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The End Of An Era In Internet Marketing

Mar 25th 2011 at 8:34 AM

It's quickly becoming obvious that people want more than just another false promise of wealth in the world of Internet marketing.  People want results but they are less and less willing to gamble with programs and marketing systems that look to good to be true.

The world of Internet marketing is changing.  There is new technology, on the horizon, that will enable marketers to connect and communincate, live, beyond the computer on their desk at home

Just this morning I was on a conference call with the owner of a new company that is getting ready to take the wireless world by storm.  This isn't just another haphazard "let's give it a go and see what happens" type of outfit like we have all experienced in the past.  Believe it or not, there are a couple of new companies on the rise that actually have their act together BEFORE trying to launch... imagine that?

There is an increased demand to connect with real people in the world today.  That need is quickly starting to play a big role in the world of Internet marketing.  It won't be long before seasoned, gutsy Internet marketers are talking face to face with prospective clients, on their iPhone, while playing a round of golf or spending the day at the beach.

It's been happening on a smaller, more personal scale for a while now.  However, as is usually the case in the world of IM, the word is starting to spread and there are a handful of people that are listening closely and applying what they are learning.

Just this week, after implementing some of this new technology into my marketing system, I was able to generate more sign ups into one particular opportunity than I have EVER been able to do before.  It has performed so well that I've qualified for both bonuses this month, including leadership bonus.  It won't be long before this opportunity will allow me to add another of many 10K plus income streams to what I already have coming in.

What's so ironic about all of this is that IT'S NOT HARD to do... at all!  All you have to do is set up the right system and follow the formula. Internet marketing is not rocket science, you just have to quit trying to take short cuts.

If you think about it, everything you are doing online is being done to reach people. When you are clicking and surfing for credits, posting to your blog, creating a new video, writing a new article or posting banners, you are doing so for the sole purpose of reaching a potentinal customer.

Here's the problem... people are trying to put WAY TOO MUCH junk in between them and the people they are trying to reach.  People are hiding behind splash pages, capture systems and affiliate sites while HOPING that something will happen.  It's VERY difficult to find someone when they are hiding. Things will START to happen when you make the decision to start leading with yourself and stop hiding.

YOU are the ONE thing that NO ONE can duplicate. You are original.  You are unique.  You have the ability to connect with a certain audience.  Some people may like you, others may not.  All you have to worry about is building a relationship with those who DO like and respect you.  When you lead with yourself and offer great incentives, people will follow you!  They will follow your recommendations when it comes to certain opportunities, they will join and you will get paid.

You have to be willing to communicate and connect.  This is where the industry is headed at a furious pace.  I had this conversation with a marketing buddy of mine this morning, and we both agreed....

"the Internet marketing train has been rolling past all of the obeservers for years now.  While a handful have decided to jump onboard, the majority just stand by and watch.  For the first time, the caboose is coming.  Those who don't make the decision to jump on board soon may never get the opporutnity to jump on board again."

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May 1st 2011 at 6:42 AM by TimRR
well done
Mar 25th 2011 at 10:11 AM by billrowe
Very well put Rex! It's going to be a changed world in Internet Marketing. Actually being able to let your customers know who you are.

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