you you can safely assume a few truths.

    Blogspot is good because they now have new templates for you to choose. They popped up in March 2017 and provide a nice mobile version with a nice pop out side bar.
  • Lancashire is leading the way in Bacteria
    Reports in this week that people in Lancashire should boil their water before drinking because of bacteria that showed up in a recent test. United Utilities pointed out some details about the water in the Lancashire area. Filtering water is the latest addition to family kitchens. This post looks at why filtering water is necessary and better still what are the different types of bacteria that the Lacashire area is maybe exposed too.

    Bacteria in the water can be good and bad. 

    Bacteria can also be a nutrient. 

    Good bacteria is good for the stomach. 

    Tests show that bacteria externally can do things. Internally bacteria in water with mechanisms may cause long term problems. For example:

    • What happens when a car gets bacteria in its cooling system? 
    • What happens when you humidify water with bacteria in it?

    Types of nutritious bacteria

    There are good spores and bad spores. Spores can reproduce quickly this is good and bad as you will see in the renewable video. Depending on which spores you put in your engine can determine the energy output you have throughout the day. Getting bad bacteria can lead to stomach upsets. The good news is you have stomach acids that deal with bacterias, so any upset should not last too long.

    Watch the video above to find out about "occult 'germs' bacteria" by Bob Beck.

    Find out how to distill water in your own home:

    In this Vimeo video you can watch a demo of how colloidal silver water is made with electricity.

    A known treatment for various bacteria's.
    The SOTA Magnetic Pulser Model MP5 (for the brain and body) how to use the SOTA Magnetic Pulser.
  • Twitter has changed
    Many people have decided to use Amplify instead. It seems micro managing is changing, what with the drag and drop, moving us into the future tactility of IPads, Microsoft Tablets and the welcoming home of the breeze block mobile phone. Perhaps some of us hope we will move back into the age of baby boomers, Maggie Thatcher and Miners strikes. None of these things will increase the synnergy provided by microsite Twitter. Twitter is free from adds and has moved into the wonderful world of hashtags. In this post I wil say a few interesting things worth noticing.

    Firstly I would like to highlight the good old Google. Google has a new share system called +1 many of you have already noticed it and added it to your arsenal of tools on your blog. Within days people were moaning. I noticed that in the settings of Google profile you should allow the plus button if you wish it to take effect. The key thing to note with anything Google or Twitter on the micro-level is that it shows up in your search bar, and anyone else within your network. Nothing new to Facebook fans, but I thought it worth mentioning.

    Another thing worth mentioning before we move into the Twitter parody is bookmarks. Like Twitter, the old faithful have moved elsewhere. Depending on your business you will want to start spending a bit of time finding valuable sources of information within the bookmarks, some of you will know what I am talking about and others will tell you another story, after-all it can take a while before we actually build up a bit of a memento with any of these things. Take Reddit for example, its neat its tidy there is a reward for every year you occasionally bookmark something, and the chances of your post being deleted from your stream are very slim. Then you have good old faithful BibSonomy, that academics choice for bookmarking data. One of my blogs on Robots had a whole heap of valid back-links thanks to Bitsonomy. But I think we all know where the corporate really want to be noticed.

    A few months ago here on British Twitter News I am quite sure we mentioned Sphinn. Spin was a bookmark for your blog that appeared to be very popular, about a month after this a one called Sugar came to play, well now there is a Green circular icon shaped bookmark that if you can find it will serve you well and like the Google API you will be able it to your list of options for people to bookmark. The Yahoo sharing news seems to have fizzled out along with the fears of people using Delicious due to yahoo buying them out. This was ok and everything is ok and I do not think now you need to migrate any back-links, but hey who needs old back-links when you have a heap of RSS feeds to revive.

    Anyone on Empire Avenue yet, if not I can send you an invite leave me a message below and I will send you my handle I have some Eaves to invest in your company ok. News in from Britain this week is from an event in Marble Arch. Chris Cardell was back in the country and he had some special guests at the show. This included Paul McKenna the famous author and TV hypnotist, and also Ruby Wax .

    Ok so here is this weeks strategy, login to youor Twitter account and turn of some of the noise in your stream. If you have account but do not follow back and engaging and getting correspondence with what you are talking about then all this might seem like rubbish. However if you are like most and following the Klout or Peer Index method in pursuit of improving your ROI then leaving on the ones that fit your profile you should gain some weight. It seems if you share video's in your stream, music and popular images of yourself or other famous people then you will earn points, continuity is key with any of these things. Remember by looking into your profile description or joining something like We Follow you will find out more about yourself or your Twitter handle. By following these given tags you can find the leaders in your market. Making contact with these people is good but remember if you are doing anything innovative it is going to be sucked up into the void of your chosen niche. The good thing is because you are close to the right intel you can change as well. Everybody knows that what worked last year did not work today, the same thing happened last year. We are seeing a more protective shift in personal property.

    To be honest spending time typing is becoming wasted, images and cartoons are taking over as the reality of the internet shifts. Were seeing a lack of interest in individuals yet the length of old words, books and quotes are on the rise. Think about it for a minute how many films do you watch today and retain any of the characters, who they are and what they do. We are seeing fashion get effected, and social media has recruited a load of new people with innovative ideas and investments. The thing is with Twitter is the synergy and the previous investments that keep the spirit alive. Have fun Tweeting.

  • Android Tips and Twitter News
    In this post a couple of relevant Android links are included to help people in Britain not just with your applications like the Twitter application many people use but also an update on energy saving advice for the mobile home around the home.

    The final link is about improving your social media, adding Twitter to your websites and new ways of characterising Twitter. One example this week that has reached the news was about athletes and how they give updates on various things.

    Finally last week news revealed the ability to block uploads in certain locations at important events like weddings in churches in London. Leave your comments below to any relevant updates or even send me your Twitter handle and or you can add me on Twitter here @BritishTwitNews
    • /how-to-turn-your-computer-into-the-ultimate-remote-access-media-server
    • #homeserver If you're out of the house a lot but still want access to files on your home computer, one of the best ways to solve that problem involves setting up your computer as a remotely accessible home media server. Here's a look at how to not only access your files (and control your computer) remotely, but also share files with others, stream music and video, access your photo library, and a whole lot more.
    • /android-injector-installs-non%20market-apps-on-your-phone-even-if-it-doesnt-allow-it
    • #downloads Windows and Android: While most Android phones will let you install apps from places other than the Android Market, some phones (like those on ATT) don't. With Android Injector, though, you can install those apps right from your computer, no rooting required.
    • /name-you-need-to-know-equidity/
    • Less than two years ago, Mona DeFrawi sold her company InsideVenture to SecondMarket in an undisclosed stock transaction. Her company matched investors with fast-growing, albeit relatively obscure private companies, many without the star power of Facebook or GroupOn. SecondMarket touted the acquisition at the time, but even talk of a road show could not mask the purely competitive play.
    • /the-dots-need-connecting/
    • Social media is grand, and yes, it's proving to be valuable for customer service in some scenarios. But it's exposing a big disconnect: the companies embracing using things like Twitter or blogs aren't necessarily taking those principles and applying them to their more traditional ideas of customer service and the operations that support it.
  • Driving ROI on Twitter
    Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on TwitterDriving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter

    Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter
    Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter
    Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter Driving ROI on Twitter
  • How to engage in Twitter Following
    British Twitter News video today is almost an hour long
    The video talks about about how Twitter is used in Business by publishers and how to pitch with social media tools like Twitter.

    Leverage social Media Strategies
    Asking for help on social Media sites and getting traffic to your blog from traffic, the video say's Twitter is the third largest way of getting traffic if you know how to post and gain extra percentage of viewers. Also mentions how PR in Britain can use Twitter remarkably well.
    Track build and Engage
    Use Twitter to engage with Twitter Grader, the conformation that if you follow more people, you get more followers, if you engage with the people you follow you can grow your OAuth authority on Twitter. There are many other applications that you can engage with to raise your authority through Twitter, Twitter Grader exlains a lot but things like Klout again can give you a better incite and the percentage of your reach, within your followers.
  • Reweeting the Retweeters
    Retweeting the Tweeters
    In this post I have listed a small list of tweets from Twitter. this week in September 2010 you might want to follow these people and find out what all the fuss is about.

    @attheboutique1 recently retweeted 11 times by Twitter friends
    @jack The co Founder of twitter
    @traceychan works for Yahoo
    @eytanseidman works fro another big company

    @TheBigKlosowski @GRHOP1 @FiremansBrew @VitrineAffaires @medisnine
    Then there are the usual retweets from the big companies now these will not generally follow you back but still its interesting to have some real content in your Twitter feed and you can always submit them into some sort of headers at your own leisure.

    @nytimesbooks @Nasa @Kingsthings

    British Twitter News
  • Why OAuth Twitter? Plus updates from Twitter News.
    Hello Avid Twitter Fans in UK

    Hiya, and thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read this post about Twitter. The blog post is split up into three sections firstly a reminder about what OAuth means and how you can solve problems with any new changes on Twitter. Secondly I have suggested a few new apps available on Twitter than can also help with or Yahoo. Meme (Other popular micro sites). And finally news about how categorisation has improved on Twitter and how by practising this type of cataloguing yourself you can easily find the feeds of micro information you may need, so lets get started.

    Explaining Twitters OAuth 

    You OAuth or authorise Twitter applications with Twitter for example Echofon, TweetDeck, Twitterrific, Seesmic, and Twitter for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry, are already using OAuth.
    If you are having problems with some of your old apps it may because it has not altered the authorisation code, a good way around this is to reauthorise your applications account with Twitter, if this does not work try unistalling it then reinstalling. Another way is by going to the place you may have downloaded the Twitter extension and check for any notifications and updated versions. Similarly these apps are usually updated via your computer, or within your e-mail you may want to go back and check for incoming e-mails from the application you previously downloaded.

    Brand New Twitter Apps
    Below is a list of Apps


    Twitterlator if you don't know is the app you should using Twitter with especially if you are using the I-phone with your 02 account.

    Its good to have Twitter on your phone and by having a paid app so you can avoid the advertisements.

    You can download it direct from the I-Tune store or search theinternet for other alternatives, but if you are serious about using Twitter within your business or just interested in expanding your online reach, Twitterlator should help.


    Twitdroid is great for the Android smart phone users because it has a Clean User Interface is good because you have a toggle-able input box reduces screen clutter and also has a calm blue color scheme, this makes things easier to read. Tapping a tweet’s blue arrow allows you to retweet, reply, and view the tweeter’s profile. If your not happy with this app then try Swift it works with Hootsuite and is very good too.

    Office Professional Plus 2010 (Microsoft Office 2010)

    Is of business standard but this is not for the part time professional online. Within the settings of this app you can micro manage between those you work with and those that use Microsoftware to share information, documents and share in a sense micro information.

    Microsoft office is for businesses, by getting used to this software rather than using Google Docs you will gain valuable skills for the IT Sector. Microsoft Office 2010 has many improvements and will help you build a database of followers.

    Categorising Twitter Followers

    By choosing your chosen topic or knowing your own skills you can choose like minded friends and follow there stream, this will help you gain authority within a given business or micro niche. You may even want to list favourite musicians that you follow so cool friends can keep up to date with cool music. Another example is when you are job hunting, the main thing to concentrate on is getting the right headings for each category this will help you and others understand the origins of what you originally meant.


    You maybe reading this in your reader or e-mail, if so that is fine because there are no video's in this post.

  • British Twitter News Research

    This research below is just what example of the new application Twit Robot can do for your research


  • New News about Twitter
    Everyday more and more users are opening up accounts here in Britain. This could be the recent popularity in the phone text messaging system. Twitter is all about short messaging and typing on small keyboards when you are out and about can be relatively difficult. So what better way to share your life and get the maximum use out of your phones contract then Twitter.
    Recently here Vodaphone and a few other contracts offered free text messaging to this site, There was a registry number provided and many people enrolled for this. I have been gaining many new friends on Twitter since starting this site, however this is not why I chose to make this blog, or what has more recently I've heard a misconception described as an online community. I mean sometimes even a forum is scarcely an online community. The person speaking on this subject was over on an opposite blogging platform. Old timer to web communities a blogging over in the US Chris Pirillo. Posted a few weeks ago in the WordPress community he highlighted this seemingly obvious analogy.
    Firstly in-order to call something an online community you have to have traffic coming to the site. Well recently I have done my best to draw traffic to this site by joining Entrecard. They offer a great drop in facility for which I again have reconnected with in pursuit of gaining credits through a system which they have just updated. Remember though if you are blogging and are offering content which is playing music without someone pressing play that is auto play then you will not get listed. Same goes for any disconcerting links within the body of the text.
    Which brings me onto Twitter regulation. Recently the situation on Twitter has greatly improved in contra-flow and user-ability, with a big underlining emphasis on applying the new extensions within the sites application community and to which the new availability of being drawn to news which is relevant to your specific niche interests. That is when you break down your hobbies or maybe even related to you career path is a new way of using Twitter. After-all like all the other Social happy party media's we join Twitter is a very effective tool. But what happens when life becomes easier for all then there is a danger of the true masters of Social media migrating to another community. Thankfully with the good news about one of my favourite providers Yahoo there choice of online short messaging thing is sadly based in Spanish. Now many people who I studied with as I study Language are Spanish and the Spanish community is a financially relatively stable contributor to the economic input of the WWW. However like Britain it has been effected by the economy, as indeed like last year when the property development was put on hold and only more recently the re-valuation of banking systems and how just exactly economists could use Twitter share ideas like how to sell Derivatives to a machine automated account. Passing debts form one hand to another. To even like last years online market scare of sharing Fed Ex cheques. All these ideas did not become applicable in Britain, however the movement of money is something which has been mysteriously going on for quite some time.
    So back to the topic of Twitter News, if you are one of the many few over on Twitter who have sent me invitations to read your Tweets and find out exactly who you are and what you have been Twittering about in relation to what you specialise in, which as from the beginning I have stated is the reason for this site then I have to apologise to you first.
    Outside of Twitter yet highlighted by the whole social community has been three or four even major distractions which has greatly improved my ethos online have distracted me from posting daily blogs here on Twitter News. With that in mind I will say again this could continue as I figure out just how to explore the new communities open which will support my blogging experience and I can when I coherently understand can explain to you the fellow blogger.
    In conclusion blogging like Twitter is changing, I will eventually get back to re-pasting links to interesting posts made this week but in the mean time I have another how-to video to watch, and I apologise for not offering much true content within this post this month but under the recent reactions recently I feel it necessary to relax. Finally in relation to the hash tag system on Twitter and many other groovy things that constantly keep changing within online communities is a question I would invite all of you to ask yourselves after-all when in a large community you are in a sense a product there to serve:
    "Have you ever asked yourself how dumb down you actually are made to feel?"
    Statistics are showing that many of the gripes recently online about people trying to develop some real skills online feel they are, and its coming from the highest level. So the least you can do is assist your reach online by using the social media extension more, and please leave me a message about who you are and what you do or even what you Tweet about. You don't have to be British to comment here, however I hope British are watching and they will be ready to pursue your help online, as we teach each other how to reach the maximum audience and get the News, despite how grip how detached or worry about reading from the same script as somebody else after-all as long as we can waffle we can keep exploring our own individual self that contributes to the lighter news which I any many other people love over on Twitter. Final tip look out for people who are doing great charity work online what this means they are determined at what they and to you might find something courageous inside of you that makes you want to support these plans. As the consciousness of the Twitter community changes then so do we, but every bit of knowledge put into the machine is and always has been there already, the mind is a very creative thing and has a chain reaction which evolves and leads to somewhere nice. The human condition really is not that it's good honestly it is. Keep smiling keep typing and don't worry everybody is changing and the more exercise you get from the typing with your fingers the less worry you have of someone regurgitating the same content. And now for the weather report {:)}
    Here are some interesting links for you to read:

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