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Everything You Need To Know About Grass Fed Gelatin

Mar 8th 2017 at 5:27 AM

Gelatin is a flavourless, brittle, colourless and translucent substance which is derived from the collagen naturally found in animal bones. Most people use it as gelling agent in photography, pharmaceuticals, in food and also in cosmetic manufacturing. It is found in most yogurt, dips, some ice cream products, Gelatin desert, marshmallows, and in most gummy candies. Our forefathers made Gelatin part of their traditional diets but some people today do not know what they can do with it. Some people mistakenly associate it with Jello, a different substance full of artificial colours and sugar. Some others also associate it with genetically modified foods.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin can be described as dehydrated broth powder. It is made up of minerals, collagen, cartilage and bones. The homemade broth contains high amounts of Gelatin but the busy people most lead these days makes them unable to make it. Broth is believed to have healing powers and you can easily prepare it in the slow cooker.

The powdered gelatin on the other hand is basically a substitute of the traditional bone broth. It can be a highly valuable addition to any diet particularly if it is sourced from healthy animals. The gelatin itself has a high content of amino acids, which have many health benefits such as proper muscle synthesis, smooth skin, strong bones and healthy mood among others. For best results, you should get gelatin from the grass pastured or fed animals so as to avoid the pesticides, hormones and the heavy metal combination.

There are various types of gelatin in the market:

It is very likely that you have seen gelatin in the shelves of your favourite supermarket. You may easily get tempted to purchase this product because of its cheap price and that it is readily available. However, you need to know that you cannot get healthy food from animals which are not healthy. In some homes, animals are fed in fed loots which also serves as their ‘bedroom’. The condition of animals standing on their waste increases the risk of the animals getting sick and overweight.

Animals which live in unnatural conditions are also prone to infections because they have to be put on antibiotics which compromise their immune system further. Use of antibiotics in animals can also cause dysbisosis (which refers to imbalanced flora in the gut) and also weight gain in both humans and animals. Cows which are fed on grains are likely to develop bad bacteria than those which are fed on grass only.

Grass fed gelatin thus refers to gelatin from animals which are fed on natural grass rather the grains or other conventional feeds. The best food for cows and indeed all the other ruminants is grass, since it keeps them healthy and lean. For this reason, gelatin sourced from cows and other ruminants fed on grass is the healthiest.

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