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  • Please Listen! 2013-07-22T18:29:00.002-07:00
    Yo thank you for stopping by and checking out the blog. We certainly appreciate it. Our fans drive us to do great and be better, for that we can only keep growing.  As we continue to exceed expectations and overcome hurdles we will keep you near us and always in our hearts. Much love to each and everyone of you and may God Bless you in all that you do.
    Check Out!!****!!!!!!Brand New Single from RLR! "Ain't No Way!" Much Love to MW!
  • Album in STORES!! 2012-10-30T16:49:00.002-07:00
    Justin - Stress, Struggle, and Benjamins
    Please go out and support the grind!
  • Outsourcing 2012-10-13T21:37:00.002-07:00
    This post is intended only for persons interested in becoming part of the Reel Lyph family. We are currently looking for online artist and musicians due to our increasing growth. Basically all work and arrangements will be via internet. If you are interested you must have a High school diploma, atleast 2yrs experience working with music production, sociable, energetic, committed to excellence, and open mnded, also in need of a great sound engineer. If this is you please contact me directly at      

                                                                                                                                 Thank You
  • Oo What sound!? 2012-09-01T13:52:00.001-07:00
    Dear Ear Lobe,
           How are you today?  I hope your ready to work!  Seems we have some business to take care of.  I have a track I want to lay down but I really could use your help. Will you be available? I have wrote some things for you to go over before we start. I think it will help you find your sound.

          First  give me your full attention. If you listen to me and do as I ask then I believe we can make something hot.  Your full attention is key because if I make a mistake or fault somewhere you will have insight to what happened and how we may fix it. Also you may hear something I believe is correct however you feel different this will be a time to help me out and let me know.  I f you keep your mind alert and ready, then mistakes will be little. The reward graciously high.
        Secondly be open minded.  Music is grown from the expansion of ones thoughts. What we feel and how we act make it reality. Our vision becomes a light that can be seen in the fog.  Also when you keep an open mind your heart will take you places you have never been. It will show you how to live! While inspiring the great in you. Allow your thoughts to freely flow.
         Now lastly it helps to be motivated and eager. You must know that music is best made when it is done passion. This come from being motivated. When you succeed in your goals this will motivate you to do better, while in turn creating passion for something that has change how you look at your life. No matter music or any proffesion/career. You must be eager so even when your knocked down you still want to keep going. Eager when everything is failing and when the chaos is overwhelming. It does not matter what is going on in life, you have to be eager to find your greatness!

        I hope that this helps you prepare for what lies ahead and the work we will do together. Oo what sound we will make. Thank you for your time.

                                                                                                                Your Concious Friend,
                                                                                                                   Justin Peterson
  • The wait is almost over.... 2012-07-26T10:55:00.003-07:00
    Hello to all my followers and friends! I am glad to announce that we are beggining the final touches on the album/single release! Now I will tell you that this is not a whole album. There will be another release in 3-5months and It will have some new artist I am trying to obtain! The release is set for August 15th!!! Stay tuned! There wil hopefully be a show that day but I do not know just yet...Also If you have not checked out the past works, please do. Thank you fans, friends and family.  1 love
  • What is Music: Pt 2 2012-03-21T14:59:00.003-07:00
    Dear Followers and readers,(and those that are just visiting...),

             Almost three weeks ago I began this blog piece, and it has had a lot of response. Why? I do not know but the wait is over! Lets go for a ride...(pt 2)

          The morning sun strikes the face,  and awakens many to a another chance to enjoy and have the passion of music in their lives. However it is also another day of hard work and rejection for many. So what is music? It is definitely long hours! Music is not understanding. Lastly music does not exist just in the mind but in the depths of the heart.  It moves the soul and awakens senses!
         First and foremost let me say this; if one expects to get far with music you must be with it at every opportunity. Never think that you know all there is to know about it. When you do, it will smack you in the face with something you have never seen before. It may even humiliate you.  Music is  24/7 even when your tired. Its the kind of grind that has fast rewards for harder workers and no shows after one great hit. Music is in your face like it or not. You can not escape it. It has chains that are unseen to mans eye but visible to ones heart. The only way these chains break is lack of usage: sometimes even due to lack of knowing how to pull them in your favor.

       Music is the off the wall, first person shooter; you decide how you will take down the competition. Will it be sick ad lib's, or killer hooks, will it be pure soul or just because. What will be your weapon for destruction? What is music to you....?

       Lastly music is a fan and loves new artist, music is a fighter for truth and a gossiper of legends, it is the thrown were dreams are bestowed or taken.... What is music? 

                                                                      PT 2


  • Owning your own Web Business and Becoming Financially Free 2012-03-09T20:54:00.001-08:00
    Hello To all follower, fans, and visitors,

          To those who follow the blog Pt 2 of "What is Music" is being written and up in 48hrs. Saying that I must side step here to help some followers, family members, friends, and pretty much anyone who have a drive for freedom; NOT GET RICH QUICK!! ( I tried those and they never worked!)
          I know what your saying there is no other way than the 9-5, hard labor, or thinking you just do not have the money to start your OWN BUSINESS!!!!
          Many of you may be wondering how you can actually earn extra income and start becoming financially free and OWNING your OWN BUSINESS!! Not in thirty days or in minutes. Not in a week! It is a process that you must start and stay motivated even when you think it is a waste of your time. I can tell you first hand I am a beginner with the secrets I have and I am only getting as I research and Learn more!
          This is no gimmick I am an average guy learning how to build risidual income and a recession proof business.(Not end of the world guaranteed...LOL) I started broke and I still am however the work I put in far out ways the reward that has come out!!!!!!!!!
          If you want to know to learn a new skill and become your own boss, then subscribe(Free to subscribe. NO JOKE!) to my site and and send "Show me Comment" I will give you details! Please send comment "show Me"
         Hope to start a snow ball effect...
  • "What is Music" (The aspiring artists personal thoughts) 2012-03-07T05:15:00.000-08:00
    Dear Readers,

             This is merely a paper one might have written for their own analysis. Maybe even for their own self understanding... Whatever you want to look at this as, please feel free to comment.

             For over 60 years music has been the catalyst for a youth rebellion. Much of it due to many wrongs in the world. Like absent fathers, abusive mothers, and much worse; Such as just being left for dead. Music has helped lost souls, men in need and lost mothers. It has open doors for brighter futures; as well as a change ones own beliefs. The harmonic melody of basslines and drums, mixing with a little synth, effects, and reverbs. Giving the listener[Whatever your liking] an exhilirating(maybe a bit bold... But works for me!) experience with their senses. Many times leaving the listener begging for more. To understand music understand why one would work their whole life for that one song to make it, or that music is created in us from birth(My own opinion), and lastly music is a passion; Not a carreer or a "9-5"! To be continued.....

  • "Getting Studio Sound At Great Prices" 2012-01-20T08:37:00.000-08:00
    Most of us aspiring to be musicians, producers, singers, rock stars and even rap stars need the right equipment to get that great sound and those life changing hits. But it is sometime costly... However if you do some research you can save yourself plenty of green! I did a little research and I came up with some great sites with some great deals. Please Click or Copy any link and take a look at what the industry has to offer! Enjoy!

                                                                                                                      CEO Justin Peterson





  • "Helping the aspiring Producer" 2012-01-14T14:22:00.000-08:00
    Hello to all my page viewers.  First of all thank you for at least visiting the page. I appreciate it.

    Now I need the help of all those brilliant musical minds out there. From the producers to the entertainers. Please post any tips you may have regarding running of any and all music creating programs. Things like how to edit or why to use reverb. Please help get the music industry back up and running full swing!!!
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